Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

70 1635 Saxon silver sceat c.695-c.740, Series E, obverse:- Degenerate head right, this specimen has a pelleted facing edge to crescent, the eye being a crescent enclosing a pellet, reverse:- Standard enclosing a torc like circle with pellet terminals [no TOTI I] some of the 'letters' in the outer field look engraved into the die, Spink - , but see pp. 89-90, good metal, VF £60 - £80 1636 Scipio, Quintas Caecilius Metellus Pius, committed suicide 46 B.C.,silver denarius, North African Mint of Utica 47-46 B.C., obverse:- Q METEL PIVS, Laureate head of Jupiter right, reverse:- SCIPIO IMP, African elephant walking to the right, Sear 1379, 2 light bankers' marks behind bust, scarce, NVF £160 - £180 1637 Septimius Severus and Caracalla, bronze of c.23mm., of Berytus, Phoenicia, Sear 2302, obverse:- The busts of Severus and Caracalla facing, reverse:- Tetrastyle temple, Astarte standing within, right hand holding long sceptre, at left side a column topped by Nike who is about to place wreath on head of Astarte, This piece was struck 208 A.D., the 10th. annerversary of Caracalla's reign, GF £40 - £50 1638 Septimius Severus silver denarius, Rome Mint 198 A.D., rev. reads:- IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter seated left, holding Victory and sceptre, S. 6289, with old ticket, patchy tone, VF, a ditto but, Severus Alexander, Rome Mint 227 A.D., rev. reads:- P M TR P VI COS II P P, Pax advancing left, holding olive-branch and sceptre, S. 7905, with old ticket, VF, and a ditto but Antoninus Pius, Sear 4131? from the corrosion this flan has attracted this is probably the core of an ancient forgery, with ticket, NF [3] £40 - £50 1639 Septimius Severus silver denarius, Rome Mint 200 A.D., reverse reads:- P M TR P VIII COS II P P, Victory hovering left, holding open wreath with both hands, over round shield set on base, obverse 9 o'clock striking crack, weak on P P but nice portrait NEF, with a ditto but Severus Alexander, Rome Mint 222 A.D., reverse reads:- P M TR P I I COS P P, Salus seated left, feeding snake arising from altar, Sear 7894, both have old tickets, VF [2] £60 - £70 1640 Septimius Severus silver denarius, Rome Mint 205 A.D., reverse:- Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopiae, Spink 6273, GVF, with a ditto but Caracalla, Rome Mint 216 A.D., reverse:- Venus standing left, holding Victory and sceptre, resting on shield set on helmet, Sear 6890, EF [2] £50 - £60 1641 Septimius Severus silver denarius, Rome Mint 210 A.D., reverse reads:- VICTORIAE BRIT, Victory advancing right, holding wreath and palm, Sear 6382, Ex.CNG March 2008, with an old ticket, GVF/VF (J.C.) £30 - £50 1642 Tetricus I, billon antoninianus, Sear 11248, NEF with a ditto but Tetricus II, Sear 11292, NVF/GF with a ditto but silver washed and Probus, reverse:- Spes, Sear 12044, slight silver wash, NEF/VF and lastly a ditto but Carinus, Sear 12344var., VF all Ex. Lockdales Jan 2012, lot 610 [part] [4] (J.C.) £20 - £40 1643 Tiberius silver denarius, Lugdunum Mint 16 A.D., on, reverse:- Seated female figure, possibly Livia, right, holding sceptre and branch, Sear 1763, possibly the Tribute penny of the bible, with 2 old tickets, Ex. Incitatus Coins [V Coins], Jan. 2012, with 2 old tickets, darkish tone VF (J.C.) £75 - £85 1644 Titus silver denarius struck as Caesar under Vespasian, Rome Mint 75 A.D., reverse:- Pax seated left holding olive-branch, Sear 2446, with 2 old tickets, Ex. Michael Trenerry Jan. 2012, good metal NVF/GF (J.C.) £40 - £60 1645 Trajan Decius silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 250 A.D., reverse:- Trajan Decius on horseback, left, right hand raised, short sceptre in left, Sear 9366, EF, Ex. Barry P. Murphy, Jan. 2013, with a ditto but Trebonianus Gallus, Rome Mint 252 A.D., reverse:- Libertas left, resting on column, legs crossed, holding pileus and transverse sceptre, legs crossed, NEF/GVF [2] (J.C.) £25 - £50 1646 Trajan silver denarius, Rome Mint 99 A.D., reverse reads:- PM TR P COS II P P, Vesta seated left, holding torch and patera, dark VF/GF, with a ditto but Hadrian, Rome Mint 135 A.D., reverse reads:- ANNONA AVG Modus containing corn-ears and poppy, Sear 3461, flan a little mis-shapen, VF both have old tickets [2] £50 - £60 1647 Umayyad caliphate gold dinar of c.100 AH, wt. 4.22g., mint possibly Baghdad, GVF £350 - £380 1648 Umayyad caliphate gold dinar of c.110 AH, wt.4.25g., mint possibly Baghdad, NEF £350 - £380 1649 Umayyads of Spain, Al-Hakam I, 180 to 206 H, silver dirhem, 2.70g., Al-Andalus 188 H, 804 A.D., with a full ticket by Dr.Vezin, VF £40 - £50 1650 Valerian I silver washed antoninianus, Eastern Mint 257 A.D., reverse:- Valerian and Gallienus standing facing each other, resting on shields, at back two upright spears, Ex. Ancient Resourse PM 1777 Jan. 2013, much silvering, uncleaned, VF, with a ditto but billon, Salonina, reverse:- Salonina seated left, extending right hand, to two children at her feet and resting on sceptre, Rome Mint 257-260 A.D., Ex. Lockdales Jan. 2012 lot 610 [part], GF [2] (J.C.) £25 - £50 1651 Vespasian silver denarius, Rome Mint 71 A.D., reverse reads:- TRI POT II COS III P P, Pax seated left holding olive-branch and caduceus, Sear 2313, with old ticket, good metal, GF £50 - £60 1652 Vespasian silver denarius, Rome Mint 75 A.D., reverse:- Pax seated left holding olive-branch, Sear 2301, with 2 old tickets, Ex. Michael Trenerry Jan. 2012, good metal, GF (J.C.) £30 - £50 1653 Victorinus billon antoninianus, reverse:- Deity standing left, holding cornucopiae, VF/GF with a ditto but Quintillus, NVF with a ditto but of Aurelian and Vabalathus, Sear 11718, NF/NVF, all Ex. Lockdales Jan. 2012, lot 610 [part] [3] (J.C.) £20 - £40 1654 Viking East Anglia, silver penny St Edmunds Memorial Coinage, from the workshop that produced slightly small sized flans with large lettering irons, well spaced, obverse reads:- +SC EADI ['S'horizontal],around Alpha, reverse reads:- +RAEMBAL the moneyer, around plain cross, purchased eBay June 2008, with an old ticket, round, well centred, dark tone, VF (J.C.) £200 - £250