Lockdales Auction 155 19-20 May 2018

36 957 Pistol: an attractive duelling pistol by T. Ketland of London. Octagonal brass barrel 10". Brass rain proof part swan necked cock. Walnut stock (minor fracture to reverse of stock - not right through). Ebony ramrod with brass tip. Chequered grip. Brass furniture. Lock in GWO on both 1st & 2nd cock. £750 - £800 958 Pistol: an Eastern flintlock belt pistol of Turkish origin. Tapered barrel 12" approx 20 bore. Walnut stock with ornate brass furniture. Buttcap with stand of Arms motif. Silver wire stock decoration. Action a/f, sear slipping mainspring ok. Lacks ramrod. Worn overall. Minor repairs to stock. £90 - £100 959 Polish PPs43 7.62mm SMG Barrel 24cm slide works, action welded folding shoulder stock, 20 round magazine, leather sling, three spare mags in carrying satchel, with double oil bottles. All in vgc with EUCert. of deactivation £150 - £160 960 Powder Flasks: copper & brass. One marked 'Sykes Patent'. Good condition. Possibly reproduction. Viewing recommended. Sold a/f (2) £20 - £25 961 Revolver, a good quality English transitional piece, octagonal barrel 5.5" long, .44 calibre approx, with poly- groove rifling and blued finish. Good walnut grips, bar hammer, English proofs. £200 - £250 962 Revolver, an early 1st issue Smith & Wesson Model 1.5 rim fire, .32 calibre. Barrel 3.5" long with good bore. Serial No 9969. Rosewood grips. Action in crisp working order. Top of barrel marked with S&W Springfield address and patent date 5th July 1859. In a small non associated fitted pistol case. £200 - £250 963 Rifle: a Westley Richard's Model 1869 .450 (Westley Richard's obsolete No1 cartridge: solid drawn brass case with 380 grain paper patched lead bullet) Number 1 Sporting Carbine. Action falling block with internal hammer. A forerunner of the Martini Henry. These rifles were heavily marketed to the Boer pioneers & settlers in Cape Colony, S. Africa. Barrel 22 inches with four leaf pop up rear sight graduated 100 to 500 yds. Walnut stock (chip alongside action tang) SN:1033. Barrel marked 'Henrys Patent Rifling & Carbine 1.5 case'. Action marked Westley Richards Patent 170 New Bond Street, London. Action in working order. Overall condition worn with service wear. Complete with leather sling (barrel swivel replaced with split ring). These carbines saw widespread use in the Boer settling of South Africa & the two Boer Wars. Obsolete Calibre. No licence required. £300 - £350 964 Russian AK47 bayonet with Czech knife bayonet. £50 - £60 965 Shotgun, 12 bore double barrel break-action with barrels sawn off to 34cm in length. Pistol grip and stock with carved decoration. Cocks and dry fires correctly. With EU deactivation certificate. £50 - £60 966 Sudanese c1880's Mahdi Dervish Arm Dagger with Skull Crusher £20 - £25 967 Sword - an 1821 pattern Light Cavalry Officers sabre, 90cm pipe back blade with embossed panel depicting a crowned royal cypher of Queen Victoria, and acanthus leaf decoration. Shagreen grip and triple wire binding in good order. A good untouched example with pleasing patina. £100 - £150 968 Sword 1796 Pattern light cavalry troopers sword with inspectors stamp made by Osborn £380 - £400 969 Sword 1821 pattern light Cavalry troopers with unmarked blade in its scabbard. £280 - £320 970 Sword 1822 pattern infantry officers with plain blade in its metal scabbard. £100 - £120 971 Sword 1822 pattern William 4th pipe back infantry officers dress sword in its leather scabbard with sword bag. £320 - £340 972 Sword 1897 pattern infantry officers dress sword in its leather field scabbard nice sword in its sword case. £170 - £190 973 Sword 1899 pattern cavalry troopers made by Wilkinson and dated 1900 stamps to the blade in its scabbard. £330 - £360 974 Sword 18th century English infantry man’s side arm in its leather scabbard. £250 - £280 975 Sword 1908 pattern cavalry troopers made by Mole with various inspectors stamps to the blade in complete with scabbard. £160 - £180 976 Sword bags / gun slips 3x different types. £25 - £30 977 Sword brass hilt dress sword £25 - £35 978 Sword ERII 1897 pattern Infantry Officers sword made by Wilkinson embossed on the blade ERII the Poona Guards the East Yorkshire regiment ( duke of York’s own ) the snappers on the other side the battle honours of the regiment Sgt WM Birkin 1st battalion 14039201 a really nice sword. £280 - £320 979 Sword French 1832 pattern maker marked Gladiators Pattern sword in its black leather scabbard. £160 - £180 980 Sword French Napoleonic war infantry mans side arm nice untouched example £100 - £110 981 Sword GRV AVC officers nice clean blade in its black leather field scabbard scarce sword. £190 - £210 982 Sword scarce curved pipe back Officers to the Madras Horse Artillery in its metal scabbard. £400 - £450 983 Sword scarce Life Guards Troopers sword made by Enfield with various issue and inspectors stamps no scabbard. £250 - £280 984 Sword Victorian naval boarding cutlass maker marked on the back of the blade with various ordinance markings and inspectors stamps no scabbard as they where normally kept on racks on board ship. £180 - £220 985 Sword Victorian unusual pattern Sergeant Bandsman with curved blade in its black leather scabbard. £170 - £190 986 Swords: 1) a copy of a Medieval broadsword. Gothic hilt with down swept ornate quilllons. Wirebound grip. All steel construction. Possibly Victorian. Good condition. No scabbard. Blade 23". 2) a 19th century hunting sword. Wirebound fish skin grip. Brass crossguards & pommel. Blade 20". No scabbard. (2) £25 - £30