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Roman Republican silver denarius of L.Julius Bursio, 85

B.C., Bust of male, right with attributes of Apollo,

Mercury and Neptune, trident over shoulder, officina

mark, laurel wreath / Victory in quadriga, right, no

officina below but officina number XXVI above, Sear

268, reverse slightly off centre, VF

£55 - £60


Roman Republican silver denarius of L.Minucius of

c.133 B.C., Sear 125, Helmeted head of Roma, right /

Jupiter in quadriga, right, good metal, well centred, VF

£60 - £65


Roman Republican silver denarius of L.Valerius Flaccus

of c.108-107 B.C., Bust of winged Victory, right / Mars

walking, left, Sear 183, large flan of good metal, VF

£65 - £70


Roman Republican silver denarius of Mn.Fontteius C.f.

of c.85 B.C., Sear 271, Laureatehead of Apollo right,

thunderbolt below / Cupid seated on goat, large flan,

reverse slightly off centre, good metal, VF

£60 - £65


Roman Republican silver denarius of M.Cipius M.f. of

c.115-114 B.C., Sear 166, Helmeted bust of Roma, right

/ Victory in biga, right, rudder below, good metal, VF

£60 - £65


Roman Republican silver denarius of M.Herennius of

c.108-107 B.C., Head of Pietas, right / Amphinomus,

running right, his father seated on hisleft shoulder,

Sear185, well centred, good metal, VF

£65 - £75


Roman Republican silver denarius of Q.Fabius Labeo of

124 B.C., Helmeted head of Roma / Jupiter in quadriga,

Sear 148, VF

£50 - £60


Russian silver kopeck of Ivan IV [The Terrible] as Grand

Prince, 1533-1547, obverse:- PRINCE/ GRAND/

LORD/OF/ALL/RUSSIA in five lines of cyrillic script,

reverse:- Ivan on horseback galloping right, striking

downwards with lance, usual cliptical flan, GVF

£40 - £50


Second Crusade, Amalry 1163-1174, silver denier of

Jerusalem, obverse reads:- AMALRICVS REX around

central cross pattee, reverse reads:- +DE JERUSALEM

around the Church of the Resurrection, Metcalf 177,

sone usual 'cross ghosting', dark, NVF

£45 - £55


Septimius Severus silver denarius, Laodicea Mint 198-

200 A.D., reverse reads:- COS III P P, Victory advancing

left, holding trophy and palm, Sear 6270, with old ticket,

reverse slightly off centre, EF/VF

£30 - £40


Septimius Severus silver denarius, legionary issue, Rome

Mint 193 A.D., reverse reads:- LEG XI I I I GEM M V

TR P COS, Legionary eagle between two standards, Sear

6302, sharply and centrally struck piece, with excellent

portrait, uncleaned, unusually fine for the issue, good

metal, rare, EF

£200 - £250


Septimius Severus silver denarius, Rome Mint 201 A.D.,

reverse reads:- RESTITVTOR VRBIS, Severus, in

military attire, standing left, holding transverse spear and

sacrificing over lighted altar, all on groundline, Sear 6357,

obverse very slightly off centre, good metal, NEF

£40 - £50


Severus Alexander silver denarius, Rome Mint 226 A.D.,

reverse reads:- PAX AVG, Pax advancing left, holding

branch and sceptre, with old ticket, good metal, NEF

£30 - £40


Sextus Pompey, younger son of Pompey the Great,

Imperator and Prefect of the Fleet, pirate, executed 35

B.C., bronze as struck Sicily 43-36 B.C., Laureate head

of Janus, with features of Pompey the Great / Prow of

Galley, right, Sear 1394, slightly rough surfaces, F

£90 - £100


Stephen silver cut-halfpenny large fragment of BMC 7,

Cross Pommee or Awbridge type, of c.1154-c.1158 ie.

mostly struck in the reign of Henry II, Spink 1282, sharp,


£40 - £45


Tiberius silver denarius of Lugdunum Mint, c.16 A.D.,

reverse reads:- PONTIF MAXIM, Female figure seated

right, holding long sceptre and branch, Sear 1763, 'this

the Tribute penny of the Bible' with old ticket, light

bankers marks on neck, good metal, NVF

£40 - £50


Tin of late Roman coins in capsules, 58 in all, various


£30 - £40


Titus as Augustus, silver denarius, laureate bust, left,

reverse reads:- TR P VIIII COS VII P P, Rome Mint 79

A.D., Captive, hands ties behind back, kneeling, right, at

foot of trophy of arms, Sear 2505var., see footnote to Sear

2493, R2 in RIC, good metal, rare, GF/F

£40 - £50