Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

38 1027 Rifle .577 / 450 obsolete calibre Martini - Henry MKII 'Zulu Wars' service rifle. The bore is very dirty and looks smooth bored for prison use. Action marked '1891'. All other marks have been erased. Worn overall. Originally a MKII Service rifle dating to the mid late 1870s. £350 - £400 1028 Rifle: A P53 Rifle Musket. Early pattern. Lock dated 1856 for the end of the Crimean War. Lockplate stamped 'VR' under Crown & '1856 Tower'. British proofs to barrel & sold out of service mark. Spring retained 3 bands. Leaf sight to 400yds. Brass buttplate engraved 'V' and 'Ld 1' (Volunteer) London 1st Rifle Volunteers. Bore very worn. £400 - £450 1029 Russian AK 47 bayonet with Czech knife bayonet (2) £40 - £50 1030 Russian Bayonets: 1) AKM Bayonet in composition scabbard in v.g.c. 2) AK47 in its steel scabbard. v.g.c. (2) £30 - £35 1031 Scarce lady’s 19th century pin fire purse pistol with Liege proof marks £120 - £140 1032 Small sword 18th century with triangular blade silver wire covered grip shell guards with various hunting scenes with matching pommel and guard £160 - £180 1033 Socket bayonets: 1) Brown Bess by S. Chambers BO. 1812-1818. India Patt. converted for Sea Service. 2) U.S. Springfield socket bayonet. 3) 2x unmarked socket bayonets. No scabbards. (4) £50 - £60 1034 Sword 19th century Indian Tulwar £30 - £40 1035 Sword 19th century Prussian cavalry troopers £160 - £180 1036 Sword GRV Artillery Officers blade named to E C J Chapham, Essex & Suffolk RGA scarce sword £300 - £350 1037 Sword scarce heavily curved flag officers no standard c 1800 £130 - £150 1038 Sword Victorian 1897 pattern infantry officers with nice clean blade some wear to grip in its brown leather field scabbard £100 - £120 1039 Sword Wilkinson ERII 1897 pattern presentation sword with ERII cypher to guard blade embossed the East Yorkshire regiment (the Duke of Yorks own) the Poona guards the Snappers with ERII cypher on the other side is embossed Sgt WM Birkin 1st battalion 14039201 with battle owner’s of the regiment in its metal scabbard very nice sword £250 - £280 1040 Sword with black leather scabbard, blade maker marked 'WKC Solingen Germany'. £40 - £50 1041 Swords: 1) A replica WW1 Russian Kindjal in its brass mounted leather scabbard. Blade 17" dated '1916'. Screw stud missing from Kindjal grip. Minor surface rust otherwise v.g.c. 2) A tourist quality Burmese Dha sword blade 21.5". Wooden grip in plain wooden scabbard stained red. Generally good condition. (2) £20 - £25 1042 Sword: 1854 Pattern Foot Guards Officers sword. Blade 32.5. Numbered on top 15157 (possibly an H. Wilkinson sword). Blade etching worn and faint. In its steel scabbard. Wirebound fishskin grip (some wear to fishskin) A decent well used example . a/f £100 - £110 1043 Sword: 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers sword Geo V Cypher. Etched blade 32". Wirebound leather grip. In its leather field service scabbard (losses to leather) generally worn overall. a/f £80 - £85 1044 Sword: 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers sword. Victorian cypher to guard. Maker marked to ricasso 'A.G. Parker Canfield Street, Birmingham.'. Etched blade grip wire a/f worn fishskin grip. In its leather field service scabbard. Generally worn overall. a/f £80 - £85 1045 Sword: 19th Century Knights Templar Masonic Sword by Toye & Co London. Slim engraved blade 28" with Masonic devices. Maltese Cross X guard. Wirebound grip. In its steel mounted leather scabbard (leather over steel a/f). Locket with frog stud. An attractive small sword. £40 - £45 1046 Sword: A decent 1877 Pattern Victorian Infantry Officers sword blade 32". Ricasso marked 'Johnstone. Sackville Street London & Dublin'. Blade engraved (worn). In its leather field service scabbard with frog loop. Wirebound fishskin grip. In decent used condition overall. £80 - £85 1047 Sword: A mid 19th century Police / Customs Hanger. Straight fullered blade 24". Brass stirrup hilt, fishskin grip. Button catch for scabbard. Plain unmarked blade. In its brass mounted leather scabbard with leather frog. A note on the blade which says 'issued to Cornish Police when invasion by Napoleon was feared in 1859'. In very good condition with service wear. £100 - £120 1048 Sword: An 1821 Pattern Artillery Officers Sword. Etched blade 32.5". Wirebound fishskin grip (wire a/f). Triple bar hilt with dark patina. In its steel scabbard. £90 - £100 1049 Sword: An 1827 Pattern Rifle Officers sword. Blade 32.5" by Robt Mole & Sons. Birmingham. Makers to the War & India Officers. Top of blade marked 'M3050'. Beautifully etched blade '1st Volunteer Bn The Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment'. Fine wire bound fishskin grip. Polished steel guard with string bugle logo. In its steel mounted (some pitting) leather scabbard with frog bar instead of hanging rings. An above average condition sword in excellent condition. Crown appears to be for Queen Victoria. £100 - £150 1050 Sword: An 1827 Pattern Volunteers Rifles Sword. Blade 35". Ricasso marked 'J & B Johnstone, Sackville Street. London & Dublin'. Clean blade with Rifle Volunteers etching. Wirebound fishskin grip. Steel guard with VR Cypher & strung bugle. In its steel scabbard. The whole in good condition for its age. A 'sleeper'. £120 - £130 1051 Sword: An 1890 (1882/85/90) Pattern Cavalry Troopers Sword. Heavy blade 33". W/D stamp & bend test marks to ricasso. Reverse shows inspected 1893, 94, 95, 96. Top of blade marked 1890. Tip of blade rounded for drill/sword practice. In its steel scabbard with suspension ring repair, throat guide & internal springs missing. Worn overall. £60 - £70 1052 Sword: An 1897 Pattern Geo V Infantry Officers sword. Blade 32" engraved with Geo V Cypher (good cond). Wirebound fishskin grip (wire a/f). In its leather field service scabbard with frog loop. £60 - £70