Lockdales Auction 157 14-15 July 2018

7 66 Sword: A good 1854 Pattern Foot Guards Officers sword. Blade 32". Top of blade numbered 108359. Ricasso worn makers panel showing '? Over St. Piccadilly W' Full battle honours in panels to 1902 & the Boar War & the Geo V Cypher. Steel bowl with Guards badge. Good wirebound fishskin grip. In its leather field service scabbard (frog tab absent) Sword is in v.g.c. with slight wear to blade. A decent example. £130 - £140 67 Sword: An 1845 Infantry Officers Sword. Pipe Back blade 29". Gothic brass guard with folding sideplate. Wirebound fishskin grip (wear to fishskin) all nicely patinated. Minor wear to blade. £40 - £50 68 Sword: An 1845 Pattern Infantry Officers sword. Blade 32" etched with Crown & 'V.R'. Maker Buckmaster London (on ricasso). Gothic brass guard with folding sideplate. Wirebound fishskin grip. Some wear with old repair. In its steel scabbard. It would appear this sword has seen heavy service use & was thought worthy of repair. Good untouched 'sleeper' circa 1850. £120 - £130 69 Sword: An 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers sword with 'VR' Cypher. Blade 32" ricasso marked Robt Mole & Sons Birmingham Makers to the War & India Offices. Top of blade with SN: M-2635. Etched blade with Coat of Arms. In good condition (has been painted grey at some time past). No scabbard. Decent sword with good wirebound fishskin grip. £60 - £65 70 Sword: an Edward VII 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers sword. Bright steel finish overall. Good blade 32". Wirebound fishskin, polished steel bowl. Nicely etched blade with Edward VII cypher. In its polished steel scabbard. Unmarked. In good overall condition. Possibly an Indian copy. Sold as seen £50 - £60 71 Sword: An extremely interesting 17th Century small sword circa 1650. Diamond section blade 32". Flattened centre section with no fuller. Blade etched with geometric designs and inscriptions 'NC 9NC' over 'Remotte Point sans Romsur'. The reverse inscription appears to be 'NC 9NC over 'PA? Sans Raison' (note inscription is clear but difficult to decipher!) Blade is in generally good condition for age (minor rust damage to blade edge) Wirebound brass gilt hilt, with bun pommel. Knuckle bow section missing. Attractive quillons with brass shell guard in good condition. Guard engraved 'Used by Charles Radcliffe. Uncle of Lord Derwentwater at the Battle of Worcester'. Housed in an unrelated WW1 period leather field service scabbard. The Battle of Worcester took place on 3rd Sept 1651 the final battle of the English Civil War. The Radcliffe family were ardent supporters of the House of Stuart. Viewing recommended. £300 - £350 72 Victorian Constabulary Swords, curved spear pointed blades 23½", brass stirrup hilts, crossguards marked 'SCC' (Staffordshire County Council) in their brass mounted leather scabbards. Fishskin grips (one with minor loses). These swords were apparently used by Staffordshire Council for ceremonial purposes. One scabbard is marked S.C.C 271. The crossguard is marked SCC 371. It may be this Sword was originally for the Staffordshire County Constabulary. Interesting pair in worn but good cond. (2) £140 - £160 73 WW1 British trench club. £50 - £55 74 WW1 German trench knife with one other. £80 - £85 75 WW1 scarce spring bayonet training rifle. £120 - £140 76 WW2 1944 dated machete in its leather scabbard. £45 - £50 Medals & Militaria 77 1914-15 trio 12839 Pte J Hicks Essex R who was Killed in Action 23rd December 1917 with 1/7th Essex Regt lived East Bergholt, Suffolk GVF £160 - £170 78 1914 Mary tin + an empty card for bullet pencil and City Battalions Comforts Fund, Liverpool, Card and 4 other items. £25 - £35 79 1914 Princess Mary gift tin with Princess Mary gift book and GRV and Princess Mary greeting card. £40 - £45 80 1914 Star Trio and GV Meritorious Service Medal to S- 26732 Pte F W Atkins ASC (later Cpl-A.Sjt). MSM L/G 18/1/1919 Cardiff. Mentioned In Despatches L/G 29/5/1917. Served Misc GHQ 3rd Echelon ASC. VF (4) £100 - £120 81 1914 Star Trio to 9834 Pte J E Davis 2/Bedford Regt. (3) £80 - £85 82 1914 Star Trio to T-20776 Dvr J E Perfitt ASC. Served with 1st Railway Supply Detail. (3) £70 - £75 83 1914 trio to 8725 L/Cpl Sydney Roberts 1st Bn Lincolnshire Regt died 28-10-1914 buried Sheffield burn graves cemetery. £220 - £240 84 1914 trio with clasp and memorial plaque documents etc., to Pte James Ross 1st bn Northamptonshire Reg K in A 1-3-1918 Buried Duhallow Ads cemetery. £300 - £350 85 1915 Star and BWM to 8914 L.Cpl H Ferguson Cam'n Highlanders (2) £20 - £25 86 1915 Star and Victory Medal to DA.6700 S D Stannard DH RNR. Defence Medal. Silver War Badge RN12079. With silver St Johns Ambulance Medal to Stephen Stannard. Named Home guard Certificate (very tatty). Born Blythburgh, Suffolk. £30 - £35 87 1915 Star named 729 L.Cpl D E Marlborough Essex Yeo (later Herts Yeo), with Victory Medal named 729 Pte T W Marlbrough Essex Yeo (later Imp Camel Corps, and Herts Yeo). (2) £40 - £45 88 1915 Star Trio to 1159 Pte E S Watkinson 1/London Regt. With box and envelope of issue, plus unrelated note book etc, with WW2 (late issue) group attributed to 6097744 Spr R J Watkinson Queens R, later RE, served 30/6/40 to 12/7/46, 1939-45 Star, Defence & War Medals. (qty) £60 - £65 89 1915 Star Trio to 12600 Pte B Ellis Bedford Regt. Also served Royal Irish Fus, and the Met Police ? with 2x education medals (3+2) £50 - £55 90 1915 Star Trio to 13145 Dvr W J Mainwaring RFA (3) £40 - £45 91 1915 Star Trio to 13159 R W Roberts ACT.E.R.A.4.RN. (M.13159 R W Roberts E.R.A.3.RN on pair). With boxes of issue and copy service papers, born Islington, London. (3) £50 - £55 92 1915 Star Trio to 1613 Gnr K L Foxwell RFA. (pair named 14268 F.Sgt K L Foxwell RAF). With copied papers (3) £80 - £85 93 1915 Star Trio to 16723 Pte R Clayton L.N.Lan Regt. Entitled to a Silver War Badge for gun shot wounds to the leg and head. (3) £50 - £55 94 1915 Star Trio to 55247 Dvr H Bermardon RFA. (3) £40 - £45 95 1915 Star Trio to 999 Dvr W E Allen RFA. (3) £40 - £45