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Philip I silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 246 A.D., reverse

reads:- P M TR P III COS P P, Felicitas standing left,

holding long caduceus and cornucopiae, Sear 8944, with

old ticket, obverse exhibits some of original finish, reverse

weak, as struck, EF/VF

£30 - £40


Philip I silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 248 A.D., reverse

reads:- TRANQVILLITAS AVGG, Tranquillitas

standing left, holding capricorn? and sceptre, 'B' officina

mark in left field, Sear 8968, with old ticket, EF

£30 - £40


Philip II as Caesar under Philip I, 245-246 A.D., silver

antoninianus, Rome Mint 245-246 A.D., reverse reads:-

PRINCIPI IVVENT, Philip II standing right in military

attire, holding spear and globe, Sear 9242, with old ticket

by Richard Swan, almost certainly a hoard coin, much

original finish, near mint state

£55 - £65


Philip II as Caesar under Philip I, silver antoninianus,

Rome Mint 245-246 A.D., reverse reads:- PIETAS

AVGVSTOR, priestly emblems, sprinkler,simpulum,

jug, knife and lituus, Sear 9239, with old ticket, rough

surfaces NVF/GF together with a silver siliqua of Julian

II, mint off flan, reverse reads:- VOTIS V MVLTIS X,

within wreath, Sear p.279, with old ticket, probably

lightly clipped, NVF [2]

£25 - £30


Philip II of Spain [husband of Mary Tudor, 1554-1558],

silver escalin or one fifth ducatoon, of the Spainish

Netherlands, dated below bust 1566, reverse:- Crowned

Arms, legend:- DOMINVS MIHI ADIVTOR ['The

Lord is my Helper' but not in 1588!], very light scuff on

head, date weak but visible, F

£40 - £50


Philip II silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 248 A.D.,

reverse reads:- SAECVLARES AVGG, Elk walking left,

officina mark III in exergue, Sear 9275, with old ticket by

Martin Hewitt, see note in Sear p.187 for attribution of

reverse animal, some original finish, interesting and

scarce, GVF

£65 - £75


Philip II silver antoninianus, struck as Caesar under

Philip I, 244-247 A.D., reverse reads:- PRINCIPI

IVVENT, Phillip II standing in military attire to left,

holding transverse spear and globe, Sear 9240, with old

ticket, with some original finish, NEF

£30 - £40


Quintillus, silver washed antoninianus, Milan Mint 270

A.D., reverse reads:- FIDES MILIT, Fides Militum

standing left, holding standard in each hand, 'S' in

exergue, Sear 11438, just a hint of silvering, flan a little

ragged, superb portrait with much detail, EF/VF

£40 - £45


Roman colonial bronze of 30mm. of Gordian III of

Viminacium, year 3, Provincia Moesia standing left

between bull and lion, Sear 3642, rough surfaces F, a ditto

but Philip I, Sear 3874, rough surfaces F, Byzantine follis

of Justinian I, dig each side, F, a ditto but Justin II, a ditto

but Justin I, F and lastly a contemporary? cast copy of an

as of Trajan, RIC - , Sear - , all with tickets, GF [6]

£30 - £35


Roman Imperial antoniniani of low silver content or

billon of Aurelian, Sear 11539, Tacitas, Sear 11773 and

Probus, Sear 11992, GVF - EF [3]

£50 - £60


Roman Imperial antoniniani of low silver content or

billon of Valerian I, Sear 9950, Gallienus, Sear 10349 and

Saloninus as Caesar, Sear 10775, all VF [3]

£45 - £55


Roman Imperial dupondi of Hadrian, Sear 3670, hard,

even milky-green patina, nice portrait, VF/NVF, ditto

but Commodus, Sear 5839, Liberalitas, good portrait,

NVF/GF [2]

£25 - £30


Roman Imperial folles of Galerius, Nicomedia Mint 308-

311 A.D., Sear 14508 and Maximinus II, Antioch Mint

312 A.D., Sear 14840, GVF-EF [2]

£40 - £45


Roman Imperial sesterti, Trajan, Rome Mint 107 A.D.,

Sear 3198, Antoninus Pius, Rome Mint 148-149 A.D.,

Sear 4162, Diva Faustina, struck by Antoninus Pius,

Rome Mint 147 A.D., Sear 4607 and Divus Marcus

Aurelius, Rome Mint 180 A.D., Sear 5982, all with

tickets, NF to F [4]

£30 - £40


Roman Imperial silver siliqua, reverse VRBS ROMA

type, mint possibly TRS, Trier?, bankers mark on lower

portrait, clipped, NVF/VF

£40 - £45


Roman Republican silver denarius of Appius Claudius

Pulcher, T.Manilus Mancinus and Q.Urbinius of c.111

B.C., Sear 176var? [see note following176], Winged

helmeted head of Roma / Victory in triga, right, Three

horse chariots are rarely depicted on Republican coins,

good metal, VF

£55 - £60


Roman Republican silver denarius of C.Postumius Ta of

c.74 B.C., Draped bust of Diana, right, bow and quiver

over shoulder / Hound running right, spear below, Sear

330, light scuffs, good metal, VF

£60 - £65


Roman Republican silver denarius of L.Antestius

Gragulus of 136 B.C., Winged helmeted bust of Roma,

right / Jupiter in quadriga, right, Sear 115, obverse

slightly off centre, light cabinet tone, good metal, VF

£55 - £60


Roman Republican silver denarius of L.Julius Bursio, 85

B.C., Bust of male, right with attributes of Apollo,

Mercury and Neptune, trident over shoulder, officina

mark a turtle / Victory in quadriga, right, officina KO

below, Sear 268, both dies very slightly off centre, nice

portrait, VF

£55 - £60