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Titus as Caesar under Vespasian 69-79 A.D. silver

denarius, [regular series], Rome Mint 78-79 A.D.,

Laureate bust, right / Annona enthroned, left, holding

sack of corn-ears on lap, Sear 2436, just a hint of original

finish, good metal, GVF/VF

£100 - £120


Trajan Decius silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 250-251

A.D., reverse reads:- DACIA, Dacia standing left, holding

Dacian standard sutmounted by wolf,s head, with old

ticket, very short striking cracks [as produced], NEF

£30 - £40


Trajan Decius, bronze sestertius, Rome Mint 250-251

A.D., reverse reads:- PANNONIAE S C , the Pannoniae

standing side by side, their heads turned away from each

other, both with standards, Sear 9407, oval flan, surfaces

untouched, NVF/ F

£40 - £50


Trajan silver denarius, Rome Mint 107 A.D., reverse:- S

P Q R PRINCIPI, Felicitas standing left, holding

caduceus and cornucopiae, RIC 172, small neat lettering,

well centred, good metal, EF

£100 - £120


Valentinian I silver siliqua, Rome Mint 364-367 A.D.,

reverse reads:- VOT V MVLT X within wreath [variety

with dot in centre], mint officina R T, Sear 19382, with

old ticket, with flan crack and light edge chips, but has

never been clipped, nice portrait, VF/NVF

£20 - £25


Venice silver grosso of Bartolomeo Gradenigo, 1339-

1342 obverse reads:- SM VENETI BA GRADONIGO,

around the Doge on the left, standing right, presenting

banner to St. Mark on right 'DVX' between, reverse:-

Nimbate Christ facing, Scarfea 80, GVF

£45 - £55


Vespasian silver denarius, regular series, Rome Mint 75

A.D., reverse reads:- PON MAX TR P COS VI, Pax

seated left, holding olive-branch, good metal, F

£40 - £50


Viking York CVNNETTI silver penny, Spink 993, the

faint hairline cross in the reverse central field is caused by

this metal being 'forced' upwards to produce the obverse

central cross, a hoard coin in near as struck condition


£600 - £650


Vitellius silver denarius [regular series], Rome Mint

April-May 69 A.D., Laureate bust, right / Concordia

seated left, holding patera and double cornucopiae, RIC

73, Sear 2196, good metal, VF

£250 - £280


William I of Scotland 1165-1214, silver penny, late and

posthumous, Phase B, c.1205-c.1230, reverse reads:-

+HV[E WAL]TER:. without mint name, Spink 5029,

full, very round, weak on legends, portrait visible, GF

£180 - £200

End of Auction in Room 2, Day 1