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Pistol: A good Imperial German Luger by DWM & dated 1917. Matching numbers. In

its leather holster with stripping tool and lanyard. Good working order and condition.

With its certificate of deactivation.

£900 - £950


Pistol: A Great War Webley & Scott Ltd. 1" brass signal

pistol. W/D marked and with issue marks for 1916.

Mounts with surface rusting. Walnut grips (R.H. grip

minor chip to heel) with lanyard ring. The standard

WW1 trench signal pistol. G.W. order and sound

condition. An untouched example. With d/act

certificate. No licence required.

£120 - £140


Pistol: A Poacher's double barrelled .410 shotgun pistol

of Belgian manufacture. Twin hammers & double

triggers. Chequered walnut grip. Circa 1890. An

interesting countryside artefact. Barrels 10". Retains

much original blue with light rusting.

£60 - £65


Pistol: A Webley 'Senior' .22 Cal: Air Pistol in its original

carton. In good working order and condition. (Has been

tested, please do not dry fire as this could damage it)

£70 - £75


RAF. Aircraft 1945 dated scarce military marked escape

knife very nice example

£60 - £65


Rifle: A B.S.A. .177 'Cadet' Air Rifle. Action in working order (spring weak). T/G

nut replacement. In a carrying case. Fixed rearsight. Overall good condition -

some wear.

£25 - £35


Rifle: a dummy training rifle circa WW2 (or before). Rifle simulates a model 1903

Springfield service rifle. Spring bolt. Trigger clicks when pulled. Overall length

42". Worn overall but would restore to original condition. Complete with canvas

sling. An unusual & scarce item.

£60 - £70


Rifle: A good Great War S.M.L.E. .303 service rifle. Matching numbers to breech,

barrel, rearsight , woodwork and nose cap. SN: W:34069. Original walnut stock.

Magazine cut-off. W/D ordinance marks. Action marked GR: 1917 SHT LE III

& S.S.A. (Peddled scheme: standard small arms) These rifles assembled at the

Enfield factory for the Armies in France. Butt marker disc shows "E.K." for East

Kent Regiment. In good working order and condition. Light bruising overall

commensurate with service use.

£350 - £400


Rifle: A good .303 P.14 service rifle by Winchester. WD. marked. Volley sights

removed. Rear sight replaced with a Parker Hale MK VII rear peep sight marked

Patt '14. Excellent walnut stock with a webbing sling. Deactivated with a 2001

certificate. V.G.W.O and condition.

£250 - £300