Lockdales Auction 155 19-20 May 2018

37 987 Swords: 1) A Japanese Wakizash. Blade 17.75" with Hamon. Brass Tsuba. Grip with Same & black Tsuka- Ito. In its lacquered wooden Saya. Menuki to grip. 2) a Japanese Tanto Blade 10" with Hamon. Decorated white metal grip with screen & animals. In it's lacquered wooden Saya. (A decent price probably for the tourist market) Sold as seen. (2) £30 - £35 988 Swords: 1) A replica WW1 Russian Kindjal in its brass mounted leather scabbard. Blade 17" dated '1916'. Screw stud missing from Kindjal grip. Minor surface rust otherwise v.g.c. 2) A tourist quality Burmese Dha sword blade 21.5". Wooden grip in plain wooden scabbard stained red. Generally good condition. (2) £25 - £30 989 Swords: Indian tourist quality swords in their scabbards. One Tulwar and two matching sabres with 'Made in India' on the blades. Generally in good condition. Useful for decoration. (3) £25 - £30 990 Swords: Japanese swords. 1) Japanese Katana. Black Tsuka-Ito over Same with Menuki. Blade 29" with Hamon. 2) Wakizashi Companion to previous sword. Blade 18". (some nicks). Both in wooden Saya. For display. Good tourist quality. (2) £60 - £70 991 Swords: Japanese swords. 1) Japanese Katana. Gold Tsuka-Ito over Same (plastic? composition?) with Menuki. Blade 29". In its lacquered amber flecked wooden Saya. v.g.c. 2) Companion Wakizashi. Blade 19" with Hamon. In its lacquered amber flecked wooden Saya. These are good quality tourist type examples. (2) £70 - £80 992 Sword, a scarce French Cuirassier Sword with Klingenthal blade but hilted in Versailles, blade 96.5cm with original hatchet point, suggesting that it did not see service after Waterloo. Back of blade etched for June 1811, brass guard stamped "Versailles", some distortion to both blade and hilt, presumably suffered in action ! £300 - £350 993 Sword: 1827 Pattern Infantry Officers sword GeoV by Hawkes & Co. Piccadilly London. Etched blade Geo V Cypher. In its steel scabbard (throat screws missing) Plating worn to scabbard otherwise good & better condition. £80 - £85 994 Sword: a Constabulary sword circa 1850. Curved blade 24". Ricasso marked 'Parker & Son London'. Round stirrup, brass hilt. Ribbed wooden grip. In its brass mounted leather scabbard. Leather worn with minor loss. Worn overall but sound condition. Requires a clean. £100 - £120 995 Sword: A good replica of a Model 1832 U.S. Foot Artillery sword. Stylised U.S Eagle brass grip, straight cross guard & brass mounted scabbard. A decorative decent quality replica. v.g.c. £25 - £30 996 Sword: an 1821 Pattern Artillery Officers sword: Etched blade 32.5". Fishskin grip, triple bar hilt. Steel scabbard with two suspension rings. In good overall condition. A decent example. £90 - £110 997 Sword: an 1889 (?) Pattern Prussian Infantry Officers sword. Blade 30.5" makers logo 'W. K. & C' to ricasso. Prussian Eagle, folding guard. Some wear to plating. No scabbard. Plain wooden grip (replacement?) Sold as seen. £20 - £25 998 Sword: French Model 1854 Naval Officers sword. Blade 70cms S/Edged double fullered blade with spear point. Top of blade engraved 'Couloux M Klingenthal'. The ricasso bears a capital G and B below stars within ovals. In its brass mounted leather scabbard with two suspension rings. Locket with raised anchor motif & scallop shell. Ornate brass hilt with wire bound black grip. The whole in v.g.c. (Some old creases to leather) A very attractive & sought after sword. £180 - £200 999 US civil war cavalry troupers sword in scabbard stamped us at the top of the blade £160 - £170 1000 Victorian 1842 pattern constabulary carbine £400 - £450 1001 WW2 British machete in its correct 1945 dated leather scabbard £40 - £50 1002 WW2 British military marked machete in its correct leather scabbard £40 - £50 Sporting Programmes & Memorabilia 1003 Arsenal v Derby County 30 Oct 1920 Div 1. Poor £100 - £120 1004 Arsenal v Preston North End match played in Div. 1. 11/12/1937. Season 1937/38 Arsenal were League Champions. Arsenal won 2 - 0 £40 - £45 1005 Arthur Scanlon, 1935-2009, Manchester Untied ‘Busby Babe’, signed postcard. £25 - £35