Lockdales Auction 155 19-20 May 2018

31 854 WW2 RAF group to 1641522 LAC B G Stevens RAF. 1939-45 Star, Burma Star, Defence & War Medals, RAF Service and Release Book, photos, buttons, badge, RAF Keys and his glasses (qty) £40 - £45 855 WW2 Renamed group - 1939-45 Star, F & G Star, War Medal, Efficiency Medal GVI with Territorial clasp and extra service bar (830879 Sgt J Hindle RA). Sold as seen (4) £25 - £30 856 WW2 RN Group of with Certificate of Service and various documents, photos etc., to Stocker I KX 666433 Leslie Derick Reginald Gotts comes with his Father’s RN Certificate of Service, photos etc., to Edwards Joseph Gotts. Lived Stowupland and Eye, Suffolk. (3) £90 - £100 857 WW2 Royal Naval casualty scroll with group of three medals photos etc, to Petty Officer Seward A. Batten RN £80 - £85 858 WW2 Royal Naval seaman’s hat with HMS tally with WW2 Royal Naval seaman’s belt and clasp knife £50 - £60 859 WW2 Royal Signals battle dress blouse £60 - £65 860 WW2 Russian mortar projectile with Russian hand grenade £55 - £65 861 WW2 Scarce Home front MID Certificate with selection of letters relating to the award to William Charles Powell serving with the Post Office Telephone Office, Canterbury. Awarded for devotion to duty on an air raid 12/13th August 1941. For connecting a telephone communication line despite a Delayed Action bomb was a few yards near the site. Comes with his ERII ISM and award document. £140 - £150 862 WW2 Scarce SAS 1940 pattern battle dress blouse with Special Forces Parachute trained breast badge Cpl. Stripes and musketry sleeve badge with traces of wear the titles have been removed. £180 - £200 863 WW2 unusual unidentified range finder two foot in length no markings or dates noticed. £40 - £50 864 WW2 WAAF officers defence & war medals with selection of service documents to squadron leader D N Rose £50 - £60 865 WW2 woman’s land army WW2 arm bands two off with woman’s land army badge and WW2 unusual ration book cover £65 - £75 866 WWI Commemorative Badge, 'A Memento of the War, August 4th 1914' depicting a first issue Bradbury £1 note, some damage, A/F £25 - £30 867 WWI Scarce Vickers pattern Fletcher dart as dropped by aircraft over enemy troops. £45 - £50 868 Zeppelin cross stamped 'ZEP Z48 17.6.17', an Arras 1917 bullet brooch, lion ring, Jutland 1916 barrel, and a pair of spurs with French coins (6) £30 - £35 End of Auction in Room 1, Day 1 Day 1, Room 2, 10.00am Weapons 869 1821 Light Cavalry Troopers Sword. Blade 34" (unmarked) Wirebound fishskin grip (wire a bit loose). Triple bar hilt with backstrap with ears and domed pommel, in its heavy steel scabbard with one hanging ring. Number stamped 'E636' and 'A.E' which also appears on the quillon. Although the pattern is the 1821 British, this may be a Continental sword as it lacks any British markings. Nice, heavy Cavalry Sword in generally good condition. Viewing recommended £130 - £140 870 18th century English small sword c1740 £140 - £150 871 19th century Belgium 7mm pin fire revolver c1870 with traces of original nickel plating £140 - £150 872 19th century continental three band military musket with 42 inch barrel various stock markings plain lock and barrel. £350 - £380 873 19th Century dress sword in its leather scabbard £65 - £70 874 19th century East India company flint lock sergeants 33 inch barrel Brown Bess musket with EIC lion to the lock military proof marks to the barrel. £800 - £900 875 19th century French Charleville flint lock military musket with sinned lock standard issue to French troops in the Napoleonic war. £1000 - £1200 876 19th Century Hunting Sword unfullered s/e blade 25¼", brass mounts with bear head pommel with glass eyes, chequered leather grip. Drooping quillons silver plated?. In generally good condition with some wear. £35 - £40 877 19th century percussion box lock pistol by Conway of Manchester £150 - £160 878 19th century two band Enfield military volunteer muzzle loading rifle with 1860 tower dated lock military proof marks to the barrel check stock nice untouched gun with original finish to the stock. £800 - £900 879 19th Century Yeomanry Cavalry carbine with tower 1844 VR and crown lock stock stamped Q.O.R.Y. £500 - £600