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German SA Dagger with black painted scabbard (most of

paint missing), blade maker marked 'Gust. Weyersberg

Nachf. Solingen'. Cross guard stamped 'NS'. Scruffy

£240 - £260


German SA Dagger with dark brown scabbard, blade

maker marked 'RZM M7/1/38'. Blade and handle

pitted, small chip to handle

£240 - £260


German WW2 Army Officers dress sword blade made by

F W Hollier Soligen in its black painted scabbard

£160 - £170


German WW2 dagger spanner for securing the nuts on

SA SS & NSKK daggers makers code marked

£35 - £40


German WW2 Hitler Youth Dagger with metal scabbard

and leather frog, blade maker marked 'RZM M7/51/40'.

Nice original piece

£140 - £160


German WW2 Hitler youth knife back of grip replaced

also with Hitler Youth arm band and badges

£120 - £130


German WW2 Police Bayonet (no scabbard) blade

maker marked 'Alexander Coppel Solingen', cross guard

stamped 'S.A.r.II.944' and '633'.

£180 - £220


German WW2 Police Bayonet (no scabbard) blade

maker marked 'Alexander Coppel Solingen', cross guard

stamped 'S.A.r.II.986' and '640'.

£180 - £220


German WW2 Red Cross Enlisted Man Hewer with

black scabbard. Overall showing its age with rusting all

over, blade maker marked. Original piece a/f

£240 - £260


German WW2 trench knife in its correct scabbard

£65 - £70


German ? WW1 Trench or Fighting Knife - an unusual

composite piece (tip of blade missing), scabbard made

from SMLE parts.

£120 - £140


GRV Rifle Brigade Officers sword complete with leather

field scabbard

£150 - £160


GV British Infantry Officers Sword with leather field

scabbard, blade named 'H A Hett Army Service Corps

from his father & mother June 1915'.

£240 - £260


Holsters: A 3rd Reich Walther P.P.K. auto leather, flap

top holster stamped 'EISENTUM DER WIEN

SICKERHEITS - WACHE'. Inner flap with Nazi Eagle

issue stamp, AND a WW2 webbing holster for the .38 cal

service revolver, stamped inside the flap 'M.E.Co. 1930'

Both very good condition. (2)

£30 - £35


Imperial German Great War trench/fighting knife.

Blade 6". Ricasso with inspection stamp and marked

'Gottlieb Hammesfaht. Solingen. Foche'. Broad, deep red

coloured, walnut grip with 9 grooves. In its field green

painted steel scabbard with leather belt loop and

retaining strap. A good collectors example.

£120 - £140


Imperial German Luger by DWM with breech marked

'1918'. This pistol sold to Finland in 1920 and rebelled by

the Tikka Arsenal. Matching numbers 134. With its

WW1 chequered wood grips and Finnish magazine.

These pistols were issued to Finnish officers and saw

extensive action in the winter war with Russia in 1940. In

excellent working order and very good condition. (small

loss to locking button). Full Imperial markings and

Finnish mark to barrel. Collector's lot. With D'Act


£600 - £650


Imperial German Model 1871 Prussian Infantry NCO's

bayonet. Made at Erfut in 1878. Blade 18", worn and

pitted. Brass hilt with S quillons. In its matching brass

mounted leather scabbard. Regimentally marked to the

80th Infantry Regiment. Worn overall, scabbard leather

dry, stitching a/f in parts.

£35 - £40


Imperial German sidearm c1870's, brass hilt regimentally

marked, large heavy blade, complete with leather & brass

scabbard (top mount a/f)

£70 - £75


Indian 19th Century sword very nice example with silver

inlayed hilt

£100 - £110


Indian sword: 'Tulwar' iron hilt with long langets. Disc

pommel. Curved blade 33" in its velvet covered wooden

scabbard (Worn & a/f with losses to chape). Traces of

coloured decoration to hilt. Appears to be of some age.

Interesting item.

£50 - £55


Japanese Katana. Blade 26" (good condition). Iron

Tsuba. Field service leather cover to wooden saya.

Rayskin same with brown tape and menuki. Worn

overall, likely WW2 vintage. Viewing recommended.

£100 - £120


Japanese sword Katana blade 27" (tip broken off). Iron

Tsuba tape bound grip. Wooden Saya with simple

lacquered design (some wear & losses). An interesting

sword of some apparent age. Viewing recommended. a/f

£80 - £85


Japanese sword Katana. Blade 26". Solid Tsuba.

Wooden saya with plain brass mounts. Cloth bound.

Rayskin hilt with plain brass Menuki. Button release for


£100 - £150