Lockdales Auction 164 16-17 March 2019

120 2151 Wide range of material in well filled stockbooks, mint and fine used. (3) £24 - £26 2152 World - unusual accumulation of older material loose in 4x shoeboxes, on a stock sheet and on many loose stockcards. 2x box are mostly off paper older general mix, better than normal content. One and a half boxes of mostly Sudan used with much duplication c1940's & 1950's. Stock sheet of Italy with a few useful. Much KGVI era on stockcards and packets, noted British Honduras 1922 opt Specimen, Malta various to 5/-, with £1 revenue noted, good number of revenues, fiscals, telegraph etc (Buy Collects) £140 - £150 2153 World collection in green album, range of material inc India and China (qty) £20 - £25 2154 World lot in large box, much material in several albums / stockbooks, loose in packets, few FDC's, Noted India, US, Japan UM, Rep of China Yearbook 1983, etc etc. Good sorting lot (Buyer collects) £80 - £85 2155 World miniature sheet collection in brown stockbook, mint and fine used, some good thematics noted, worth a closer look, cat £600+ (qty) £60 - £70 2156 World Mint, UM and Used on stockcards, identified and catalogued, noted Falkland Is Dependencies, GB Inland Revenue SG F12 x12. Canada Postage Dues, GB 1929 UPU various wmks inc sideways (3z), 1971 Wedgwood booklet, Mexico imperf mini sheets - Olympics etc. STC £2000 approx (qty) £50 - £60 2157 World wide range of material in well filled stockbooks, mainly fine used, some mint (4) £24 - £26 2158 World wide range of material in well filled stockbooks, mint and fine used. (4) £24 - £26 Covers 2159 Accessories. approx 13x second-hand cover albums with leaves. (Buyer collects) £20 - £25 2160 Assorted Covers, commercial, FDC's, booklets and stamps in packets. Large number of FDC's inc Czechoslovakia, East Germany, USA, plus others. Royal Wedding booklets (approx 40). Vatican maxim cards, likewise for 1986 Royal Wedding. Approx 100 Guernsey presentation packs up to mid 1980's. Etc (qty) Buyer collects £30 - £35 2161 Autographed Cover collection inc Arthur C Clarke, Norman Wisdom, Tony Blair, Michael Bond, Stephen Fry, Judi Dench, Patrick Moore. (7) £20 - £25 2162 Banana box of GB FDC's in 8x Royal Mail Binders plus one special album of National Army Museum Covers (x65). Vast majority bureau or most appropriate pmk. Commemorative, definitive inc multi value booklet panes and regional covers. Nice clean lot (approx 672 covers) Buyer collects £70 - £75 2163 Banana box tray of loose mostly GB FDC's and Commemorative Covers / pmks, etc (qty) Buyer collects £20 - £25 2164 Benham etc - a good early range of 1970's large and small format FDC's, with special postmarks, etc. Nice lot (approx 56) £100 - £150 2165 Blue plastic tray of mainly modern (1980's and later) Commercial mail, majority from Germany, but other countries noted. (qty) Buyer collects £25 - £30 2166 Box of World-wide covers, mainly Commercial up to 195's. Small qty of GB and other (St Vincent) FDC's. A dozen or so Censor Covers, and approx 20 GB QV 1d lilacs with squared circle pmks. Many packets with earlier Commonwealth, KGVI inc Cyprus, Trinidad & Tobago. Noted 1973 Royal Wedding. (approx 250 items) £25 - £30 2167 Channel Islands & I.O.M. FDC's in albums, approx 257x Guernsey (94 being Benham Silks), Alderney x77, Jersey x249 (53x being Benham silks), I.O.M. x278. Covers from mid 1970's to 2000 with Commemorative set, booklet panes, sheets etc. Clean lot (16x albums). Nice lot. Buyer collects £110 - £120 2168 Commercial Mail, event and FDC's from around the world, housed in albums, box, and many loose. Very useful lot well worth a rummage (qty) Buyer collects £50 - £60 2169 Coronation 1937 FDC's x28, plus 8th June 1946 FDC's x31 (total approx 59) £25 - £30 2170 Cricket related FDC's and Event Covers, noted approx 22 autographs inc Ramprakash, Vaughan, etc etc (approx 80) £25 - £30 2171 Douglas Bader hand signed 1965 RAF Biggin Hill Cover £40 - £50 2172 Douglas Bader hand signed Battle of Britain 25th Anniversary Cover 1965 £40 - £50 2173 Douglas Bader hand signed Colditz postcard £40 - £50 2174 GB Benham Silk FDC's inc approx 500x short, 100x medium, and 950x long format. Clean lot with some duplication. Nice lot. (Buyer collects) £160 - £170 2175 GB FDC's - small box of better items inc CEPT Torquay pmk, 1964 Geographical phos, Shakespeare phos Stratford pmk, 1969 Paintings with Art on stamps Strand pmk, Speed Post Brighton pmk. Etc (approx 75) £70 - £75 2176 GB FDC's with House of Commons pmk, much duplication in places, c1980's to 1990's, Commemoratives with a small number of Definitives (approx 80) £50 - £60 2177 GB FDC collection in 12x albums, appears complete for the decimal period. A small number of non illustrated, other P.O. with bureau pmks. Covers for Commemoratives, definitive and the appropriate Prestige Booklet pane. Inc London 2012 Team GB Gold Medal Winners. Clean lot up to early 2019 (Buyer collects) £70 - £80