Lockdales Auction 164 16-17 March 2019

4 Day 1, Room 1, 9.30am Weapons 1 1859 pattern Martini Henry Naval cutlass bayonet. £100 - £120 2 1897 pattern GRV Infantry officers dress sword in its brown leather field scabbard with sword bag. £130 - £150 3 18th Century continental flintlock pistol unsigned lock, lovely little pistol. £300 - £350 4 18th Century flint lock box lock pocket pistol by Twigg of London. £300 - £350 5 18th century Turkish flintlock pistol with engraved lock and barrel. £350 - £400 6 18th/19th century cannon barrel 28 inches long with one and a half inch bore. £450 - £500 7 1908 pattern Cavalry troopers sword in scabbard. £220 - £260 8 19th century percussion box lock pocket pistol by Conway of Manchester. £140 - £160 9 19th century percussion double barrel under and over travelling pistol. £250 - £280 10 Air Rifle: An extremely rare Daisy Model 40 Military Model air gun, lever action. Breech marked Daisy No 40. Daisy MFG Co Plymouth Mich. USA. Pat Oct 20th (1914) - Aug. 17th (19)15. Complete with its original canvas sling (rarer than the gun as few have survived). 50 shot. Graduated rearsight. Walnut oil finished stock. In good working order & condition. (Has been tested, please do not cock & fire) These guns were a boys copy of the Springfield Military Service rifle and came with their own rubber bayonet £180 - £200 11 Air Rifle: Webley Service .22 cal MKII air rifle by Webley & Scott B'ham. Rear peep sight. In good working order & condition. Barrel 25". Good walnut stock with chequered wrist. A decent example. £500 - £550 12 Air Rifle: .22 cal pre-war under lever air rifle SN: S- 4061 in the pattern of the BSA Model 'D' Standard Variant 1 with the 'S' prefix. Only markings are '2' & 'LOAD' at breech. In good working order and condition. Some wear to screw heads. Walnut stock. Barrel 19". Some wear (Barrel dovetail catch loose). £300 - £350 13 Assorted Knives: British Army Pattern clasp knife for issue to cavalry, artillery & ASC units. Blade S/Edged 3.5" marked '*+ England' & G'R'. 'Rogers & Sons, 8 Norfolk St. Sheffield. England'. 3 functions including stone remover from horses hooves & short knife blade. Spike with W/D arrow mark. Copper lanyard loop. Chequered scales. All in vgc with service wear but no damage. 2) Great War Imperial German 'Grabbledoch' Trench Knife. Tip broken, no grips or scabbard. 3) D/E spear pointed throwing knife. (3) £30 - £40 14 Bayonet - French model 1866 Chasspot Bayonet, blade engraved Feb. 1872, at Chateller, Ault. Comes in it's matching blued steel Scabbard. Bayonet & Scabbard both numbered 36566. £50 - £60 15 Bayonet - French model 1874 Gras Bayonet, blade engraved St. Etienne, April 1879, in it's blued steel scabbard. Bayonet No. 39816, Scabbard No. 41148. (Scabbard with two holes cut into the sides, halfway down) £24 - £26 16 Bayonets: French Model 1866 Sabre bayonets. No scabbards. 1) Made at St Etienne for the Chasspot Rifle. 2) Unmarked not for Chasspot probably for German rifle. Both in sound & good condition. (2) £20 - £30 17 Bayonets: No4 MKII Spike bayonets in their steel scabbards. Very good condition. (2) £20 - £30 18 Bayonet: A French Model 1842 Sabre Bayonet in its steel scabbard. Frog bar absent from scabbard, leaf spring top a/f otherwise Good Condition overall. £25 - £30 19 Bayonet: good Lovell's Pattern 'Brown Bess' pattern bayonet. Flat triangular fullered bayonet by 'Shill'. Top flat marked 'G3' & 'AH' '63' & sold out of service mark. Makers name 'S. Hill' A good clean example with clear markings. No scabbard. £35 - £40 20 Bayonet: Regimentally marked early P07 bayonet. Made in November 1914 by Sanderson. Full inspection marks. Pommel marked 'YK' for Yorkshire Regiment. No oil hole. In its steel mounted leather scabbard with teardrop frog stud. Good condition overall with service wear. £90 - £100 21 Bayonet: Regimentally marked P07 bayonet to the 6th Battalion Rifle Brigade (6.R.B.). Clean blade 17" and dated '17:15' (July 1915) made by EFD (Enfield) with full inspection marks. In its steel mounted leather scabbard with ME Co web frog. Pommel without oil hole marked '6.R.B.' '30' with '324' crossed out. In good condition overall with service wear. £90 - £100 22 Bayonet: Regimentally marked P07 bayonet to the Canadian Forces. Made August 1917. Reverse of Pommel marked with Canadian ^ (arrow within 'C' ownership mark) Pommel marked 'R.T.G.' (Regina Town Guard). In its steel mounted leather scabbard. £90 - £100 23 British New Land Pattern Cavalry flintlock pistol, lock plate engraved 'Tower' and 'GR' under crown. Barrel and lockplate with various stampings. Action good with 1st and 2nd cock. Brass trigger guard engraved 'XVII' 'F 19'. Believed to be East Yorkshire Regt of Foot, 15th Regiment of Foot 2nd Bn. £500 - £600 24 Danish bayonet model 1889, no scabbard, with various numbers to handle £20 - £25