Lockdales Auction 157 14-15 July 2018

44 904 Vespasian silver denarius, Rome Mint 75 A.D., reverse reads:- PON MAX TRP COS VI, Pax seated left, holding olive branch, Sear 2301, VF/NVF £40 - £50 905 Viking Kingdom of York, silver penny, Spink 991, obverse:- Patriarchal Cross, reverse:- EBRAICE CIVITAS, small cross, a hoard coin, EF £650 - £700 906 Vitellius 2nd. January to 20th. December 69 A.D., silver denarius Rome Mint May to July 69 A.D., obverse reads:- [A VI]TELLIVS GERMANICVS IMP, reverse reads:- IVPPITER VICTOR, Jupiter seated left, holding Victory and sceptre, Sear 2197 but with obverse legend of 2196, scarce, GF £100 - £150 907 Vitellius silver denarius, Rome Mint April-May 69 A.D., reverse reads:- CONCORDIA P R, Concordia seated left, holding patera and cornucopiae, found West Suffolk, overall light scuffs, scarce, GF £150 - £200 908 Western Indo-Greek Kingdom c.110 B.C. - 20 A.D., Afghanistan, silver drachm, Archebios c.80 - 60 B.C., with a full ticket by Dr. R.Vezin, ancient crack, obverse 3 o'clock, NVF/GF £50 - £60 909 Western Ksatrapas later Indo-Parthian Satraps, Saurashtra etc., Rudrasena III, 348-390 A.D., silver drachm 28- to 29- s, BMC [1908] 808 - 152, M.ACW 2809 - 10, with full ticket by Dr.R.Vezin, VF £30 - £40 910 William I silver penny, Bonnet type, Spink 1251, obverse reads:- +PILLEMVS REX, reverse reads:- +IEGELRIC ON SEROBEI [third 'E' possibly a square 'C'], Shrewsbury Mint, moneyer Aegelric, found at Dullingham, Suffolk, 8 April 2018, full and round, VF £600 - £800 911 William II silver penny PAXS Type, Spink 1257 [under William I], obverse reads:- +PILLELM REX, reverse reads:- +ESBRN ON SIEREB, Salisbury Mint, moneyer Osbern, possibly same dies as BMC 892, scarce, full and round, VF £120 - £150 The Derek Kendall Collection Celtic, Roman and British hammered coins found in Norfolk, being sold with the original tickets of find spots and details. 912 A group of detector finds, whole, broken, chipped, fragments, etc, mostly English hammered pieces but including 2 x fragments of Eadmund [Spink 1106], a Coritani silver unit, William and Mary farthing, William I fragment of a Two Sceptres type and an Irish penny of Edward I, Dublin with three pellets, [24] £30 - £40 913 Alexander III of Scotland silver penny, plus 3 x cut- halfpennies, plus 3 x silver soloino of Venice, plus a broken piece, average F [8] £30 - £40 914 Ancient British Celtic silver stater of the Durotriges, uninscribed issue, ABC 2169, Spink 366, with an old packet of Chris Rudd, GF/GVF £30 - £50 915 Ancient British Celtic silver stater of the Durotriges, uninscribed issue, ABC 2169, Spink 366, with an old ticket, which states 'Bonhams', NVF £30 - £40 916 Ancient British Celtic silver units of the Iceni, both scarce types, first, the Bury type, with head right / Horse right, Spink 432, rough surfaces, clear, GF, the second is as the Odin's eye type of ABC 1531, rare, with old ticket which states 'Bonhams Sale lot 55 14347', Head right, large eye before mouth / Horse right, a little extreme edge loss, GF/NVF [2] £30 - £50 917 Ancient British, Celtic gold quarter-stater from the Early Uninscribed Period, Irstead Smiler type, see ABC 1480, ' Found Cherry Tree Farm 2010, VF/NVF £60 - £80 918 Ancient British, Celtic gold quarter stater, of the Iceni, a very clever contemporary plated forgery made from official tools of the Irstead type, Spink 430, VF, with 2 further silver units of the Iceni, first probably Boar/Horse type with obverse die obliterated, ancient chips, GF, and similar but a normal coin, F/GF and lastly a bronze stater of the Durotriges, GF [4] £30 - £40 919 Ancient British, Celtic silver units of the Iceni, first from the Uninscribed Series with the ECEN symbol / Horse right type with sticker which states 'E Bay Feb 06', GVF/NVF together with a ditto but from the Inscribed Series, Two opposed crescents / Horse right ECE below, Spink 445, from the Forncett Hoard, Norfolk, 1997 and with a ticket and packet by Chris Rudd, Fair/GF [2] £30 - £40 920 Anglo-Saxon silver sceat, Secondary Phase c.710-c.760 A.D., Series N, Type 41, Two standing figures, facing / Crested monster right, looking back, claws beneath, Spink 806, GVF £60 - £80 921 Anglo-Saxon silver sceat, Secondary Phase c.710-c.760 A.D., Series R II?, ticket states Tilbeorht but is probably Spi, Spink 813A, R7, found Watton 31/12/2016, well centred, dark, even black-green patina, VF £30 - £50 922 Anglo-Saxon silver sceat, Secondary Series c.710-c.760 A.D., Series Q variety II, Quadruped left / Bird left, serpent? between legs, wings flat along back, cross in field above, Spink 809var. nice even dull tone, well centred, EF £100 - £150 923 Charles I detector found hammered silver pieces, penny x 4, halfgroat x 8, sixpence x 2 and shilling fragment, average Fair to F, [15] £30 - £40 924 Commonwealth silver halfgroat, Spink 3221, full, round, well centred, lightly crinkled, GF £30 - £40