Lockdales Coins & Collectables 17-18 March 2018

50 1136 World banknotes, mixed range (approx 44) £20 - £22 1137 World in an album, (mainly New Zealand). Includes Ten Shillings x 3 all P158d One Pounds x 3, P159d (2) & P159a, $5 P165b x 2 (consecutive), $20 P173c. Many in high grade £100 - £150 1138 World Specimen issues (8) Dominican Republic 2000p, 1000p, 500px2 & 100px2 (all 2010 issues), Parauay 1000G & Zaire 5000nz. All Unc/Unc £30 - £35 1139 World Specimens (5) Congo Democratic Republic 50 cents 1997 Picks84s Unc and 1000F 2005 Picks101s Unc, Yugoslavia 10 dinara 1994 Pick138s Unc and Zaire 50 zaires 1980 (2) Pick25s, both stained about Unc £40 - £50 Ancient & Hammered Coins 1140 Aethelred II silver cut-halfpenny, Helmet Type, Spink 1152, reverse reads:- ]M'O:DEO, Thetford Mint, found near Newmarket, 2017, NEF £40 - £50 1141 Agrippa, Admiral of the fleet and a favourite of Augustus, bronze as, Rome Mint 37-41 A.D., reverse:- Neptune standing left, holding trident and dolphin, Sear 1812 slighttly rough surfaces, features of the portrait nice, VF £50 - £60 1142 Allectus billon half antoninianus or 'quinarius', Colchester Mint, 294-296 A.D., reverse reads:- VIRTVS AVG in exergue QC, galley to left, with Victory standing at left, holding wreath and palm, even dark tone, clear VF £60 - £70 1143 Ancient British Celtic, base-silver stater of the Durotriges, Spink 366/367, reverse slightly off centre, black tone, NVF £40 - £45 1144 Ancient Greek silver stater of Cilicia, Kelenderis of c. 440-400 B.C., obverse:- Naked rider, whip in left hand, seated sideways on prancing horse, left, from which he is about to dismount, reverse:- Goat kneeling right, looking back on double groundline, one plain, one beaded, [K]EAEN above and object in exergue, Sear 5529var. with old ticket by nomos, which states 'SNG France 64 [same dies], SNG von Aulock 5628 [same dies]', triangular countermark on hind quarters of goat, small flan, GVF £200 - £250 1145 Ancient Greek, Alexander III the Great, silver drachm, seated Zeus with striding legs as coins of the Kingdom of Thrace, Sear 6817 but with left leg pulled back, short of flan, F, together with an Ancient Greek bronze minor, reverse:- Nike, F [2] £40 - £50 1146 Ancient Greek, Macedonian Kingdom, Alexander the Great, silver tetradrachm, Head of young Herakles, clad in lion's skin, right / Zeus seated left, on backless throne, his legs parallel, holding eagle and long sceptre, legs of throne normal, something below throne?, plant growing before, Sear 6717var., VF £70 - £80 1147 Ancient Silk Road Civilizations: 20 Bronze Coin Collection, a Royal Mint set issued in 2008. Includes various coins from ancient China to 19thC Nepal, in plush case. £50 - £60 1148 Anglo-Saxon sceat, Secondary Phase c.710- c.760, struck in eastern England, Series R7, runes before bust, no neck, Spink 813A, found September 2015, near Newmarket, VF £50 - £60 1149 Antoninus Pius brass sestertius, Rome Mint 147 A.D., reverse reads:-FELICITAS AVG S C, Felicitas standing left, holding capricorn and caduceus, Sear 4174, very short striking splits at edge and stress surface marks but this as struck, on a large flan, untouched original surfaces, NVF/GF £60 - £70 1150 Antoninus Pius copper as, Rome Mint 153-154 A.D., reverse:- Annona standing facing head right, right hand on modius, holding branch in left, basket of fruit below, Sear 4294, looks to have metal test on edge of reverse, even black-green patina overall, NVF/GF £40 - £50 1151 Antoninus Pius silver denarius, Rome Mint 147 A.D., reverse reads:- COS I I I I, clementia standing left, holding patera and sceptre, Sear 4070, sharply struck, light even tone, good metal, EF £70 - £80 1152 Augustus silver denarius, Lugdunum Mint 2 B.C. - 4 A.D., Laureate head of Augustus, right / Gaius and Lucius Caesars, standing facing, Sear 1597, small striking flaw on edge, below bust but nice and NEF £230 - £260 1153 Aurelian billon antoninianus, Cyzicus Mint 274-275 A.D., reverse reads:- ORIENS AVG in exergue XXI, round backed 'E' in reverse, left field, Sol advancing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left, Sear 11572var., RIC 364, with much original silvering, GEF £40 - £50 1154 Bronze Age Looped and Socketed Axe, with fine milky- green, even patina, a nice object £200 - £230 1155 Caracalla bronze of c.22mm., of Antiochia, Pisidia of c. 203 A.D., Laureate head right / Genius standing left, holding cornucopiae and holding branch, with two old tickets, one by Dr.Vezin, round and well centred, dry untouched surfaces, NEF £40 - £50 1156 Caracalla silver denarius, Rome Mint 201 A.D., reverse reads:- PART MAX PONT TR P IIII, Two captives seated at the base of a military trophy, 6853, a strong strike on a slightly ragged flan [as struck] nice youthful portrait, good metal, EF/GVF £40 - £50