Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

132 2881 Various World collections in several albums and loose, 2x albums QE2 GB, others general World with older used issues. Album pages, folders, commercial covers, FDC's, GB 1969 Ships set in sheets. Off and on paper in tins & bag, most GB. Qty (Buyer collects) £45 - £50 2882 Very large World collection in various photographic type albums with much material, in plastic crate (12) Buyer collects £35 - £40 2883 World - box of older (pre 1960's) stamps in 3x albums and 4x large folders. Album of the Americas (N, S and Central), one of Canada inc Commercial Covers and another of 1953 Coronation Omnibus Issues. Folders ordered alphabetically, of note are Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. Commonwealth countries well represented. Good range. (Buyer collects) £70 - £80 2884 World lot in several albums / stockbooks + a small box of GB kiloware, covers & stockcards, two albums with GB, one of British Commonwealth, Germany, others of General interest. (qty) Buyer collects £45 - £50 2885 World mint and used ex dealers stock inc DDR, France, Baltic's, Belgium, GVI Coronation issues in special album complete, South and Central America. Nice lot (Buyer collects) £70 - £80 2886 World mixture of material in stockbooks x2, old well filled Strand album and loose on and off paper. Plus a junior album. Useful Commonwealth (qty) Buyer collects £40 - £50 2887 World range in old albums / stockbooks and a clear plastic tub, wide range, Commonwealth with useful QV. Worth a look (Buyer collects) £60 - £65 2888 World range in tray inc albums, tin of stockcards, and a large qty of album leaves from various collections, very little GB, some useful Commonwealth stamps seen (Buyer collects) £50 - £60 2889 World range of material in well filled stockbooks (4) £26 - £28 2890 World range of various countries in several albums / stockbooks, qty of Belgium bundleware, empty album and stockbook of used noted. Album pages of Poland & France used, some in qty. 1960's Middle East UM (some stuck down). Some early Italian and with German States noted, French Colonies, etc (qty) Buyer collects £60 - £65 2891 World sorter lot in large box inc various albums of World used and GB in red boxfile of late 1960's sheets, half sheets in sets. Album pages, tin of slogan / postmarks, GB box of on paper, mostly modern, packets, tin of older stamps inc US, Italy & Canada. (qty) Buyer collects £45 - £50 2892 World wide mixture of material in well filled stockbooks (4) £26 - £28 2893 WW1 a family military correspondence with Field Service postcards, much censored, advert envelope and group of letterheads Lancashire YMCA Tents, YMCA Pavilions Morecambe, YMCA On Active Service with British Expeditionary Force etc (qty) £30 - £40 2894 Zambia, also a few other African countries, virtually all unmounted mint, housed in luxury stamp stockbook. £45 - £50 Covers 2895 Black plastic tub of Covers inc New Zealand, GB and Channel Islands, many unaddressed (approx 300+) Buyer collects £70 - £80 2896 Box of Covers/Postal History, in small album and loose . A few better Commonwealth items inc East India Service Postcard - 1897 Arrival Notice, Sweden 1945, Military Post (x3) etc, a few FDC's, predominately KGVI era. (qty) £25 - £30 2897 Box of GB Decimal FDC's with Commemoratives, definitives, regionals, and booklet panes, most c1980 to 2000. (qty) £30 - £35 2898 Canada First Flight / Flight Covers (approx 68) c1929- 31. A few earlier and later. Useful accumulation, lot includes a 340 page book 'The Air Mails of Canada & Newfoundland' pub 1997. Book covers these items with values. Interesting lot (qty) £80 - £85 2899 Channel Is & I.O.M. stamps & Cover collection in box, inc 3x albums of I.O.M. covers up to 2006, one box of Lord of The Rings covers & Maxim Cards, 2 albums + 1 S/Book of UM & M C.I. & I.O.M. sets. Plus approx 200 loose Jersey & Guernsey covers. (Buyer collects) £40 - £45 2900 Channel Islands and Isle of Man, collection of covers 1968-92 housed in 4 albums £30 - £35 2901 Collection of GB FDC's (mainly from the 2000's) in two binders, plus a few Presentation Packs (qty) £30 - £40 2902 Commercial covers - GB Wildings with slogan pmk's. Plus World wide mix. (qty) £20 - £25 2903 Covers - a qty of folders with mostly Commercial mail divided into countries, some folders with stamps inc Germany and Japan. Some flight covers and censor mail. Several dozen covers and album pages. Interesting lot. (qty) £40 - £50 2904 Covers - large collection of Jersey & Guernsey FDC's in albums, c1971 to 2006. Nice clean lot approx 530 covers (8 albums) Buyer collects £40 - £50 2905 Early QE2 GB definitive and KGVI FDC's. A few nice items noted inc 1/9/1955 10/- & £1 on 2x plain covers, 23/9/1955 2/6d & 5/- on plain cover. High cat value lot (approx 39) £50 - £55 2906 East German FDC collection c1956 to 1985 (approx 500) Buyer collects £20 - £25 2907 Flight Covers range of various material in binder, inc 1st Flight, RAF (inc Pilot signed), Rocket Mail, Balloon, etc etc (qty) £25 - £30 2908 GB - 1960's to early 1970's Slogan postmarks on Cover or piece, neatly sorted into various small boxes. A comprehensive collection with little duplication. (1000's) Buyer collects £25 - £30 2909 GB - box of FDC's (approx 420) in albums and loose, inc approx 114x small format Benham Silks. c1960's to 2003. Tidy lot. (qty) Buyer collects £40 - £45 2910 GB - FDC's in albums plus loose, Commemoratives, definitives and small quantity of Regionals, c1960's to 2000. Heavy (Buyer collects) £60 - £70 2911 GB - FDC collection in 5x large albums. Mid 1960's to c1997, earlier up to 1987 mostly on Philart Covers, thereafter on P.O. Small number of definitives, many with Windsor pmk's. Many better and unusual pmks noted. Better than the normal range (approx 396 covers). (Buyer collects) £150 - £160 2912 GB - giant collection of FDC's, event and slogan pmks housed in 3x banana box trays. From 1964 Shakespeare x4, Burns with 6 of the 8 P.O.Special h/s pmks. Further FDC's to early 1990's, most with Bureau pmks after 1968. Approx 300 definitive booklet pane and regional covers. Large and heavy lot (Buyer collects) (3) £90 - £100 2913 GB - range of FDC's, one album of little value, but the other album with better early QE2 inc illustrated 1961 Parliament x5, CEPT x5, Savings Bank x5, Wildings 1954 3d, 6d, 7d on plain cover x5, 1953 5d, 8d, 1/- x3 plain, 1958 Regionals (set of 6) illustrated. (approx 70+ covers) £80 - £85