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Valens silver siliqua, Trier Mint 368-375 A.D., reverse:-

VRBS ROMA, Roma enthroned left, holding Victory on

globe and resting on long sceptre, in exergue TRPS

followed by dot, Sear 19675, full, round flan, well centred

and no cracks, EF

£75 - £100


Venice silver grossoof Antonio Venier 1382-1400,

obverse reads:- 'SM YENETI ANTO VENERIO'around

the Doge on the left, standing right, presenting banner to

St.Mark on right, 'DVX' between, reverse:- Nimbate

Christ facing , Scarfea 131, egg shaped flan GVF/EF

£40 - £50


Venice, Tomaso Moncenigo, soldino, NVF, English

Jeton, Cross fleury in tressure / Cross Moline type, rare,

NVF/VF, French jetons, King under canopy / Cross

fleury and Shield of France / Cross fleury types,

VF/GVF and GF, Boy Bishop token, Mitre / Cross and

pellets type, slight damage down one side, F, 2 x Charles

I Richmond farthings, both dull, VF, ditto but a

Maltravers issue, GF and lastly 4 x Rose farthings, F to

VF all sold with old finds tickets [12]

£60 - £80


William I silver penny, Bonnett Type, Spink 1251,

obverse reads:- +PILLEMV REX, reverse reads:-

OVDGRIM ON EOFE ['D' with thorn], York Mingt,

moneyer Othgrim, sold with old ticket, full, round, well

centred, lightly crinkled and cracked, GF

£350 - £375

Exonumia : Tokens & Medallions


Arabian Commemorative Medals (4) 1970s silver, bronze

and base metal, including Dubai material, with original


£50 - £60


Art Medal, cast bronze d.98mm depicting Michelangelo

Buonarroti, a large impressive piece, date of manufacture

unknown. GVF with an old case by Bravingtons, Kings

Cross. Ex-DNW.

£125 - £150


Assortment of Silver medallions/stamps on covers. (good

silver content)

£100 - £120


Australia Penny token "Hank & Lloyd" 1855 Tn84 GF

£30 - £35


Australian Commemorative Medal, silver d.63mm:

Victoria Centenary Celebrations 1934, toned EF with

original case.

£200 - £220


Battersea Metropolitan Borough Council medal, in fitted

case, medal named 1937-38 Mrs A Miles. Her husband ?

H W J Miles was Mayor 1937-38. (medal with test marks

to reverse) otherwise GVF

£40 - £50


Belgium, Brussels Exposition Universelle 1910 Medal,

bronze d.70mm, by Devereese, EF patchy tone.

£40 - £50


Birmingham & Swansea [Rose Copper Company] penny

1812, Withers 277, GVF and ditto but Birmingham &

South Wales penny 1812, Withers 180-197, EF with

lustre [2]

£40 - £45


Birmingham, Day's Crystal Palace Concert Hall

Threepence token 19thC brass d.32mm, VF

£30 - £40


Boy Bishop cast leaded token of large size, obverse

depicts a Bishop's mitre, the reverse although of large size

imitates a mediaeval groat, both sides looking to have

pseudo-legends, these have at times been read, sold with

old ticket, large, well centred, scarce, GF

£60 - £80


Boy Bishop cast leaded token with an old ticket which

states of 'Bury St. Edmunds' the piece is roughly of

mediaeval groat size and the reverse similar to same but

superimposed at centre a large cross, no legend being

visible. Again with the obverse no legend is visible but

there is a central mediaeval ship which has lead some

numismatists to reason that these are in fact coin weights.

I think not, you would not produce a coin weight in lead

for obvious reasons, loss of correct weight. It has been


£50 - £70


Boys Brigade and Scouting badges, an old range of

enamel badges, BB side hat, and large Scouting banner

(qty) Needs viewing

£80 - £85