Lockdales Auction 157 14-15 July 2018

43 876 Merovingian silver denier, 710-720 A.D., wt.0.89g., minted at Chalon-sur-Saone, France, found in an Anglo- Saxon context at Badingham on 1st. December, 2000 and was 'Saxon' Coin of the Year, 30 January 2001 at the Ipswich and District Detector Club, sold with this certificate and the archaeological report, both dies off centre, good metal, VF £250 - £350 877 Mixed lot of British silver hammered & milled coins (16) + a few European Hammered & Bracteates (8) + 2 Jettons and a part silver Roman denarius (5) - approx 27 items in all. £50 - £60 878 Nero silver denarius, Rome Mint 64-65 A.D., reverse legend:- CONCORDIA AVGVSTA, Concordia seated left, Sear 1942, found West Suffolk, obverse slightly off centre, GF/F £150 - £180 879 Nerva silver denarius, Rome Mint September-December 96 A.D., reverse:- Clasped right hands holding legionary eagle set on prow of ship, Sear 3021, NVF £60 - £80 880 Philip and Mary silver groat, reads:- POSVIMUS, mm. Lis, Spink 2508, full, round, well centred, lightly crinkled and scuffed but portrait well above average for the issue, VF/GVF £300 - £350 881 Philip and Mary silver shilling dated 1555 above portraits, with mark of value, Spink 2501, full, round, well centred, centre of obverse weak, NF/NVF £60 - £70 882 Roman bronzes, a sestertius of Marcus Aurelius, Carausius antoninianus x 2, a ditto but Allectus, plus 21 minor bronzes, average F [25] £40 - £60 883 Roman Imperial pieces, mostlt late and bronze, including a Magnentius double maiorina, condition slightly above the norm. [22] £50 - £60 884 Roman Imperial silver denarii, these look to be of the period of Septimius Severus, 2 chipped, F to GF [6] £100 - £120 885 Roman Republican silver denarius of Cn Domitus 116- 115 B.C., obverse:- Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind, ROMA before, reverse:- Jupiter in walking quadriga, holding branch and thunderbolt, Sear 161, VF £50 - £60 886 Roman Republican silver denarius of C.Calpurnius Piso L.f.Frugi, Rome Mint 67 B.C., Obverse:- Head of Apollo left, 'object' behind, reverse:- Horseman galloping right, symbol above, legend below:- C PISO L F FR[V], Sear - , but see RSC I, pp.26-28, scarce, dark, GF £50 - £60 887 Roman Republican silver denarius of L.Flaminius Cilo, Rome Mint 109-108 B.C., Sear 179, good metal, well centred, VF £45 - £55 888 Roman Republican silver denarius of L.Julius Bursio, Rome Mint 85 B.C., obverse:- Draped bust of young male right, combining attributes of Apollo, Mercury and Neptune, reverse:- Victory in quadriga right, Sear 268, good metal, well centred, VF £50 - £70 889 Roman Republican silver denarius, Rome Mint 90 B.C., obverse:- Head of youthful Bacchus or Liber right, reverse:- Winged Pegasus right on tablet inscribed Q.TITI, Sear 239, reverse slightly off centre, VF £30 - £40 890 Roman Republican silver serratus denarius of Q Antonius Balbus, Rome Mint 83 A.D., obverse:- Laureate head of Jupiter right, S C behind, reverse:- Victory in quadriga right, holding wreath and palm, with control letter below, Sear 279, uneven tone, NVF/GF £50 - £60 891 Scythian Kingdom of Pakistan, Azes I 57-35 B.C., silver drachm, not in BMC, with full ticket by Dr.Vezin, dark red and green deposit, GF £60 - £70 892 Scythian Kingdom of Pakistan, Azes II 35 B.C. - 5 A.D., silver drachm, not in the BMC or MACW but cf. 2433, with full ticket by Dr.Vezin, very short striking crack, GVF £60 - £70 893 Scythian Kingdom of Pakistan, Azes I, 57-35 B.C., silver drachm, BMC 109, pl.XVIII, II, VF £60 - £70 894 Scythian Kingdom of Pakistan, Azes I, 57-35 B.C., silver drachm, BMC 26, dark toned, NVF £60 - £70 895 Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandara, silver unit, wt. 2.99g., Gpalapati Deva c.800 - 870 A.D., couple of striking cracks, GF with a ditto but Khudavayaka, c. 903 - 915 A.D., VF both with tickets by Dr. R.Vezin [2] £40 - £50 896 Stephen silver penny, Cross Moline or 'Tealby' type, Spink 1278, only two letters visible, off centre and struck on an angular flan, dark toned, found Dullingham, Suffolk, 2 March 2018, weak, F £120 - £160 897 Tiberius silver denarius, Lugdunum Mint 15-16 A.D., reverse reads:- PONTIF MAXIM, seated figure [possibly Livia] holding long sceptre, right, Sear 1763, GF/F £80 - £100 898 Tiberius silver denarius, Lugdunum Mint c.16 A.D., reverse legend PONTIF MAXIM, Female seated right [possibly Livia], Sear 1763, found West Suffolk, reverse slightly off centre, GF/F £100 - £140 899 Trajan silver denarius, reverse reads:- S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI in exergue ALIMITAL, Abundantia standing left holding ears of corn and cornucopiae, behind child standing, holding roll, Sear - , very short striking cracks [as struck], VF £40 - £50 900 Trajan silver denarius, Rome Mint 105 A.D., reverse:- Pax standing left, holding olive branch and cornucopiae, foot set on captive, light scuffs VF with a ditto but of Hadrian, reverse:- SAL AVG across field PMTR P COS III around, Salus standing left holding sceptre and patera over altar around which a serpent, Sear - , RSC II, 1323, GVF and lastly a late bronze of Victorinus, VF/F [3] £30 - £40 901 Valentinian II silver siliqua, mint off flan, reverse reads:- [VICT]ORIA AVGGG, Victory advancing left c/f Sear 20235, good silver, small flan, VF £100 - £120 902 Vespasian silver denarius, Rome Mint 70-71 A.D., reverse legend:- AVGVR PON MAX, Sprinkler, simpulum, jug and lituus, Sear 2281, found West Suffolk, GF £50 - £60 903 Vespasian silver denarius, Rome Mint 75 A.D., reverse reads:- PON MAX TR P COS VI, Pax seated left, holding olive branch, Sear 2301, good metal, VF/GF £40 - £45