Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

131 2853 Monaco in 5x Ceres quality hingless albums, nothing before 1937, thereafter 90% complete M & UM to c1998. Many better sets inc 1937 Charity set (5f+5f UM), 1937 Postage Dues opt 'Postes' set UM, 1938 Prince Aouis II mini sheet, 1940 Red Cross surcharge set mint, and 1948 Olympic Games set. Missing a few sets from 1939 and Red Cross mini sheets from 1947. Clean lot (Buyer collects) £160 - £170 2854 Monaco in large banana box tray, various albums, stockbooks etc. Strength in modern both UM and Used with many sheets and several booklets. S/B's of ex dealers stock of duplicated UM and Used stamps. Decent qty of earlier M stamps inc better M/S's and sets. A great qty of material that requires much sorting ! (Buyer collects) £200 - £220 2855 Netherlands fine used ex dealers stock in three Davo Albums 1852-1988 and 300+ FDC's from 1953. (qty) Buyer collects £120 - £130 2856 New Zealand dealers ex stock - tray of material housed in two stockbooks (duplication) one used and one mint, and a hagner binder of mint M/Sheets. (3) £40 - £50 2857 Non-Commonwealth range in albums, binders, a tin, and loose in packets. General mix but better noted inc early Belgium, German States, France & Colonies, Netherlands UM in packets. Allied Occupation etc etc. (qty) Buyer collects £70 - £75 2858 Norway range on stocksheets in red binder cat £900+, and a red stockbook with various Caribbean cat £200+ (2) £28 - £30 2859 Old Bahrain suitcase full of 2nd hand catalogues / reference books, etc. No Reserve (Buyer collects) £20 - £22 2860 Older material in various albums and stockbook, loose etc. Interesting number of early Italian used imperfs. Album of countries R & S including Roman States and extensive Russian but excluding the better Russian stamps. Duplicated German States in somewhat mixed condition as usual. Iraq one country album from British Occupation to 1980's. Plus much other material. Worth a closer look (qty) Buyer collects £140 - £150 2861 Original and largely untouched British Commonwealth M & U collection in several well filled albums, mostly pre QE2 but more modern used inc Hong Kong. Also noted Rhodesia 1892/94 various mint to 8d, 1896/7 mint to 5/- and used to 4/-, nice early St Helena, Sierra Leone with good QV to KGVI M & U inc 1938-44 set (M) to £1. Hong Kong all reigns mostly used with QV surcharges noted. India with good spread of States, etc etc. Worth a good look (qty) Buyer collects £350 - £360 2862 Papua New Guinea extensive & valuable postal history collection, mainly covers, inc 1948 cover to GB franked by Australia ½d, 1d (2) with manuscript "Trobrana Islands" & Losuia date stamps, Abau, Bainings, Banz, Finschafen, Madang 1957 cover to NZ franked by Stamp Duty 1d-on-6½d (5), Namatanai, Rigo, instructional marks, good range of registered mail etc. Includes many photos of post offices, unusual small colln matchbox labels advertising the "Steamship Trading Co" most depicting native artefacts etc, groups of trade cards etc (8 albums, approx 432 items) £750 - £800 2863 Plastic tub of various stamps in stockbooks, albums and a shoebox (qty) Buyer collects £25 - £30 2864 Rhodesia - British South Africa Company Territory 1892 ½d dull blue & vermilion SG18 as a complete sheet of 60 by Bradbury & Wilkinson. Some separation between top and bottom half's noted, sheet as a whole unmounted mint, cat £270++ (fragile) £60 - £65 2865 Rhodesia 1d Double Heads covers, Exhibition Presented; Keigwin family based in Lexden, Colchester. (6) £25 - £30 2866 Shoebox of used pre 1960's World stamps in packets, sorted by countries. Largely an off paper mix that is worth a sort (qty) £20 - £25 2867 St Vincent range in boxfile, UM 1970's with a small qty of CTO, much duplication, Specimens, booklet and covers noted (qty) £25 - £30 2868 Stamps & Cover collection in various folders, countries include Malta with QV registered envelope with 'Posted Out of Course as a result of underpayment'. India, Nepal & Tibet. Antarctic inc 'Gough Island Scientific Survey 1955/56. 1951 Expedition with Britain & Sweden. Postmarks Eastern Arctic Patrol RMS detailing the collection and dealing of mail on its postal patrol on RMS Canada, etc etc. (qty) £60 - £70 2869 Stockbook with much unmounted mint, Pacific Islands and other Commonwealth stamps. £30 - £35 2870 Stockbooks well filled with a mixture of World stamps (4) £26 - £28 2871 Stockbooks well filled with Royalty / Omnibus Miniature Sheets etc (4) £28 - £30 2872 Substantial accumulation / collection of Finland in several albums / stockbooks. Majority used with duplication. Main interest and value in 1866 'zig zag' roulette types, a good number in VGC as well as the normal missing teeth. Little noted after 1980. Many UM sets, Red Cross in block noted. Lots of sorting ! Qty (Buyer collects) £170 - £180 2873 Substantial World lot in large stockbooks and old albums, stockbooks sorted alphabetically. Good lot (Heavy) Buyer collects £80 - £85 2874 Switzerland 2000 NABA St Gallen Embroidery m/sheet. Very Fine Used with First Day p/m. SG MS1461. Cat £450. (1) £140 - £150 2875 Switzerland League of Nations 3Fr Red Brown, SG LN29a cat £250 VFU. Hard to find stamp (1) £40 - £45 2876 Tray of mixed albums / stockbooks, many general collections of used, all eras. China and Greece of note. Several sheets of Charity Labels from 1939 onwards. Interesting lot (qty) Buyer collects £90 - £100 2877 Turkey an unpicked mint & used in green Devon Album, original collection from c1876 to 1988, no high cat items but many different stamps noted. Many sets inc Red Crescent issues. (qty) £60 - £65 2878 Unusual country mix of used Luxembourg in worn Davo album, Liberia in S/B & Album used, Eastern Europe 1918-42 in album, with Hungary, Central Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Memel and Thrace. Small qty of Estonia, etc (qty) Buyer collects £40 - £50 2879 Used collection in large box with several albums & stockbooks, mostly general World mix, inc 3x GB and 1x Romania. Much loose inc postal stationary / slogan cut outs on paper GB, various packets on stockcards etc. One S/Book of note - Australia with Roo's unchecked. Qty (Buyer collects) £50 - £60 2880 Vanuatu comprehensive specialised collection from 1980 first definitives in 6 albums and loose, with sets mint and used, booklets, FDCs, commercial mail variously franked, maritime, and extensive range of official franks some previously unlisted, to 1989 with some later. £300 - £350