Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

130 2824 Greenland & Faroes with Scandinavian booklets in various albums & stockbooks. Booklets are all exploded with most panes & covers mounted in album. Countries inc Norway (a few better), Denmark, Sweden and a few Finland. Some covers & maxi cards also noted (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £75 2825 Grey shoebox packed with loose World stamps (many 1000's) £20 - £25 2826 Guernsey, Jersey, IOM 1941-1980 stamps in red album. £20 - £25 2827 Heavy collection in various albums / stockbooks. Most of a general nature but Germany and Czechoslovakia noted. A large Minkus album with better early to mid period, inc mint. French Colonies used, etc etc (qty) Buyer collects £100 - £110 2828 Hong Kong 1949 Silver Wedding $10 stamp, used, SG.172, cat £130 £20 - £25 2829 Hong Kong collection in red binder, in several early Victorian, opts, 1906 used postcard, thematics, etc etc. Good lot (qty) £70 - £75 2830 Huge World collection in large tray, albums / stockbooks with general mixture. One s/book of note with used older spread of British Commonwealth inc Heligoland (some reprints), Australian States, Strait Settlements. Plus Japan, Russian, Persia, and Germany. (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £80 2831 Iceland collection in various albums / stockbooks, used, MM, and UM. Album of M & UM c1960's to 1990's nearly complete. Several S/Books of duplicated used mid period stamps. Noted MM from 1876 issues, 1937 Silver Jubilee M/S M and 1952 Bjornsson set M. Untidy lot that needs sorting. (qty) Buyer collects £100 - £110 2832 Ireland collection in 2x albums and a small stockbook. SG printed album with mint & used, strength in 1922 opts, additional qty in small S/B, album with approx 45 um sets from c1966 to 1974. (3) £30 - £35 2833 Italy collection in 9x albums / stockbooks. Early to modern inc some Italian Colonies. Two worn Davo Albums with a wide range of eras mostly used, with a few better items noted. Social Republic era well represented. Small qty of States, with reprints observed. Mid period with much duplication in on album. Careful examination should repay (Buyer collects) £70 - £75 2834 Italy various collections in albums/stockbooks, all periods UM/MM/Used, inc 2x Lindner albums with mainly mint from 1860's to 1960's, with some well valued sets. Sardinia noted. Remaining stockbooks & albums with a general spread of eras, with a good number of UM sets plus many used odd values inc duplicated. Needs viewing (qty) Buyer collects £150 - £160 2835 Jersey, Guernsey & I.O.M. range of UM, fine used and FDC's, in several albums / stockbooks, and some loose. High FV (qty) Buyer collects £35 - £40 2836 Large accumulation of mostly used Denmark in banana box, in various albums / stockbooks. Stamps from SG1 (poor) to c1980, with little modern. Much duplicated in places, good number of earlier stamps. Some better noted inc ie 1864 mm issues. One album of postal history inc Ship pmks, etc. Heavy lot (Buyer collects) £160 - £170 2837 Large box of loose stamps (1000's) inc well filled stockbooks, stockcards, covers, etc (qty) Buyer collects £30 - £35 2838 Large box of loose stamps (1000's), covers, etc. Empty pre-printed albums etc (qty) Buyer collects £26 - £28 2839 Large box of various World material in albums / stockbooks, mostly used. Wide range (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £75 2840 Large box of World material in stockbooks / albums, plus a qty of album pages inc M & U Argentina c1913-67, all identified. A large number of Hungary 1940's in UM complete sheets, high cat value. etc etc (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £75 2841 Large quantity of stamps on Hagner and other stocksheets. Much of value and a heavy lot. (Buyer collects) £80 - £85 2842 Large tray of 2nd hand albums & Stockbooks (qty) No Reserve (Buyer collects) £20 - £22 2843 Liechtenstein 1928 Flood Relief set, 1930 definitive Scenes to 90r (less 25r & 35r), and 1932 Youth Charities set. All mm, a few with faults, cat £640 (16) £40 - £50 2844 Liechtenstein 1934 Vaduz First Liechtenstein 5fr chocolate, philatelic Exhibition m/sheet. SG MS144 mounted mint, cat £2750 (1) £180 - £200 2845 Liechtenstein collection in various albums, most periods with many better singles and sets, MM and UM, inc 1925 85th Birthday of Prince John II set. 1928 70th Anniversary of Accession of Prince John II set to 2fr (cat £450), 1955 Princess Georginia SG331 (cat £170), SG304 (cat £250) etc. High value collection (qty) £160 - £180 2846 Malta mint & um range on 2x stocksheets, 1922 set to 4d, 1926 set to 6d, 1935 Silver Jubilee, 1948 Silver Wedding, and 1st Postage Due set, etc etc, total cat £240 (qty) £24 - £26 2847 Malta stamp and FDC collection in blue folder and a boxfile, c1965 to early 1980's. Stamps mm, approx 100x covers (qty) £24 - £26 2848 Malta, much duplicated lot in stockbook - earlier to more recent mint & used, 100s. (qty) £30 - £35 2849 Middle East collection of various Postal History material, wide range of countries, in black binder (qty) £30 - £35 2850 Middle East range inc Egypt, Israel, Libya, in several albums / stockbooks etc. Good run of MM Egypt and qty of duplicate used. Used Iraq with earlier. Small qty of Saudi Arabia used. MM sets of Yemen and Lebanon. Worth careful checking. (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £80 2851 Mixed lot of one country albums + pages, Scott album of used predominantly modern used S.America, plus Hungary, W.Germany, world wide Airmail Labels and registration stickers, a very varied lot (qty) Buyer collects £60 - £65 2852 Monaco 1949 & 1951 Red Cross Fund sheets. Perf & Imperf for each date, SG MS408 & 409, MS458 & 459/ Superb unmounted mint examples, cat £2500 £200 - £250