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Group consisting of 1939-45 Star, Italy star, War medal

with good selection of original service documents to

14252282 Dvr C Morwood Royal Signals

£55 - £60


Group court mounted as worn - 1939-45 Star, Atlantic

Star + France & Germany clasp, Africa Star + North

Africa 1942-43 clasp, War Medal, Naval General Service

Medal GVI with Minesweeping 1945-51 clasp

(D/JX.149366 R H Williams PO RN), and Naval LSGC

Medal GVI (JX.149366 R H Williams PO HMS Drake).

VF (6)

£240 - £260


Group mounted as worn - 14731342 Pte W J Law

E.Yorks - 1939-45 Star, F & G Star, Defence & War

Medal, GSM GVI with Palestine 1945-48 clasp. With a

WW1 BWM named G-23913 Pte W Law Midd'x R.


£60 - £70


Group mounted as worn by Spinks - 1915 Star Trio (2004

Pte J Wilkinson Manch R), Defence Medal, War Medal

+ MID, TEM GV (3511909 Cpl J Wilkinson 8-Manch

R), and GVI Efficiency Medal with Militia clasp and 2nd

Award Bar (3511909 W.O.CL.2. J Wilkinson RE). MID

L/G 5/8/1943 Service in Iraq. Lot includes original

MID Certificate. Full medal entitlement, missing a Silver

War Badge. GVF-EF (7)

£300 - £350


Group of 5: 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star with COPY

France and Germany bar, Defence and War Medals plus

Naval General Service Medal GVI with bar

Minesweeping 1945-51 to C/MX.72073 F.W. Hall

E.R.A.2 R.N. (tiny naming correction) (5)

£60 - £65


Group of 6: 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, War

Medal, G.S.M. GVI with bar Palestine 1945-48 to

14372929 Gnr. A.Bagnall R.A, plus Fire Service

Exemplary Service Medal to Fireman Albert Bagnall,

group comes with City of Salford Fire Dept. Cap badge,

SJAB Badge and 1967 ROSPA medal for Safe Driving.


£40 - £45


Group of medals, mounted for wearing, consisting of

Order of St John, WW1 BWM & Victory medal's to

290397 Sgt G J Parsons, Monmouthshire Reg, WW2

Defence medal, QEII Coronation with citation and

medal of St John with two bars to 24559 CPS/OFF G J

Parsons N93 dist SJAB 1942

£180 - £190


Group to 2081089 Sjt J Carvell RA. 1939-45 Star, Africa

Star + 1st Army clasp, Italy Star, F&G Star, Defence &

War Medals, Efficiency Medal GVI with Territorial

clasp. GVF but with tiny tape marks (7)

£55 - £60


Group to 40168 CDT/OFF L.Wood, Bucks, SJAB 1948.

Medals - Order of St John Serving breast badge (4th type),

Defence Medal, and Service Medal of the Order of St

John with two bars. Plus 3 loose bars. Silver hallmarked

St John Ambulance Asso medal with bars (333071 Leslie

Wood), a white metal version (427435 Ivy Wood), and a

brass version (427435 Ivy M. Wood). (qty)

£40 - £45


Groups of family related medals consisting of 1915 trio to

SS-2627 Cpl TWMeckiff ASC with his three sons groups

1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence and War medals with

TEM with militia bar to 1985524 Spr H T G Meckiff RE

with casualty 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star and

War medal named box no slip to 224709 A W Meckiff

HMS Pozarica K in A on 29-1-1943 when the ship the

was sunk by air attack with Naval General Service medal

Near East to D/MX857735 B G Meckiff 0.A.4 RN nice

complete family group

£330 - £340


Group: 1887 Police Jubilee Medal with 1897 bar (Met

Police) to Inspector J. Cuthbert D Div. 1897 Civil Issue

Jubilee Medal (silver) engraved to Supt. Jas. Cuthbert Met

Police plus 1902 Police Coronation Medal in Silver

Unnamed. James Cuthbert lived 5 Ranelagh Rd, Harrow

Rd. Paddington. Born Norfolk. Rare group. GVF edge

bump to 1897 Jubilee Medal (3)

£540 - £560


Group: France and Germany Star, War Medal plus

Efficiency Medal (QEII Fid. Def.) with bar Army

Emergency Reserve to 22282644 S. Sgt. W.J. Cherry R.

Sigs. GVF (3)

£130 - £140


Group: France and Germany Star, War Medal plus

Naval General Service Medal GVI with bar

Minesweeping 1945-51 to P/SMX 816604 E.A. Johnson

L.S.B.A. R,N. GVF (3)

£170 - £180


GSM Cyprus 1932233 A.C.2 J.E.Griffiths, RAF with

Certificate of Service, RAF Driving Permit MT, Bahrain

D/ Licence, served 11 years, discharged RAF Muharraq,

possibly minor naming corrections

£50 - £55


GSM GVI with Palestine 1945-48 clasp, in box of issue,

named T.1413271 Pte C Moir RASC. EF

£40 - £45


GSM KGVI with Malaya clasp, named 211334554 Rfn

Aite Gurling 2.G.R. VF with many light contact marks

£25 - £30


GSM Northern Ireland to 24712055 Pte R J Knight Para

£180 - £190


GSMQE2 with bars Malaya, Arabian Peninsula, Brunei.

Named to 23734265 Spr D. O'Rahilly RE. GVF few tiny

contact marks

£120 - £130


GSM QE2 with Brunei clasp named to 682670 Jnr Tech


£70 - £75


GSM QE2 with Cyprus clasp, engraved in capitals to

2824092 S.A.C.W. MR Turkington W.R.A.F. nVF, claw

loose. Sold a/f

£70 - £80


GSM QE2 with Malaya clasp named to 2816999 LACW

J H C Hills WRAF. EF

£70 - £80


GSM QE2 with Malaya clasp (T/23502158 Dvr A

Cardwell RASC). Toned VF

£35 - £40


Gulf Medal with bar 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991 to SAC R.A.

Hartfree (E.8253215) RAF. EF

£200 - £220


Gun sight a Ross large & heavy brass gun sight, various

stampings, optics not checked but GC

£40 - £45