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American WW2 Bravery group inc Bronze star with "V"

device and two Oak Leaf clusters & Military medals

named Edward P Kelly also includes French & Belgian

Croix de Guerres, mounted in US style, GVF

£190 - £200


Anti-German WW1 Protests interest a Police pair, Edw

VII Coronation Police medal and Geo.V 1911 Police

Coronation medal both named PC H Godsell X Div and

PC H Godsell, with a few named School medals for his

son ?, plus a faded Postcard photo of Policemen, He

arrested a Pte George Gray of the Middlesex Regt who

had broken a plate glass window of a German named

bakers shop in Goldborne Rd North Kensington. This

was reported on 11th May 1915 immediately after the

Lusitania was sunk. With brief interesting research,

medals GVF

£120 - £130


Army Dress Hats (10) Buyer collects

£25 - £30


Army LSGC Medal to 107 Sergt J Cooke 7th Hussars,

born Stockport, entitled to Crimea with Sebastopol clasp,

Turkish Crimea, Indian Mutiny Medal with Lucknow

clasp. VF (1)

£200 - £220


Army LSGC Medal to 1089 Wm Lilckenday 1st

Dragoon Guards. Confined 7/8 May 1848 tried and

Reduced, again in Prison 30/12/1869 - 22/1/1870.

Entitled to Crimea Medal with Seb clasp. Died

Liverpool. GVF (1)

£200 - £210


Army LSGCMedal to 1839 W. Colquhoun DrumMajor

30th Regt x x x x Foot. Edge bump, contact marks,

replacement suspender (Large letter reverse)

£180 - £200


Army LSGC Medal to 1850 Corpl Saml Dooley 1st Bn

60th Foot. Also entitled to Punjab Medal C/G bars,

Indian Mutiny with Delhi clasp, IGS with NWF clasp.

Born Stockport, Chester. GVF tiny scratch to reverse. (1)

£240 - £260


Army LSGC Medal to 21 Serjt Willm H Beech 15th

Hussars. With copy service records, Born near Brentford.

Small edge bump VF

£180 - £200


Army LSGC Medal to 22 Tp Serjt Major Rob't Smith

5th Lancers. Born Barony, Glasgow. Also entitled to

Crimea Medal with Sebastopol clasp, Turkish Crimea

Medal. Light contact marks VF

£180 - £190


Army LSGC Medal to 2509 Wm Ferguson 78th Regt.

Born Shotts Whitburn, Lanark. Also entitled to IGS with

Persia clasp, Indian Mutiny Medal with DoL / Lucknow

clasps. VF (1)

£300 - £350


Army LSGC Medal to 2751 Serjt Rob't Gray 90th Foot.

Born Kensington. Also entitled to Crimea Medal with

Sebastopol clasp, and Indian Mutiny Medal with bars

RoL and Lucknow. Slightly Wounded right arm at

Alumgagh, Lucknow, 30/9/1857. VF (1)

£240 - £260


Army LSGC Medal to 3301 Bugler C Griffin 2nd Bn

60th Rifles. Born St Nicholas, York. Also entitled to a

China with 2 bars, and a no bar Mutiny Medal. VF (1)

£240 - £260


Army LSGC Medal to 591 A Cameron 2nd Dragoons.

Born Glasgow. GVF

£180 - £200


Army LSGC Medal to 603 T Smith 14th Lt Dragoons.

Born Coaley, Dursley, Gloucester. Also entitled to

Punjab Medal, Indian Mutiny Medal with Central India

clasp. GF (1)

£300 - £350


Army LSGC Medal to 7 Cr - Sjt W Bex 3rd Btn Rifle

Bde. Born Godalming, Surrey. VF

£180 - £200


Army LSGC Medal to 756 Ml Donnelly 5th Dragoon

Guards. Born Gort, Galway. Also entitled to a 3 bar

Crimea Medal. VF (1)

£300 - £350


Army LSGC Medal to 767 Batty Serjt Mjr John Pooley

B Bgde RHA. Born Debenham, Suffolk. Attested

Ipswich. Entitled to the Crimea Medal with 4 bars. VF


£200 - £210


Army LSGCMedal to 891 Tp Serjt Major James Watson

2nd Dragoon Guards. Born Downpatrick. Entitled to the

Indian Mutiny Medal with Lucknow clasp. GVF (1)

£200 - £210


Army LSGC Medal to 902 Chas Farmer 5th Dragoon

Guards, born York. Small edge bump nVF

£160 - £170


Army LSGC Medal to Charles Banks 11th Light

Dragoons 1836. With copy service records, born Leeds,

he served and was Wounded at Waterloo, in the breast.

Also entitled to the Army of India Medal with Bhurtpore

clasp, and MGS with Salamanca clasp. Early

replacement suspender. Few small edge bumps GF (1)

£1100 - £1200


Army LSGC Medal to Gunr T Davis Coast I.D.e RA.


£170 - £180


Army LSGC Medal to (1)040 F Wheeler 4th Lt

Dragoons. Born Mary le Bone. Also entitled to Crimea

Medal with Sebastopol clasp, Turkish Crimea Medal. VF


£180 - £190


Army WW2 and later British Rank Badges, WO1 and

WO2 plus Chevrons, Sergeant, Corporal and Lance

Corporal + Uncut Strip of 9 WW2 Chevrons (100)

£50 - £70


Arnhem Battlefield recovered Airborne Para wing found

in the 1960s in the grounds of the Hotel Schoonoord,

twin lugs (missing) light corrosion as would be expected

but a sad reminder of the heavy fighting in September


£40 - £45


Arnhem & Airborne interest, a selection of items, some

named to Major David Allsop who was second in

command 1st Airborne Recce Sqn at Arnhem, a cigarette

case, named inside & dated 1944, this with Para badge to

front, a Pegasus patch and Parachute 3 s/title cut from

uniform, ribbon bar, 39-45 & F&G group of four, a Red

Beret, this with named label, possibly slightly later, a

cigarette ashtray (named). He managed to evade capture

at Arnhem. He was also awarded the Dutch Bronze Lion

with citation but this not with the grouping. Born

4.8.1917 Died 9.9.1987. mostly GVF

£190 - £200


Artillery - early unmarked silver badge/buckle - M.E.A.

Gloria fides.

£40 - £45


Artillery Shell - A rare British 3" (12pdr?) studded

Armstrong Artillery Shell of the type imported in 1863 to

the Confederate States of America during the US Civil

War. Shell 10" high, base diameter 3". Base marked

'R.L'. Heavy steel body (hollow) with 6 Copper (?) studs.

In excellent condition (not excavated) Museum grade


£110 - £120


Assorted British, Commonwealth and Foreign badges,

armbands and rank insignia together with bullion cap

badges ( 160 items)

£50 - £60


Assorted medals - Life saving, Masonic, commonwealth

etc (30+ items)

£40 - £50


Aston Division Volunteer Home Defence badge -

replacement pin fitting.

£45 - £50


Atomic test 1952-1958 commemorative medals awarded

to F/JX881150 AB D W Parker 1949-1957 RN

£80 - £85


Australian a rare red pre 1950s large flag with 1915 date

to edge, after the mid 1950s the flag became blue.

£190 - £200


Australian unidentified silver pin badge / collar (pin


£40 - £45


Australian WW1 original collar badge 'PP', missing its

lugs. Scarce

£50 - £55