Lockdales Auction 157 14-15 July 2018

91 1960 GB Postal History - red box with Victorian Covers, with imperf Penny Reds, mainly to C.Davis Solicitors of Coleman Street, London, and of Southampton. Other destinations inc H.Inglis of Queen Street, Edinburgh. Cancels varied inc Scottish numbered horizontal rectangular obliterators, London district (first series) etc. An original old time collection. Worth closer examination (100's) £300 - £350 1961 GB Postal History - shoebox packed with Victorian Covers, mainly 1d Reds from c1850-1880, to Thomas Davies Solicitors of Coleman Street London. Others to Southampton & Edinburgh with a few other destinations. Mainly duplex, but some better noted (100's) £100 - £120 1962 GB pre-stamp entires from early 19th century, various cachets etc, including many Free Frank; also noted 1763 Bishop Mark on large written entire London to Nottingham, interesting postal history group (approx 60 items) £40 - £50 1963 GB & World - large plastic tray packed with PHQ Cards in sets, FDC's, Swedish P.O.Cards + maxim cards inc reasonable number from China, Portugal etc (qty) Buyer collects £25 - £30 1964 WW2 Censor Covers, many with a Naval connection to Egypt / Middle East. Better noted (approx 56) £60 - £65 1965 WW2 correspondence lot - relating to a Sub/Lt later Lt RNVR in PSTO Cairo, Egypt. England based mother communication to son, mostly on postcards with some air letters and airgraphs. A few have been read and give some insight into the times (approx 115) £40 - £45 A Fine Collection of Rhodesian Stamps The following collection of the stamps of Rhodesia was the lifetime’s work of a dedicated philatelist and was written-up to exhibition standard. Descriptions cannot fully do justice to the depth and variety in this collection, which contains mint stamps, used stamps, varieties, covers, postmarks etc, and much additional information. All lots should be viewed carefully. It has been lotted suitably, left mostly on the original pages. 1966 Accessories - three boxes - unused album leaves, etc etc. Useful lot. Heavy. (Buyer collects) £10 - £20 1967 Accessories - two boxes of Catalogues and handbooks. Heavy lot. (Buyer collects) £10 - £20 1968 Accessories - used album covers - many Simplex - in four boxes. (Buyer collects) £10 - £20 1969 Large box of GB on paper. Useful lot. (Buyer collects) £10 - £20 1970 Northern Rhodesia 1925 definitives mint to 20/- on an album page. High cat. £160 - £180 1971 Northern Rhodesia 1925 definitives to 20/- used (20/- is fiscally used) on a page. Others fine. £60 - £80 1972 Northern Rhodesia 1925 issue postmarks on stamps, blocks and on cover. Good lot. £80 - £100 1973 Northern Rhodesia 1929 Postage Due set +1952 Chalky papers mint. £20 - £30 1974 Northern Rhodesia 1929 Postage Dues 1d(4) +D1A(2), 2d & 3d used. £30 - £40