Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

102 2352 British Academic Medal, bronze d.64mm: Birmingham Society of Arts and School of Design medal by T. Clark, Allen & Moore, insc. 'Emily Osborne, FOR A LANDSCAPE PAINTED FROM A COPY 1864', EF with original case. £40 - £50 2353 British Academic Prize Medal, bronze d.64mm: University of London, The Neil Arnott Prize For Experimental Physics to John William Barker 1898; medal by A.B. Wyon, EF with original case (case underside damaged) £60 - £80 2354 British Academic & School Medals (9): GV Royal Society of Arts Presidents Medal 1910 bronze 55mm, Eimer no. 1917, named: BERNARD JOHN COLTMAN, INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATIONS 1935, ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY' EF with original case (case underside damaged); St. Paul's School Athletic Society 19thC unnamed bronze medal 51mm by Baddeley & Reynolds, London, toned EF with original case (case damaged); City and Guilds of London Institute, silver d.51mm, Eimer 1684, edge insc. 'FRANCIS ARNOLD MELDRUM, TELEGRAPHY, 2nd FINAL 1912', EF, light hairlines rev, with original case; City and Guilds of London Institute, bronze d.51mm, Eimer 1764, edge insc. 'CHARLES I. DAVIDSON, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 5th PRIZE . 1893.' EF with original case; Walthamstow Education Committee medal for Regular and Punctual Attendance 1909 to Hubert Surrey, gilt bronze or other base d.38mm, EF with suspension and pin; Doctor Sir P.C. Varrier-Jones 1883- 1941 unmarked silver d.25.5mm '21 Years Service' medalet. This would most likely be for service at the Papworth Tuberculosis Colony. Toned aEF with suspension loop; Prince of Wales' Society of Arts Presidents Medal 1863 bronze 56mm, Eimer no. 1567, named: E.G.A. PIERCE, ROYAL DRAWING SOCIETY'S COMPETITION, 1899, (medal) by L.C. Wyon, EF, a couple of tiny edge nicks, die flaw on bust, with original case; City and Guilds of London Institute, bronze d.51mm, Eimer 1684, edge insc. 'ALBERT HENRY RICH, PLUMBERS' WORK, 2nd PRIZE EQ. 1912', EF, edge knock, with original case; and Limehouse Schools' Sports Association hallmarked silver medalet mounted as pin badge d.26mm insc. 'SPORTS 1931. F. ATKINSON' toned nEF £140 - £160 2355 British Amateur Athletics Medal, bronze d.70mm: United Hospitals Athletic Club London / insc. '1889 MILE CHALLENGE CUP 3rd PRIZE WON BY P.J. Atkey, St. THOMAS'S', GEF with original case. £40 - £60 2356 British Art Award, uniface bronze laminated circular shield d.143mm: Queen Victoria 1857, 'For Success in the National Art Competition', signed A. Vechte, GVF, a few dents. £80 - £100 2357 British Commemorative Medals (8): Sir Alfred Yarrow (shipbuilder), bronze d.60mm by Huguenin, uniface portrait, with inscription written in ink on the back 'Sir Alfred Yarrow Ship Builder on the Clyde died 1932 H.M.S. Prontect(?)' aEF with case; Black composition resin pot lid 92mm featuring 'CAROLINE QUEEN OF ENGLAND' aEF; Hallmarked silver medal 38mm featuring a ship-yard and and a facing portrait '1887 - 1937', toned EF with original case; Death of Henry Irving (actor) 1838-1905 bronze d.44.5mm by J.A. Restall, GVF, patchy tone; Sir Walter Scott, Laudatory Medal 1827 bronze d.62mm, by A.J. Stothard after F. Chantry, published by S. Parker, EF with some scratches rev; Isle of Man Pobjoy Mint cupro-nickel James A. Mackay medal 1977 d.38mm GVF with original case (damp damage to interior); The Borough of Bethnall Green WWI Peace Celebrations 1919, brass d.35mm VF, light edge knock, holed; and Marquis of Salisbury and Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone copper d.32.5mm by Oldacre & Co. VF £120 - £140