Lockdales Auction 155 19-20 May 2018

89 2073 British Commemorative Medallion, white metal d.52mm: Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson Memorial 1805 by P. Wyon, Eimer no. 958, VF £40 - £60 2074 British Commemorative Medallion, white metal d.61mm: West Front of Ely Cathedral, Rev: West View of the Choir by J. Davis, Birmingham, dedicated to H.R.H. Prince Albert, toned EF with some tiny surface / edge marks. £55 - £60 2075 British Egypt, large bronze medal: Egyptian Command Championship Winners Relay Race Running 1922-23, d.76mm, featuring scene of the Nile and Pyramids, EF with original box (box damaged) £25 - £30 2076 Charles I and Henrietta Maria, oval silver-gilt Memorial badge, their busts each side, with loose ring attachment, legend on the obverse, engraved, GVF £600 - £650 2077 Charles I and Henrietta Maria, oval silver-gilt Memorial badge, their busts each side, with top attachment by T. Rawling, with an old Spink ticket which states '£900', a little surface loss but NEF £600 - £650 2078 Charles I Royalist badge in the manner of Thomas Rawlins, 35mm plus ring suspension. King crowned, with lace collar and titles within floral frame. Uniface silver, in a Hamilton & Inches of Edinburgh fitted case. £240 - £260 2079 China Medal - The 1988 Munich International Coin Fair, Chinese-German Friendship, 5 OUnces of .999 Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificates £250 - £300 2080 Club Tokens / Badges (2) brass: Bulldog Club 1s (shilling) VF, and London Mail Holiday Club 1913 Members Badge 79575 GVF possibly missing loop. £30 - £40 2081 Coin Brooch : GB George III 1819 Crown swivel mounted in a white metal collar with brooch pin, toned VF £30 - £40 2082 Coin covers in two albums and loose pages, a good selection (Includes GB £5, £2 & £1s) £80 - £100 2083 Coin Weight brass d.17mm, 4.48g: CAROLVS REX, Charles I portrait l. / Crowned X over S (20 Shillings), nVF £30 - £35 2084 Coin Weight d.14mm square featuring a fleur-de-lis and a facing hand with P G V surrounding, porous F-GF £30 - £35 2085 Coronation of Edward VII 1902 56mm diameter in bronze, the official Royal Mint issue A/Unc in the box of issue, this faded, City of London 800 Years of Mayoralty 62mm diameter in bronze by the Royal Mint Unc toned in the box of issue with certificate, The Churchill medals a 4-piece set in bronze each 45mm diameter the obverses each with a different portrait, the reverse each with a different quote on a tablet Unc toned in the John Pinches box with certificates, Anglo-Portuguese Alliance Anniversary 90mm diameter in bronze by Vasco Berardo toned UNC, boxed, Fantasy Medallic strike Una and the Lion 89mm diameter Lustrous UNC, boxed, Nickel Silver medals (2) Tintern Abbey undated 44mm diameter boxed UNC, Windsor Castle, St. Georges Chapel undated 44mm diameter boxed UNC, Windsor Castle, The Bull of Clarence 1982 in bronze 44mm diameter Lustrous UNC, boxed. £80 - £100 2086 Death of George III 1820 48mm diameter in bronze by C.H.Kuchler Eimer 1121 ,Obv: Bust left, armoured and draped GEORGIUS III. D:G. BRITANNIARUM REX. FID. DEF. Rev: NATVS IVNII. IV. CIϽIϽCCXXXVIII. IMPERm. ACCEPIT. OCT XXV. CIϽIϽCCLX. EXCESSIT. JAN. XXIX CIϽϽCCCXX within a wreath. PATER: PATRIAE About EF £65 - £75 2087 Denmark Frederick VI 1836, 54mm diameter in bronze by C Christensen, 300th anniversary of the introduction of reformation in Denmark, Obverse: head of Christian III three-quarters facing left CHRISTIANUS III REX DANIÆ, Reverse: Religion and Denmark shaking hands EVANGELII VERITAS RESTITUTA, Exergue: SOLLEMN: SÆCUL: TERT D: XXX: OCTBR. MDCCCXXXVI A/Unc £45 - £50 2088 Early Shipping Trade Union badge/medal - Associated Shipwrights Society - probably late Victorian. £30 - £40 2089 Enamel badges (mostly) - 122 items approx. £30 - £40 2090 Enamelled Coin : GB George IV Crown 1822 Secundo, reverse enamelled, a few chips, obverse ex-brooch. £40 - £50