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Julia Paula silver denarius, Rome Mint 220 A.D., reverse

reads:- CONCORDIA, Concordia enthroned left,

holding patera and resting arm on throne, star in left field,

Sear 7655, AEF

£120 - £140


Julian II 'The Apostate', double maiorina, Antioch Mint

362-363 A.D., obverse:- Diademed, draped, cuirassed

and bearded bust right, reverse:- Bull standing right, two

stars above, Sear19162, EF/NEF

£95 - £125


Kingdom of Persis, Darius I, silver drachm, wt. 4.1g.,

c.150-c.140 B.C.?, obverse:- Head of Darius, bearded,

right, wearing satrapal head-dress, reverse:- Syalised form

of altar, bird perched on top, Sear p.573, B.M.C. 28, 207,

1-8 variety, VF

£40 - £50


Later Edwardian silver pennies, first London, with

annulet in each quarter of reverse, possibly Class E, Spink

1586, GF, second, London, mm. Crown, annulet in one

quarter of the reverse, GF, third of Calais, double-annulet

stops, obverse, pellet stop reverse, small piece missing

from edge, NVF two with old tickets, [3]

£30 - £35


Lucilla silver denarius, Rome Mint 164-166 A.D., reverse

reads:- CONCORDIA, who is seated left, holding patera,

left arm resting on statuette of Spes, Sear 5479, good

metal, NEF

£90 - £100


Lucius Verus silver denarius, Rome Mint 163 A.D.,

reverse reads:- PROV DEOR TR P III COS II,

Providentia standing left, holding globe and cornucopiae,

Sear 5354, with old ticket, NEF/VF

£40 - £50


Magnus Maximus silver siliqua, Trier Mint 384-388

A.D., reverse reads:- VIRTVS ROMANORVM, Roma

enthroned, facing, head left, holding globe and sceptre,

TRPS in exergue, Sear 20644, possibly very lightly

clipped but NEF

£70 - £80


Marcus Aurelius silver denarius, Rome Mint 164

A.D.,reverse reads:- TR P XVIII COS III, Concordia

standing front, head left, holding double cornucopiae and

patera, Sear 4930, with old ticket, EF

£50 - £60


Marcus Aurelius under Antoninus Pius, copper as, Rome

Mint 143 A.D., reverse:- Juventas standing left, sacrificing

over candelabrum-altar and holding patera, Sear 4831,

with old ticket, both dies off centre but above average

portrait, NVF

£25 - £30


Mark Antony and Octavian, silver denarius, struck

Ephesus, spring - summer, 41 B.C., obverse:- Bare head

of Mark Antony, reverse:- Bare head of Octavian, right,

Sear 1504, reverse double-struck, rare, EF

£650 - £700


Mary silver groat, mm. Pomegranate, reverse reads:-

VERITAS, Spink 2492, full, round, well centred, just the

hint of a crinkle, NVF

£225 - £275


Maximinus I brass sestertius, Rome Mint 235-236 A.D.,

reverse reads:- FIDES MILITUM S C , Fides Militum

standing left, holding standard in each hand, Sear 8327,

even black-green patina, a typical 'jaw jutting' portrait of

this military emperor, slightly rough surfaces, GVF

£80 - £90


Maximinus I silver denarius, Rome Mint 235-236 A.D.,

reverse reads:- PROVIDNETIA AVG, Providentia

holding cornucopiae, globe at feet, before, Sear 8315,

reverse slightly off centre, excellent portrait, EF

£70 - £80