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Group - BWM & Victory Medal (T-2580 Cpl J S Leech

The Queens R), IGS with bar Afghanistan NWF 1919

(200974 Pte J S Leach, 4 Queen's Rl. R) note misspelt

surname, confirmed to Medal Card, Territorial War

Medal (T-2580 Pte J S Leech The Queens R). nVF (4)

£140 - £150


Group - CSM QE2 with Northern Ireland clasp

(24123898 L/Cpl D A Crowe AAC), and QE2 Regular

Army LSGC Medal (24123898 LCPL D A Crowe AAC).

VF (2)

£270 - £280


Group - Iraq Medal 2004 (25201911 Gnr P M Gray RA), and Operational Service Medal 2000 with Afghanistan clasp (25201911 Gnr P M Gray

RA), these court mounted for wear, plus a cased NATO Medal Non-Article 5 ISAF. With photocopied paperwork inc Certificate of Commendation

to Lance Bombardier Paul Martin Gray RA for Distinguished Service in the support of Operation HERRICK 6th March 2009. Copies of the

citation and letters of congratulations.

Joint Commanders Commendation Lance Bombardier Gray 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery:

25201911 L.Bdr Gray was a soldier in the Combat Support Observation, Mentoring and Liaison Team from the 1 R IRISH Battle Group during

their deployment to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 8. He operated as part of a 6 man team tasked with mentoring a company of Afghan

National Army Soldiers. L.Bdr Gray was a stalwart of a team primarily operating in the city of Geresk. The team operated under the constant threat

of attack, primarily by suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices. L.Bdr displayed true physical courage and utter composure under severe

duress on several occasions which is worthy of recognition. On the 8th June 2008, his team were tasked with conducting a VCP near the

claustrophobic bazaar area of Geresk. It would be surrounded by a large and heaving mass of people. Intelligence suggested the threat of a suicide

attack was imminent leaving all members of the team tense and edgy. After only a few minutes of establishing the VCP a car started to accelerate

towards the patrol. It burst through the lead Afghan National Army section and started to bear down on the 6 man team. Several members of the

team raised their personnel weapon to engage the oncoming vehicle. Before a shot could be fired, Gray had grabbed a mini flare firing it directly at

the car. It ricocheted from the windscreen causing the car to screech to a halt. Had it not been for L.Bdr Gray's initiative and calm, composed

response under pressure many innocent civilians would almost certainly have been wounded by the patrol. The second incident occurred on the 12

July 2008 as his team were returning from another arduous patrol close to the volatile and hostile village of SAIDIN. At 1343 hours, the lead vehicle

in which L.Bdr Gray was acting as top cover, struck an anti tank mine. The ferocious blast decimated the front of the vehicle, violently propelling

L.Bdr Gray through the top cover hatch. The blast had compressed the drivers' compartment where L.Bdr Richardson lay trapped and screaming

in pain. The injuries to L.Bdr Gray were considerable; his back was broken in two places, three ribs had been smashed and he had two fractures of

the skull. Despite the intense pain and with no direction from the front team commander, he calmly and in full knowledge of the risk of a secondary

device, exited the remains of the devastated vehicle with a medical pack. With no regard for the searing pain racking his own body he probed the

area for mines to allow safe treatment of the casualty. The extreme pain was clearly evident on L.Bdr Gray's face prompting the team commander

to enquire if he was injured. L.Bdr Gray pulled L.Bdr Richardson from the wreckage and began administering first aid. Both of Richardson's ankles

had been shattered by the sheer force of the blast - Gray quickly identified this and once again picked his way back to the vehicle to obtain supplies.

Having administered morphine he calmly set about splinting L.Bdr Richardson's legs. Throughout this time, L.Bdr Gray had continually reassured

L.Bdr Richardson, ensuring he remained as calm and comfortable as possible. Only after he done all he could for the casualty and the team did

L.Bdr Gray give any thought to himself. L.Bdr Gray's bravery, composure and sacrifice mark him out as possessing all the best qualities of a British


£750 - £800


Group - QSA with bars CC/OFS/Tr/SA01/SA02 (5187

Pte A E Cottle 18/Hussars), 1915 Star Trio (90730 Gnr

A E Cottle RHA), Army LSGC Medal GV (90730 Gnr A

E Cottle RHA). Born Blackfriars, London. With copied

research. VF (5)

£300 - £350


Group - QSA with bars CC/TH/OFS/RoL/Tr/LN

named (10951 Corl J F Howard ASC), KSA with bars

SA01 & SA02 (rank Serjt), 1914 Star Trio (T-10951

C.Q.M.Sjt J F Howard ASC) (W.O.CL.1. on pair), and

Army LSGC Medal GV named (T-4 W.O.CL.1. J F

Howard RASC). Served with 41 Coy in South Africa.

Entered France 10/8/14 Base Depot Horse Transport &

Supply. Light contact marks VF (6)

£340 - £360


Group - Vietnam Medal impressed to 216780 A J Gould.

South Vietnam Campaign Medal (unnamed), and cased

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 with

Vietnam clasp, named 216780 A J Gould. Served with

2nd Bn Royal Australian Regt. VF-EF (Vietnam Medal

with several contact marks to edge) (3)

£140 - £150


Group 1939-45 Star F&G Star Defence & War medals

with Territorial decoration dated 1950, BelgiumOrder of

Leopold and Belgium Croix de Guerre all mounted for


£120 - £130


Group consisting of 1939-45 Star, Africa Star & bar Italy

Star, Defence and War medals with folder of original

service documents to 6467737 WS/Cpl P J Roeder 2nd

BN Royal Fusiliers

£70 - £75


Group consisting of 1939-45 Star, Italy Star Defence and

War medals with ERII Army Long Service and scarce

ERII MSM all mounted to for wearing to 1953256 WO

CLI N F Evans RE later commissioned comes with his

certificate of service book and soldiers service and pay


£400 - £420


Group consisting of 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence and

War medals with selection of original service documents

T/190196 Dvr A Bathurst RASC comes with letter from

LT -General sir Oliver Leese informing that Dvr A

Bathurst was his personal driver and he was the personal

driver of General Sir Allan Cunningham

£65 - £70