Lockdales Auction 162 26-27 January 2019

71 1655 Vitellius silver denarius, Rome Mint, July to December 69 A.D., reverse:- Tripod-leges, surmounted by a dolphin right, raven right, below, Sear 2201, Ex. CNG Triton XV, Jan.12, lot 1501, with 2 old tickets, good metal, NVF (J.C.) £100 - £150 1656 Volusian silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 251-252 A.D., reverse:- Pax standing left, holding olive-branch and transverse sceptre [no star], GVF with a ditto but Gallienus, reverse:- two captives seated, hands tied, at the foot of military trophy, Cologne 257-258 A.D., Norwich and Norfolk Numismatic Society Auction, Dec. 2011, lot 146, VF/F [2] (J.C.) £25 - £50 1657 William I or II silver penny PAXS type, Spink 1257, obverse reads:- PILLELM REX ['MR' ligulate], reverse reads:- +SLLIECPINE ON GLE, Gloucester Mint, moneyer Silacwine, said to be same dies as Bristol & Gloucester Museum, plate coin, crown 2, with 3 old tickets, full, round, well centred, nice old cabinet tone,GVF £1200 - £1400 1658 William I silver penny Sword Issue, Spink 1255, obverse reads:- +PILLELM EX, reverse reads:- GODPINE ON ODRI [second 'D' with thorn], Norwich Mint, moneyer Godwine, Ex. CNG Triton Auction XX, Jan 10-11, 2017, a little weak area on edge each side, very rare, GVF (J.C.) £700 - £900 1659 William I silver penny, Bonnett Issue, Spink 1251, obverse reads:- PILLEMV REX, reverse reads:- +GODPINE ON DEOTI ['D' with thorn], Thetford Mint, moneyer Godwine, Ex Morton and Eden Auction 83-84, Dec.2016, lot 913, full and round, both dies slightly off centre, GVF (J.C.) £400 - £500 1660 William I silver penny, Canopy Issue, Spink 1252, obverse reads:- +PILLEMVS RE[ ], reverse reads:- [ ]ANNA ON NO[ ], Norwich Mint, moneyer Manna, large fragment, Ex. eBay April 2011 (J.C.) £120 - £150 1661 William I silver penny, Canopy Type, Spink 1252, obverse reads:- +PILLEMVS R[ ]X, reverse reads:- +GODNOD O[ ]PINCEI ['D' with thorn], Winchester Mint,moneyer Godnoth, Ex. Spink Auction 16019, 22 March 2016, Lot 318, Ex. Stewartby Part 1, small piece missing at obverse 3 o'clock, hairline crack by this loss, a sharp central strike with cabinet tone, GVF £300 - £350 1662 William II silver penny, Cross Pattee & Fleury, Spink 1261, obverse reads:- +PILLELM REX ['MR' ligulate], reverse reads:- +PULFRIC ON SVD, ['D' with thorn], Sudbury Mint, moneyer Wulfric, Ex. Keith Chapman, June 2016, previously JGC Ex. York Coins, Dec. 2007, full, round, well centred, slightly double struck, very rare, VF (J.C.) £1000 - £1200 1663 William II silver penny. Cross in Quatrefoil Type, Spink 1259, obverse reads:- +P[ ]LLELM REX [M R ligulate], reverse reads:- +[ ] I IGLRIC ON OR, Norwich Mint, moneyer Aegelric?, with 2 old tickets, Ex. Timeline Auctions 53, 12.9.2015, lot 2793, full, round, half legend each side flat, small piece missing at obverse 9 o'clock, nice clear portrait, rare, centres VF, coin GF £800 - £850 Ancient & Hammered Coins from a Norfolk Collection 1664 Antoninus Pius brass sestertius, reverse:- Pietas, Sear 4205, NVF/GF with a ditto but Julia Mamaea, reverse:- Vesta, Sear 8236, VF/NVF and lastly a ditto but Crispina, reverse:- Salus seated left, feeding snake arising from altar, Sear 6010, GF/F [3] £45 - £55 1665 Antoninus Pius copper as possibly a British Mint 154-155 A.D., obverse:- Laureate bust right, legend:- ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XVIII, reverse:- Britannia seated left on rocks, dejected,shield and vexillum in background, legend:- BRITANNIA COS IIII S C, Sear 4296, NVF £80 - £100 1666 Antoninus Pius, brass sestertius, Rome Mint 143 A.D., obverse:- Laureate bust right, legend:- ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III, reverse:- Britannia seated left on rocks, holding standard and spear, left arm resting on shield, legend:- IMPERATOR I I, in exergue [B]RITANNIA, a little weak area on reverse, well centred and of even colour, VF £600 - £700 1667 Antoninus Pius, copper as, Rome Mint 147 A.D., reverse:- Felicitas standing right, looking left, holding long caduceus and capricorn, Sear - but see 4271, dark patina, slightly rough suffaces, nice portrait, NEF/VF £50 - £60 1668 Billon antoniniani of c. 270 A.D., the group thought to have been found in Norfolk [30] £60 - £70