Lockdales Auction 155 19-20 May 2018

59 1402 Sasanian Empire, Yazdegard II, 438-457 A.D., silver drachm, undated, with full ticket by Dr.R.Vezin, VF £40 - £50 1403 Sasanian Empire, Zamasp 497-499 A.D., silver drachm of 499 A.D., MACW - , with full ticket by Dr.R.Vezin, small edge loss at obverse 10 o'clock, rare, EF £75 - £100 1404 Sasanian silver drachm of Khusru II, 590-627 A.D., Susa Mint of year 37 = 626 A.D., sold with an old history and note which states 'Sasanian coin bought in Baku, Azerbaijan, 1998', with a ticket by D.R.Vezin, nice full coin of dark even colour, NEF £45 - £55 1405 Scotland. silver groat of David II, 1329-1371, Second Coinage 1357-1367, Edinburgh Mint, Spink 5091, a little crinkled but well above average portrait, GVF £175 - £225 1406 Septimius Severus silver denarius Rome Mint 210 AD, reverse reads VICTORIAE BRIT, Victory advancing right holding wreath and palm, Sear 6382, pleasing bust EF £90 - £110 1407 Severina billon antoninianus, Rome Mint 275 AD. Reverse reads CONCORDIAE MILITVM, XXI R in ex. Concordia Militum standing left holding standard in each hand. Sear 11705. Full well centred, some original finish, EF, pitted on portrait. £70 - £80 1408 Severus Alexander silver denarii, first reverse:- Salus enthroned, Sear 7925, NVF, next reverse:- Aequitas, Sear 7902, F/Fair and lastly reverse:- Jupiter, Sear 7891, NVF/F [3] £45 - £55 1409 Shilling Charles II Hammered Coinage type A, No inner circles or mark of value, mintmark Crown on obverse only, No stop at the top of the Reverse S.3308, ESC 1010, Bull 272, Near Fine/Fine on a full flan , the reverse with a weak area on the left of the shield £450 - £500 1410 Small group of mixed ancients. A denarius of Julia Mamaea, a sestertius of Antoninus Pius along with four other low grade coins. Poor to G Fine [6] £35 - £40 1411 Stater Gallo-Belgic c.150-c.50BC Obverse: Laureate Head left, Reverse: horse left S.2 VG Rare £400 - £500 1412 Trajan silver denarius Rome Mint 100 AD, reverse reads PM TR P COS III P P, Victory seated left holding patera and palm, RIC 41, EF £80 - £100 1413 Trebonianus Gallus silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 251-252 A.D., reverse:- Libertas standing left, holding pileus and sceptre, star in right field, Sear 9634, both dies slightly off centre, GVF/GF, together with a ditto but Valerian, uncertain Syrian Mint 256-258 A.D., reverse:- Valerian and Gallienus standing facing each other, Sear 9995, VF [2] £40 - £60 1414 Vespasian silver denarius, reverse:- Vespasian seated right, Sear 2305, central deposit, reverse, F/Fair, with a ditto but of Elagabalus, reverse:- Elagabalus, Sear 7542, F/GF and lastly aditto but of Severus Alexander, reverse:- Aequitas, Sear 7902, GF/F [3] £45 - £55 1415 Vitellius silver denarius Rome Mint 69 AD, reverse reads CONCORDIA PR, Concordia seated left holding cornucopia and patera, Sear 2196, good large flan, bold bust, VF £170 - £190 1416 William I of Scotland 1165-1214, silver penny, Short Cross, Phase B c.1205 then posthumously until c.1230, obverse reads:- LE REI WIL[AM] or similar, crude bust left, reverse reads:- +hV.WAL[TER], Hue and Walter moneyers who worked jointly at Edinburgh and Perth, Spink 5029, full, round, well centred, lightlyt crinkled, a little flatness at edge each side, dark F/GF £50 - £60 A Collection of Artefacts Found in The Newmarket Area 1417 Ancient British, Celtic, horse and rider turret ring, c.40mm., nice clean example of even colour £50 - £60 1418 Ancient British, Celtic, strap junction, two joined solid rings with punch decoration with mounting bars, of even black colour £75 - £85 1419 Anglo-Saxon lead spindle whorl with 'runic' letters each side, c.30mm. £100 - £140 1420 Mediaeval bronze key, with diamond shaped handle, c80mm, with nice even black patina £60 - £80 1421 Mediaeval buckle plate decorated with standing bird before a wine flagon?, foliage in the background, hatched border decoration, nice even black-green patina £60 - £80 1422 Mediaeval mirror case c.34mm., with dot punch decoration, never been opened, even blackish patina £40 - £50 1423 Mediaeval rumbler bells, four, three ring, one decorated, [4] £40 - £50 1424 Mediaeval rumbler bell, large size, overall c.48mm., decorated, bell rings, with nice even milky-green patina £50 - £60