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Warren Fisher One Pound T34 "X1 39" GF small 5mm

tear centre top

£25 - £30


Warren Fisher Ten Shillings T30 "K33" GVF

£90 - £110


Warren Fisher Ten Shillings T30 "N23" GF

£25 - £30


Warren Fisher Ten Shillings T30 "S75" GVF

£120 - £140


World in three albums , a mixed assortment with GB &

Scottish noted.

£200 - £250


World (25) includes Ireland £1 (30/9/1976), Switzerland

50F , Canada Dollar (George VI), Rhodesia etc. Mixed

grades with some GVF - GEF

£60 - £80


World (approx 1860) all seem to be high grade (mostly

Unc). Duplication noted

£600 - £650


World (approx 43) strengh in pre Euro French (500F &

200F seen), includes obsolete Swiss 100F x 2. From


£120 - £140


World (approx 720) from circulation with some better

£150 - £180


World , a small assortment mainly from circulation but

with better types & redeemable currency seen

£100 - £120


Zambia One Pound Pick 2 (1964) Fine +

£60 - £65

Ancient & Hammered Coins


Aethelred II silver penny, Last Small Cross Issue with

additional crosses in quarters of reverse, Spink 1154var.,

obverse reads:- +EDELRAED REX ANGLO ['AE' and

'NG' ligulated], reverse reads:- +PELGIST MON

DEOD ['M' of rounded form, 'D; with thorn], Thetford

Mint, moneyer Welgist [also Walgist], this moneyer used

engraved additional [as present piece] and punched in

the die extra reverse crosses, see Sadler The Ipswich

Mint, Vol.1, p.132 for a study of this variant. Six coins

known, two with dies as present coin and three in

museums, this coin for years has had the wrong

provenance, it is not from Polish Hoard, Glendining

14.3.1973, lot 24, this coin is in Norwich Castle Museum,

see SCBI Museums in East Anglia, 1220 but it is Ex.

Capt. Peter Arnot Collection, Buckland, Dix and Wood

21.3.1995, lot 182, with three old tickets with the piece,

including a much fuller pedigree, some patches of

weakness to marginal legends, peck marks reverse, lightly

crinkled, cabinet tone reverse, extremely rare, VF

£600 - £700


Aethelred II silver penny, Last Small Cross Issue, BUST

RIGHT, Spink 1154A, wt. 1.21g. obverse reads:-

+AEDELRAEDREX ANGX ['AE's' and 'NG' ligulated]

reverse reads:- +MANNA M!O DEOTE ['D' with

thorn], Thetford Mint, moneyer Manna, 4 known to the

cataloguer this moneyer, 2 of which are in museums [BM

and Stockholm], the other was in the W.J.Conte

Collection, CNG Auction 58, lot 1775 [same dies as

present piece], provenance of present coin, Ex. Irish

Collection, Co Wicklow 2013, Ex. Spink Auction 212,

28-29 March, 2012, lot 438, Ex. Spink NC 3.1993 item

999, Ex. Sotheby 10.4,1992, lot 635, with an old Spink

ticket, full, round, well centred, peck marks mostly within

reverse inner circle, extremely rare, VF

£700 - £800


Aethelred II silver penny, Long Cross Issue, Spink 1151,

obverse reads:- +AEDELRAED REX ANGL. [both

'AE's' and 'NG' ligulate, first 'D' with thorn], reverse

reads:- +EADMVND M/O LVND, London Mint,

moneyer Eadmund, full. round, well centred, VF

£250 - £280