Lockdales Auction 164 16-17 March 2019

102 Ancient & Hammered Coins 1710 Ancient Greece, Apollonia Pontika tetradrachm, 400- 350 BC, 26mm, 17.1g, Sear 1656, irregular strike, toned nVF £250 - £350 1711 Ancient Greek, Kingdom of Lydia under Persian rule, gold daric, wt. 8.42g, c.450-330 BC. Obv: Bearded archer (The Great King) kneeling right holding spear and bow. / Rev: Obling punch. Sear 4679. GVF £900 - £1000 1712 Ancient Greek, Kingdom of Macedon silver tetradrachm of Philip III, 323-317 BC. Obv: Head of young Herakles right, clad in lion's skin. / Rev: Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and sceptre; B below throne = Babylon Mint. Sear 6748 similar. GVF £150 - £180 1713 Ancient Greek, Sicily Syracuse copper litra 344-336 BC. Helmeted head of Athena left. / Rev: Starfish between two dolphins. Sear 1189. nVF £70 - £80 1714 Ancient Greek, Thrace Thasos silver tetradrachm, after 148 BC. Obv: Head of young Dionysos right. / Rev: Herakles standing left holding club and lion's skin over left arm. Sear 1759. Good large flan, reverse off-centre. nEF £170 - £200 1715 Anglo-Saxon Northumbrian sceats x 3, all look to be Aethelred II, all look to possibly be by Eardwulf, therefore Second Reign c.834-c.850, Spink 868, all with old tickets, F to NVF [3] £40 - £50 1716 Anglo-Saxon Secondary Phase sceat, c.710-c.760, Series G, Type 3a, Spink 800, obverse:- Diademed bust right, cross before, reverse:- Standard with 4 saltires around annulet enclosing pellet, with an old ticket, well centred VF £30 - £40 1717 Anglo-Saxon Secondary Phase silver sceat, c.710- c,760, Series L, Type 19?, obverse not clear, reverse:- Figure standing in crescent boat, holding long cross and bird, spink 804G?, with old ticket, Fair/F £30 - £40 1718 Anglo-Saxon silver sceat, Secondary Phase c.710- c.760, 'Vico' Type?, obverse:- Degenerate head enclosing VIC VX, vic = wic?, reverse:- Standard formed of pellets, enclosing annulet and legend VVLX?, Spink 790Avar., found Hockwold, Norfolk, 2018, NEF £100 - £120 1719 Antoninus Pius copper as, probably a British Mint 154-155 A.D., obverse:- Laureate bust right, reverse:- Britannia seated left on rocks, in attitude of defeat, shield before and vexillum in background, legend BRITANNIA COS IIII, in exergue S C, F £40 - £50 1720 Antoninus Pius copper as, probably a British Mint 154-155, reverse:- Britannia seated left on rocks, dejected, shield and vexillum in the background, with nice full reading, BRITANNIA COS IIII in exergue S C, nVF £100 - £120 1721 Antoninus Pius silver denarius, reverse:- Annona, GF, with a ditto but Julia Domna, reverse:- Juno, small, good metal, GVF and lastly an antoninianus of Probus, reverse:- Roma within temple, thunderbolt in exergue, just a hint of silvering, NEF/EF [3] £60 - £70 1722 Antoninus Pius silver denarius, Rome Mint 159-160 AD. Rev: FORTVNA COS IIII. Fortuna standing right holding rudder and cornucopia. Sear 4082 var. RIC 300a. EF £80 - £100 1723 Antoninus Pius, Dupondius, Rome mint 142 A.D., reverse legend:- GENIO SENATVS S C, Genius of the Senate, togate, standing left, holding branch and long sceptre, i.e. Sear 4275var., NVF/F £40 - £45 1724 Antoninus Pius, sestertius, Rome Mint 146 A.D., reverse:- Antoninus Pius in triumphal quadriga to left, his right hand extended, his left holding eagle tipped sceptre, Sear 4168, F £45 - £55