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Air Crew Europe Star, small spot to obverse otherwise


£150 - £200


Airship casualty group - '1915 Star Trio and Death Plaque to M.2687 Charles William Printer C.P.O.

MECH RN (incorrect initial on Star). Born Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire. Recommended for a

commission as Technical Officer RNAS, Lost at Sea 22nd June 1918 owing to the Wreck of Airship

NS.3 off East Fortune. An officer wrote "He was a very keen and cleaver engineer, and a very hard

worker, never complaining even under the most trying circumstances. It was typical of him that he

carried out the orders for the engines up to the last moment with extraordinary promptness, although in

imminent danger, and thus probably reduced the loss of life". The lot includes much research including

extracts from the book North Sea Three by Brian J Turpin 'The engineers, although clinging frantically

to the structure inside the power car, immediately answered on their telegraphs and reduced power. The

helm was put hard over in an effort to bring the ship back into the wind, but before she could respond

the stern struck the water at a speed of 70mph. The power car was ripped off by the force of the impact.

It sank instantly with two engineers still inside'. With s superb Commemorative Scroll given by the

Citizens of Gloucester. A Fine and Rare group. EF but plaque is stuck to card (4)

£1700 - £1800


American helmet shell with reproduction cover. Fixed

bale to one side only. No liner.

£30 - £40


American Indian Peace medal 1865 by President

Andrew Johnson, pierced for suspension, by Paquet,

struck in silver and copper, this is a dark toned copper or

brass example, looks old but possibly a Victorian or later

collectors copy VF. a/f

£270 - £280