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RAF Air Vice Marshals uniforms consisting of service

jacket and trousers named to H B Wrigley complete with

Pilots wings, medal bars, cuff rank with his mess jacket

and waist coat, scarce original lot

£200 - £210


RAF file of maps photo letters documents relating to

various RNAS sea plane bases etc., with scarce RAF

exhibition poster of war photographs and equipment at

the art gallery Swansea 1941 with various RAF WW2

combat and bombing reports pilots log book navigators

log book note books etc.

£100 - £110


RAF Interest a bag of mostly Officers buttons, nearly all

different makers, interesting collection, plus an Air

Ministry marked Dinghy Escape whistle, mostly GVF

£50 - £55


RAF Interest an old wind up Gramophone player with

RAF early Kings Crown logo painted to lid, works but not

offered as a working reliable music player ! Sold a/f

£60 - £65


RAF Kings crown chrome staff car mascot

£40 - £45


RAF LSGC (GeoV) to W/O 2 A.E.L. Endley RAF.

Albert Edward Lawrence Endley was born Wellington,

Shropshire 1897. LSGC was awarded April 1935. Scarce


£80 - £85


RAF Navigators Log book, RAF Service and Release

book, boxed group of medals, 1939-45 Italy Star and War

medal to 1806329 Sgt K F Carpenter served 104 Sqd

flying in Wellingtons and 40 Sqd flying in Liberates

completed 14 ops including bombing bridges factory's

troops etc.

£330 - £340


RAF pilots Log book to P/O P Fried, flying various

aircraft in late WW2 including Mosquitos, comes with

medals and photo

£80 - £85


RAF WW2 pair of MK VIII flying goggles in their

original box of issue with spare lenses

£100 - £110


RAF WW2 AM marked aircraft gun sight

£30 - £35


RAF WW2 AM marked survival whistle with Kings

crown set of pilots wings two RAF hat badges and two

RAF sleeve badges with RAF bible

£70 - £75


RAF WW2 defence and War medals with RAF airman's

service and release book and selection of photos relating

to 1648116 Lac W J Holmes Fabric, worker by trade

£35 - £40


RAF WW2 fire fighter pair of medals in box with

certificate of service with service and release book,

documents, photos, badges etc., to 652296 Cpl H W

Lowton enlisted 9-8-1939 to 11-8-1946

£80 - £85


RAF WW2 Officers hat with Kings crown hat badge,

padded lining

£100 - £110


RAF WW2 practice bomb

£80 - £85


RAF WW2 scarce original unused log book for Air

Gunners, Navigator's etc. with navigator's log book with

log sheets, RAF bible etc.

£80 - £85


RAF W/Opp log book 1939-45 Star, Burma Star and

War medals, portrait photo and a large amount of

research to 1384216 Sgt J Boston served 191 Sqd flying

in Catalina aircraft on convoy escorts in the Far East

£280 - £290


RAF/RNAS WW2 War & Defence medals with good

selection of service documents to 19874132 Lac J S Wicks

RAF /JX687937 J A Wicks RNAS served as Air

Mechanic both services serviced on Spitfires, Tempest,

sea fires etc., nice complete lot

£80 - £85


RAMC WW2 Surgeons cased scalpel set in storage case

with other examples of RAMC Surgeons implements

(please handle with care sharp)

£35 - £40


Regular Army KGVI LSGC Medal named 5487351 Cpl

G White Hamps R. VF

£35 - £40


Renamed medals - NGS KGVI with Palestine 1936-1939

clasp (JX142966 R T George AB HMS Galatea), and

Korea Medal (JX142966 R T George CPOHMS Drake).

Sold a/f (2)

£20 - £25


RFC Interest a Propellor tip and small generator

propellor both probably WW1 era.

£60 - £65


RFC original scarce set of pilots wings

£150 - £160


RNAS WW1 Iron carrying case for an aerial bomb.

Underneath painted '2' & 'J. MORRISON'. A brass tag

attached stamped 'J. MORRISON C.P.O. F:71 RNAS'.

A rare piece for the WW1 RNAS collector.

£30 - £35


Royal Air Force Aiguillettes blue and gold, seven line oris

cord with silver eagle and crown on the tags

£25 - £30


Royal Air Force badges, assortment of WW2 and later


£50 - £60


Royal Air Force Band shoulder boards, sash and

Drummers tassels (6 items)

£30 - £40


Royal Artillery & R.G.A. items - various (5) includes a

silver R.A. spoon, plus 2 HAC collars and a French

battlefield brooch - 8 items in all

£30 - £35


Royal Engineers badges blue WW2 dated Beret, Navy

colour, stamped Kangol wear, 1944 etc. GC

£35 - £40


Royal Engineers large metal wall grenade badge.

Measures 18cm by 10cm

£20 - £25


Royal Engineers, 4 cloth badges including a Division

badge for GHQ Middle East Land Forces, also includes

Pay Book, Release Book for 19029698 L/Cpl. Lancaster

& Certificate of Service etc. etc.

£25 - £30


Royal Fusiliers mixed lot comprising WW1 pair of medals

to 5841 C.W. Wass 1-Lond.R. In original letter envelope

plus 9ct. gold locket & 9ct gold back & front Locket. Both

have Military pictures in them. Also includes a School

medal Royal Fusiliers post card and various photographs


£80 - £85


Royal Humane Society (unsuccessful, Bronze (38mm) to

Richard H. Jones A.B. 5th July 1911. With P.O. R.T.

Travers HMS Roxburgh at 4.45 pm on 05/07/1911, an

Able Seaman fell overboard from HMS Roxburgh at sea.

Both of the above went after him and supported him for

some time, but becoming exhausted had to let him go and

he drowned. Medal painted ? and naming weak. Sold as


£25 - £30


Royal Irish Rifles unmarked silver & porcelain dish

marked on the base "Royal Irish Rifles Aynsley Reg.

451882". C1910

£30 - £35


Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Collection of Stable

Belts, Dress Belts, Ties and Badged Beret (17 items)

£50 - £60