Lockdales Coins & Collectables 17-18 March 2018

58 1278 Trajan brass sestertius, Rome Mint 105 A.D., obverse:- Laureate bust, right, drapery on left shoulder, reverse:- The 'Danubian' Bridge, now thought by modern scholars to perhaps be the Pons Sublicius which was situated in Rome over the Tiber, which was probably much damaged by a great flood which took place about this time, this piece perhaps to commemorate its re-building, Sear 3207, this piece was acquired in the 19th. century and was in the Pember Family Collection, lot 366, features of portrait very clear as are bridge and boat, small areas of ancient edge loss, rare, GF £360 - £380 1279 Trajan copper as, Rome Mint 100 A.D., reverse:- Victory alighting to left, holding round shield inscribed S P Q R, legend:- TR POT I COS IIII P P, Sear 3242var., black-green patina, slightly rough surfaces, good portrait, VF/GF £50 - £60 1280 Trajan sestertius, Rome Mint 107 A.D., reverse:- Trajan in military attire, standing left, holding thunderbolt and spear, crowned by Victory who stands behind, Sear 3202, weak on legends, surface slightly rough in places, GF £40 - £50 1281 Trajan silver denarius, Rome Mint 107 A.D., reverse reads:- COS V P P [S P Q R] OPTIMO PRINC, Trophy of arms, Sear 3132, reverse slightly off centre, reverse with slightly rough surface, VF/GF £40 - £45 1282 Trajan silver denarius, Rome Mint 111 A.D., reverse reads:- COS V P P SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, Felicitas standing left, holding cornucopiae and caduceus, RIC 121, light cabinet tones, EF £60 - £80 1283 Trebonianus Gallus, silver tetradrachm of Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem, Laureate and cuirassed bust, right / Eagle standing facing, head right,wreath in beak, between legs 'S', Sear 4349var., with two old tickets one of which is by Dr. Vezin, dark tone, GVF £40 - £60 1284 Vespasian billon tetradrachm of year 2 = 70 A.D., Laureate bust right / Eirene holding flowers and caduceus, Sear 2374var., with a bronze of Constans II, reduced maiorina, reverse:- Emperor standing left, on prow, holding standard and phoenix on globe, Vicory at stern, both with two tickets, two by Dr.Vezin, very small spots of green deposit reverse, EF [2] £40 - £50 1285 Vespasian brass sestertius, Rome Mint 71 A.D., obverse:- Laureate bust right, reverse:- Palm-Tree to the right of which stands a jewish captive, with his hands tied behind his back, shields behind on ground, to the left of tree sits Judaea, as a mourning female captive, arms on the ground, SC in exergue, legend only just visible, IVDAEA CAPTA, with old pen and ink ticket, Spink 2326, clear, F. £60 - £80 1286 Vespasian brass sestertius, Rome Mint 71 A.D., obverse:- Laureate bust right, reverse:- Roma standing left, holding statue of Victory on globe and spear, Sear 2331, obverse with a few weak surface striking faults, GF £60 - £80 1287 Vespasian dupondius, reverse:- Securitas seated right, resting head on right hand and holding sceptre in left, altar before, legend:- SECVRITAS AVGVSTI S C, RIC II, p.72, 479, dark even tone, slightly rough surfaces, features of portrait nice, GF, with a copper of Aurelius as Caesar, reverse:- Spes, dark, deposit reverse, GF/F [2] £70 - £80 1288 Volusian bronze sestertius, Rome Mint 252 A.D., reverse:- Concordia standing left, holding patera and double cornucopiae, Sear 9784, GVF/NVF £50 - £60 1289 Volusian silver antoninianus, Uncertain Mint, probably Antioch 252 A.D., reverse reads:- FELICITAS PUBL, Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopiae, Sear 9746, RIC 217, exhibits some original finish, a little dirty but near as struck GEF £45 - £55 From a private collection of Suffolk 17th Century tokens collected as they exhibit no corrosion: 1290 Bury St Edmunds of Francis Godfrey, his farthing, Mercers, Arms, Dickinson 56, with old pen and ink ticket, GF/VF £60 - £70 1291 Bury St Edmunds of Francis Smith, his farthing of 1666, Dickinson 76, with nice old pen and ink ticket, well centred and struck, VF £45 - £55 1292 Bury St Edmunds of George Adkisson, Baker, his farthing, Dickinson 37, with nice old pen and ink ticket, GVF £40 - £50 1293 Bury St Edmunds of John Baythorne, depicting Family Arms, his farthing, 1657, Dickinson 40, weakly struck, with even 'honey' tone, VF £50 - £60 1294 Bury St Edmunds of Marie Cressener her farthing, Mortar and Pestle, Dickinson 50, slightly rough surfaces, NVF £60 - £70 1295 Bury St Edmunds, grocer, his farthing, Dickson 81, round, well centred, VF £45 - £55