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Japanese Sword Shin-Gunto. Blade 26.5". Long slim hilt

11". Iron Tsuba with simple decoration. In its lacquered

wood scabbard with WW2 field service, leather cover

over. Sword bears much service wear and could be of

some age. Cloth bound same with rayskin. Single asti. A

nice original item. Viewing recommended.

£120 - £140


Japanese Type 98 Shin Gunto in its leather field service

scabbard and an Indian Tulwar for the tourist market.

Japanese sword worth a look. Both in scabbards. (2) a/f

£40 - £50


Japanese WW2 Naval Officers Dirk, early pattern with

sharkskin grip

£180 - £220


Japanese WW2 sword SHIN-GUNTO type 98. Blade

22" with press button scabbard release. Pierced Tsuba.

Light brown ? over rayskin same with gilt menuki. Single

ashi. In its wooden saya with a leather field service cover

(centre section leather cover worn with losses). Saya in

good condition. Overall a decent WW2 example of a


£200 - £250


Knife: A copy of a 1st Pattern F/S knife mounted on a

board with two cloth special forces badges. No scabbard.

Good condition overall. a/f

£25 - £30


Knife: A German camping knife (Kampfmesser). With a






VOLKSARMEE' (National Peoples Army) and

numbered '10588'. Blade 6". The whole in unissued

condition with original numbered box. *Vendor states it

is an East German Army Paratroop dagger awarded for

500 jumps in the Willi Sanger Brigade. Scarce

£80 - £85


Knife: A good 2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes, WW2

fighting knife. Blade 6.75". Crossguard marked with WD

Arrow and 'B2'. In its original leather scabbard (elastic

retaining loop missing). Knurled brass grips. A genuine

WW2 commando knife with standard WD and 'B2'

marks. A collector's lot in good used condition.

£200 - £250


Knife: A good WW2 issue, 3rd Pattern F.S knife. Ribbed

grip with WW2 pommel raised number '3'. General

service wear, blade 6.75" (tip well repointed). In its brass

and leather scabbard (retaining elastic loop missing). a

decent WW2 issue commando knife.

£100 - £150


Knife: A post war copy of a WW1 Kukri. Blade stamped

1917. Probably W.W Arms circa 1970. a/f

£25 - £30


Knife: A reproduction 3rd Pattern F.S. Knife. Blade 7"

ribbed hilt in leather scabbard marked 'Sheffield

England' AND a leather shot flask marked 'PATENT'. (2)

£20 - £25


Knife: A WW1 Austro - Hungarian trench knife. Ricasso

marked 'P'. Blade 8.25". Tip repointed. Plain wood grips

in its pressed steel scabbard. Worn overall.

£30 - £35


Knife: A WW2 German boot/trench knife in its steel

scabbard with boot clip. Blade marked with a '6' within a

border stamp. Clean blade 6.25". Plain wood grips with

three raised rivets.

£50 - £60


Knife: German 3rd Reich Hitler Youth knife, 1942. Plain

broad blade 5.5". Ricasso marked 'RZM - M7/67. 1942'.

Chequered grip with swastika diamond shaped logo

(reverse of grip smooth), no reverse quillon on this model.

In its black painted steel scabbard (some wear) with belt


£80 - £85


Knives: A fine sports knife by top maker John Nowill of

Sheffield. Blade 4.5", chunky staghorn grip. Contained in

its leather scabbard. As new condition AND a good lock

knife. 3.75" blade marked '970 PUMA GAME -

WARDEN' 'Handmade - Germany'. Walnut grip. In as

new condition in sheath. A fine pair of knives. (2)

£25 - £30


Knives: A post war 3rd Pattern F.S. knife in its scabbard

AND a ceremonial type modern dagger from Spain.

Blade stamped 'TOLEDO'. In its steel mounted leather

scabbard. Good condition. (2)

£30 - £40


Knives: A WW2 British Army clasp knife blade marked

'RGS '43', PLUS a home made trench knife, no

scabbard, AND a WW2 period German paper knife in

the form of a dress bayonet in its steel scabbard. (3)

£20 - £25


Knives: Three decent Kukri knives for the tourist

industry. They have some age. One large, one medium,

one small. (3)

£20 - £25


Large interesting early Hunting Knife with ivory grips,

decorated with Native symbols, possibly Native

American or Eskimo ?

£80 - £85


Machete: A WW2 period machete. Broad blade 24".

Ricasso marked with 'No.23' & an Anteater logo. Horn

grip (some losses). No scabbard. a/f

£20 - £25


Matchlock: A decorative matchlock musket. Long barrel

4 ft. Iron barrel with canon muzzle. Copper barrel

bands. This item is a decorative model only. (buyer


£40 - £45


Miscellaneous: A dealer's bag of miscellaneous militaria,

daggers, bayonet, knives including an Indian Katar

dagger. Viewing recommended. (Mind your fingers,

sharp blades). Buyer collects

£20 - £30


Musket: A British Percussion Musket circa 1845-50.

Barrel 35.5". Three leaf sigh (A/F) Lock marked

'PROVED, TOWER GUN' and '1877' to rear of lock.

Walnut stock with cheek piece, brass furniture. Barrel

pitted, walnut stock, lacks fore-end cap. Musket likely for

native service in the last quarter of the 19th century.

Lock in good working order. Worn but sound condition


£100 - £120


Naval Officers c1827 pattern sword (no scabbard)

£220 - £240


No 4 mk1 scarce pig stick bayonet with cruciform blade

£120 - £140


Pistol: a 'Basque' Spanish copy of the Walther PPK

pistol. Cal .380. D/Activated. Action in working order.

£120 - £130