Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

114 2437 Swedish Medals (2): Railway commemorative medal 1981 silver d.39mm EF, and Swedish Kennel Club Third Prize 1911 bronze d.51mm aEF £40 - £50 2438 Unidentified Islamic / Arabic occult or religious ink inlayed, engraved brass plaques of unknown age, 32mm to 67mm, several featuring couples (one crowned), fish symbols, numerical sequences, upside-down arabic, strange disembodied arabic syllables, etc. £60 - £80 2439 USA Commemorative Medals (14): Crane Co. Chicago 75th Anniversary 1855-1930 bronze d.62.5mm EF; 1960s reproduction of the Major General Winfield Scott Congress Award Mar. 9. 1848 (U.S. - Mexican War) by C.C. Wright, gilt bronze d.90mm, EF; 1960s reproduction of the Major General Zachary Taylor Resolution of Congress medal May 9. 1848 (U.S. - Mexican War) by C.C. Wright and S. Ellis, gilt bronze d.89mm EF; Cast copy or a water damaged example of the International Exhibition Philadelphia 1876 medal by K. Mitonell, porous patchy toned aVF; 1960s reproduction of the Major General Winfield Scott Award of Virginia for Services in U.S. - Mexican War 1847, by C.C. Wright, gilt bronze d.89mm EF; 1960s reproduction of the Life Saving Medal Dec. 10. 1846, The American Vessel Somers - off Vera Cruz, for Having Saved The Lives of Americans, by C.C. Wright, gilt- bronze d.58mm, EF; Danbury Mint Replica of the Statue of Liberty Presentation Medal 1884 to A. Bartoldi, bronze d.60mm aEF patchy tone; 1960s reproduction of the Brigadier General James Miller War of 1814 medal, Battles of Chippewa, Niagara, and Erie, by Furst, gilt- bronze d.65mm, EF; 1960s reproduction of the Congress Award to Cyrus W. Steed of New York in Establishing The Atlantic Telegraph Mar. 2. 1867, by Barber, gilt- bronze d.102mm, EF; 1960s reproduction of the President James A. Garfield 1881 'Indian Peace Medal' by C.E. Barber, gilt-bronze oval 75x59mm, EF with case; 1960s reproduction of the David Hosack M.D. laudatory gilt bronze medalet d.34mm by Furst, EF; First National City Bank, New York, 150th Anniversary Medal 1812- 1962, bronze d.75.5mm, by Medallic Art Co. NY, EF; J. Walter Thompson Company 1864-1964, oval bronze 76x52mm by Medallic Art Co. New York, EF with original box and cert; and a Mickey Mouse white metal coaster 82mm. £240 - £260 2440 USA Commemorative Medal, bronze d.70mm uniface: 'DR. ROBERT KENNEDY NUTTALL, BORN 9 APRIL 1815, BRAY Co WICKLOW IRELAND, DIED 21 MAY 1881 SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA' portrait l. EF £40 - £50 2441 USA Commemorative Medal, bronze d.77mm: Inauguration of William H. Taft as President March 4. 1909, by Barber & Morgan, EF £40 - £50 2442 USA Commemorative Plaque, bronze 77x53mm: Leslie M. Shaw / Secretary of The Treasury of the United States Feb. 1. 1902, by Barber and Morgan, EF £30 - £40 2443 USA Exhibition Plaque, round uniface copper coated pewter d.76mm: The International Exhibition Philadelphia 1876 (obverse) by H. Mitchell, cleaned GVF with original velvet mount. £40 - £60