Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

129 2785 Box of various material in binders and an album, British Commonwealth, some World and several binders of GB inc a four margin 1840 Penny Black, much FV mint commemoratives, etc. A jumbled lot worth a closer look (qty) Buyer collects £150 - £200 2786 British Commonwealth - large collection mostly neatly arranged in albums upto KGVI / early QE2, plus loose in small boxes etc. (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £80 2787 British Commonwealth and World range on covers, inc Bahamas GVI 5s, Australia, Togo, Iraq, etc etc. Cat £500 (stamp value only) (20 items) £40 - £45 2788 British Commonwealth inc Australian States, Canada, India, France, Hong Kong, etc etc. Interesting lot of mainly earlier material inc several 'back of the book' stamps. Good unpicked lot, needs viewing (qty) £70 - £80 2789 British Commonwealth material in white box, various albums, stock pages, and loose. Good sorting lot worth a rummage (qty) Buyer collects £80 - £85 2790 British Commonwealth range in large tray, several albums and a qty of album pages, old material includes Australian States, Ceylon & India. Reasonable qty of KGVI m & um, small album of NZ used, most albums mixed modern to earlies. Rhodesia up to 1970's. Noted Bechuanaland 1948 Silver Jubilee set, etc etc. (qty) Buyer collects £80 - £85 2791 British Commonwealth range in large tray, several albums / stockbooks, inc Antigua & Barbuda, PNG M & U, Canada, Disney short sets UM, S.Africa used, Australia u, etc etc etc. Much material (qty) Buyer collects £90 - £100 2792 British Commonwealth range in various albums / stockbooks, and album leaves. Inc Australia & Canada with many better items inc good range of used Roo's from various printings. Canada m & u with post QV used sets. Wad of India on album pages, UM Australia & NZ in small stockbook with values to $10. (qty) Buyer collects £100 - £110 2793 British Commonwealth various sets, short sets and odd values, UM and Mint, on stocksheets and stockcards, QV to early QE2, total cat £770 (qty) £70 - £75 2794 British South Africa Company 1892 SG21 3d grey-black & green, marginal corner block of 12, some perf separation noted. Adhesion and off setting affecting 6 stamps. Of good appearance, cat £300+ £30 - £35 2795 Canada 1897 Jubilee Issue $5 olive green, SG140, MM, pulled perf to base, tiny thin noted but a key stamp, cat £1400 (1) £70 - £80 2796 Canada 1908 Quebec Tercentenary set SG188/195 mint, some gum disturbance noted, cat £550 (8) £25 - £30 2797 Canada in luxury Scott Filabo Albums with slipcases. Mint & Used to KGVI, thereafter UM. Good spread of QV used, generally in VGC with some high cat values, eg SG42, 115, 116, 20c and 50c of 1893, Jubilee issue ½c, 8c, 10c, 15c and 50c used, MM sets inc 1928-29 p12, 1930-31, 1935, 1937-8 and 1942-48. Approx 90% complete from 1951 to 1998. A fair number of coil stamps and back of the book material. Very good lot (3) £400 - £450 2798 Cardboard tray of British Commonwealth material in packets, and on album pages. Many UM modern sets with older used stamps. Some high values noted. Good sorting lot (Buyer collects) £80 - £85 2799 Central and South America collection in various albums / stockbooks, etc. Mostly used with duplication for most countries except Brazil. Main value in Mexico with a number of 1856 issues. A good spread of eras up to c1980 inc some UM sets. Nice lot of Ecuador in printed album c1865-1960. Argentina in large qty inc some early. Etc. Large qty (Buyer collects) £170 - £180 2800 Channel Islands & I.O.M. range in flat sky box, largely UM in 3x albums and packets. Mostly earlier material inc large blocks of sterling and decimal regionals, Commemoratives up to 1980's. Small number of used (qty) £40 - £45 2801 Channel Islands & I.O.M. unmounted mint in 2x albums to c1990. 4x albums of Jersey presentation packs, P.O. Cards, Jersey Occupation issues noted (mint). Nice clean lot (qty) Buyer collects £30 - £35 2802 China - small red box of loose material on stockcards, stocksheets, etc. Good mix with mint and used. Worth a closer look (qty) £240 - £260 2803 Collection of GB & Commonwealth, QV to c1950. Used and Mounted Mint. On original leaves, some removed to stock leaves. Values to £1, many useful pickings (qty) £50 - £60 2804 Collections and stockbooks in a large box. Heavy lot with much useful. (Buyer collects) £60 - £70 2805 Commonwealth collection in various albums/stockbooks, inc Canada, Malta, Singapore, etc etc (qty) Buyer collects £50 - £55 2806 Crate of various stamps in stockbooks, albums, and loose in a tub (qty) Buyer collects £25 - £30 2807 Crate of World material in several albums, few better Greece and Germany noted, Unusual large album of souvenir cards printed by the US Bureau of Engraving & Printing, etc etc. (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £80 2808 Early British Commonwealth m & u, in 3x albums, packets & pages. Some excellent Aden mm sets inc 1951 opt set, m & um 1953 set to 20/-. Aden Protectorate 1942 set, shihr & makalla 1942 perf 'specimen' set etc. Bahawalpur 1948 set mm. Bahrain 1938-41 1R to 15R values mm, 1948 opts mm. Cyrenaica 1950 set mm, and Postage Due set mm. Useful sets of m Morocco & Levant opts to 10/- and duplicated used values. Australian States, Foreign inc Crete and Shanghai. Good lot (qty) £400 - £450 2809 Early collection in brown stamp album, including GB line engraved, surface printed, lilac and green issues, early American Presidents, Cape of Good Hope triangulars (high cat value), including forgeries and facsimiles. £160 - £170 2810 Egypt unpicked one country collection of mint & used c1872 to 1985. Few better items noted inc 1925 mint Geographical set, 1926 Kings 58th Birthday used. High degree of completeness. Nice clean lot (qty) £40 - £50 2811 Europe mint and used ex dealers stock inc Austria, Baltic's, Finland, DDR, Portugal, SAAR, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Vatican. High cat lot worth examination. (Buyer collects) £120 - £130 2812 Europe range in various albums / stockbooks, in large tray, mostly used one country collections inc Germany, E.Germany (UM), Poland x2, Belgium, Portugal and France. Iceland, etc (qty) Buyer collects £90 - £100 2813 Foreign mint range in green stockbook, good range of clean material with much Dutch noted, cat £820+ (qty) £30 - £35 2814 France used dealers ex stock housed in two stockbooks, much material but duplicated. (2) £25 - £30 2815 GB Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey WW2 range of occupation and liberation postal history well written up on leaves incl 2 Guernsey bisect covers & piece, 2 used Red Cross Message Service forms 1941 from Guernsey or 1944 into Jersey, Feldpost covers etc. £70 - £80 2816 General World collections in several albums, mainly juvenile types, but better Triumph album noted inc useful Hong Kong, Fiji, Falklands, etc (qty) Buyer collects £80 - £85 2817 General World mix with little GB or Commonwealth, in several albums and some loose, inc 4x albums of used Europe with better Italy, France, Switzerland & Germany. One album of USA with earlies in mixed condition. 2x albums of Central and South America, Africa & Asia with useful Japan & China inc Postage Dues, and 1912 $1 Republic opt. Etc Etc. Well worth viewing (qty) Buyer collects £150 - £160 2818 Germany (West) collection on leaves of mounted mint and fine used c1967 to 1975 inc better items. Useful range (qty) £20 - £25 2819 Glory box of stamps loose in envelopes, in albums etc. Heavy lot. (Buyer collects) £30 - £35 2820 Green album with Commonwealth and World stamps. £20 - £25 2821 Green binder of stamps on stocksheets, mostly British Commonwealth, mint & used, cat £900+ (qty) £28 - £30 2822 Green Simplex stamp album with Pacific Islands mainly unmounted mint, noted useful Gilbert and Ellice Islands with early sets from 1911, Nauru, Niue, Tokelau. £50 - £60 2823 Green tray of various British Commonwealth material in albums & folders, mainly Ascension Is, Pitcairn Is, Swaziland and Christmas Is. Large number of QE2 sets UM. Better inc Ascension Island 1922 to 1s, 1924 to 3s, 1934 to 5s, 1938 to 1s and 1948 Silver Wedding 10s all MM. Also noted 1938-54 set of Swaziland to 10s x2. A few Tangier cover. Nice lot (qty) Buyer collects £140 - £150