Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

101 2338 Tokens, 17thC Suffolk (10): Beccles David Grice Farthing, 3 boar's heads, Suffolk No. 10, Fair; Bury St Edmunds John Baythorne Farthing 1657, Suffolk No. 40, VG; Bury St Edmunds Marie Cressener Farthing, mortar & pestle, Suffolk No. 50, Fair-VG; Bury St Edmunds Daniell Crosland Halfpenny 1668 'AT THE' griffin, Suffolk No. 51, F/VG, mis-cut flan; Bury St Edmunds Francis Godfrey Farthing, mercer, Suffolk No. 56, VG; Bury St Edmunds Hen Hamond Farthing, 'CLOTHIER', Suffolk No. 61, bold Fine, mis-cut flan; Bury St Edmunds Henry Headach Farthing, vintner, Suffolk No. 62, aVG; Framlingham John Capon Farthing 1656, castle, 'GROSER', Suffolk No. 126, VG; Lavenham William Paine Farthing 1669, cow, Suffolk No. 212A, cracked Fair; and Mildenhall Robert Crannis Farthing, woolpack, Suffolk No. 247, Fine, die flaws. £80 - £120 2339 Tokens, 17thC (22): Potton Hugh Conny Halfpenny 1666, 3 conies (rabbits), Bedfordshire No. 80, Fair, chipped edge; Colchester John Debart Farthing 1667, clothworker, Essex No. 111, poor; Colchester Thomas Peeke Farthing 'WYRE STREET', chained dog, Essex No. 139, aVG; Bristol City Farthing 1662, Gloucestershire No. 18, Fine; Catworth John Talbott Halfpenny 1668, Hunts No. 3, cracked Fair; Fenny Stanton Tobias Hardmeat Halfpenny, hive, Hunts No. 8, nF, verdigris; St Ives Overseers Halfpenny 1669, Hunts No. 33, poor; St Ives Will Nottingham Farthing 1663, Hunts No. 44, Fair (pierced); St Neots Robert Doman Farthing 1664, 'DRAPER', Hunts No. 55, aVG; Harlston Cleare Shewell Farthing 1656, grocer, Norfolk No. 52, Fair; Lynn Regis (King's Lynn) Town Farthing 1668, Norfolk No. 63/4, Fair; similar 1669, Norfolk No. 65, Fair; Great Yarmouth Town Farthing 1667, Norfolk No. 284, VG; similar 1669, Norfolk No. 286, Fair-VG; Northampton Anchor Willdinge Farthing, 'MERCER', anchor, Northants No. 86, Fair; Peterborough Town octagonal Halfpenny 1669, Northants No. 104, Fair-VG (hole in centre); Uppingham Peter Barriffe heart-shaped Halfpenny 1668, draper, Rutland No. 10, Fair; Bury St Edmunds John Sharpe Farthing 1666, woolpack, Suffolk No. 75, VG; Cavendish John Woods Farthing 1663, oak, Suffolk No. 93, Fair/VG; Saxmundham Nicholas Shepherd Farthing , 'DRAPER', Suffolk No. 289, Fair; Southwold Thomas Postle Farthing 1652, heart, Suffolk No. 298, convex, VG the date side, poor the other; and Bewdley Thomas Dedicot square Halfpenny, 'GROCER', 'SQUARE DEALING', Worcs No. 7, Fair. £180 - £220 2340 Tokens, 17thC (2): Hawkhurst John Latter Halfpenny 'BVCHER', Kent No. 349, nF with corrosion, and London Bridge Farthing of the '3 BIBLES', London No. 1761, rare, Fine with light porosity. £40 - £50 2341 Tokens, 18thC (2) Bishop Blaze: Cronebane Halfpenny 'Irish Mine Co' 1789 'Cronebane Lodge or Dublin' edge, GVF, and Leeds Halfpenny 1793 'Brownbills' edge, VF £30 - £35 2342 Tokens, 18thC (2) Emsworth John Stride 'Earl Howe' / 'Rule Britannia' Halfpennies 1793 and 1794, GVF £40 - £45 2343 Tokens, Medals & Misc., a small box full of material 19th-20thC. £40 - £50 2344 Various silver badges, medals, pin badges, etc (approx 20) £100 - £120 2345 Welsh Commemorative Medal, hallmarked silver d.38mm: Merthyr Tydfil Chamber of Trade & Commerce issue for the Visit of George V and Queen Mary June 27th 1912, iridescent EF with suspension loop. £90 - £110 2346 WWI Zinc Tokens for British Expeditionary Force run camps for German Prisoners (5) four different types, F- VF £30 - £40 A Lifelong Norfolk Collection of Commemorative Medals, Part 3 2347 Austrian Commemorative Medal, copper d.42mm: Francis I of Austria (formerly Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire) medal 1815 by Vassallo and Manfredini, EF. This probably relating to the foundation of the German Confederation with Francis I as first president. Francis suffered multiple defeats at the hands of Napoleon's armies, which caused the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. He allowed Napoleon to marry his daughter Marie Louise in an attempt at peace, but war resumed after. £40 - £50 2348 Austrian Commemorative Medal, copper d.58mm: Centenary of the Founding of the Order of Maria Theresa 1757-1857, (medal) by Seidan, EF, trace lustre rev., a few surface marks obv. £60 - £80 2349 Austrian Exhibition Medal, bronze d.70mm: World Exhibition Vienna 1873, medal by J. Tautenhayn, EF with original case. £60 - £80 2350 Austrian Medals (2): Vienna Forestry Exhibition 1890 gilt bronze medal d.42mm featuring Franz Joseph, by Prage J. Christlrauer EF, plus a large copper-plated pewter uniface plaque 90mm: State Prize for the International Hunting Exhibition Vienna 1910 VF £30 - £40 2351 British Academic Medals / Passes, bronze d.43mm: London Institution 1807 medals by William Wyon S., medal no. 19 GVF surface marks, and medal no. 905* aEF tiny surface marks. £30 - £40