Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

92 2172 Austrian Calendar Medal 1881, silver or white metal d.37mm, toned GVF, edge nicks. £100 - £120 2173 Austrian Commemorative Medal, bronze square d.34.5mm: 'Drumming the Landsmark' 1914 by Holy, either a military parade or the outbreak of WWI, features legends in multiple languages, EF with suspension loop. £50 - £60 2174 Bath, Somerset copper farthing token, 1794, plain edge, Crowned bust of Bladad with bow and arrows / Bladad standing left looking right, his swine below, D&H 115, EF £40 - £45 2175 Belgian Art Award, silver d.56mm: Leopold I, 'Recompense Nationale' medal by Jouvenel, named to W. Wyld in Paris 1842 - the English painter William Wyld 1806-1889 who worked in Paris. His artworks are in museums such as the V&A. Toned EF, light hairlines, with original case. £80 - £120 2176 Belgian Congo Commemorative Medal, bronze d.69.5mm: 'BANQUE DU CONGO BELGE, 1909- 1959' elephant left. / 'MATADI 1909, LEOPOLDVILLE 1959' buildings, VF, some edge nicks. £40 - £50 2177 Birmingham Mint 24x silver commemorative medals in hard cover booklets, featuring explorers. Each 39.85g of sterling. £200 - £250 2178 Boxed set of 3 silver medals c1937 showing George V & QueenMary, Edward VIII &George VI &Queen Eliz.in fitted box £30 - £40 2179 Boys Brigade collection of old pin badges (approx 15) £50 - £60 2180 British Academic and Medical Medals (3) to a father and son(?): Aberdeen University bronze medal for Natural History 1879-80 to G.H. Burford, nEF; a West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases, London unmarked silver or silvered base plaque by A.G. Wyon, for Neurology, to Harold George Burford B.M., B.Ch., EF cased; and St. John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin, London unmarked silver oval medal by Pinches, The Chesterfield Medal for Dermatology, to H.G. Burford. M.B. Ch.B. OXON 1929, EF cased. £150 - £170 2181 British Academic Medals (4): University College London, the Prof. Heiman Medal for The Highest Proficiency in German 1875 heavy white metal d.47mm unnamed EF with paper capsule, The Society of Accountants and Auditors Final Examination Medal silver 38mm to Arthur Collins 1904 aEF hairlines with original case, College of Arts & Crafts large gilt bronze medal 'Awarded by the Ladies of Sheffield in Honour of James Montgomery 1852, edge: 'J.L. MALTBY COLLEGE YEAR 1937-38' EF with original case, and City & £40 - £50 2182 British Boating Medals (2) silver d.44.5mm: 'GUYS BOAT CLUB' - Guy's Hospital Boat Club (King's College London Boat Club today), ' T. Callaway's Prize 25th July 1846 named on edge to G.F. Cooper, and Thompson's Challenge Cups Prize Won by G.F. Cooper 15 July 1847, deeply toned VF £200 - £220 2183 British Commemorative Medalet, brass d.24.5mm: Queen Anne, commemorating the Battle of Vigo Bay 1702, seems to be dated 1703, VF/GVF, scarce. £150 - £160 2184 British Commemorative Medals (27) base metal Coronation and Jubilee issues, many civic authorities. £60 - £80 2185 British Commemorative Medals (2) bronze d.76mm: Corporation of London cased double set of Epping Forest, Royal Visit and Dedication 1882, (medal) by C. Wiener, Eimer no. 1689, EF, the case is damaged. £160 - £200