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Sword: An Indian Tulwar of some age. All steel

construction. Heavy curved, unfullered blade 34" single

edged. Wheel pommel with long flattened langets. Rose

(?) finials to crossguard. Sheet iron guard. Traditional

diamond shape grip. The sword is sound and complete

with light rust & pitting overall. This is a working sword

of the 18th or 19th Century in original - a sleeper.

£100 - £120


Sword: An interesting 18th century small sword/mouring

sword (?) possibly for a boy. Blade 32" of hollow,

triangular section. Straight crossguard with Rosary type

chain connecting with the Urn pommel. All steel

construction with simple berry decoration. Blade with

typical floriate decoration found on 18th century sword

blades. An interesting & attractive sword. No scabbard.

£100 - £120


Sword: An QE2, 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers sword by

Henry Wilkinson Co. (Wilkinson Sword Co.) Wirebound

fishskin grip. Polished steel guard with QE2 logo. Finely

etched blade 32" with QE2 cypher & Wilkinson logo. In

its polished steel scabbard with two hanging rings. This

sword is in fine condition.

£150 - £160


Sword: unidentified European (?) sword of an the 18th century or possibly earlier? Plain

brass two bar guard with double shell type crossguard with protruding quillon. Brass

backstrap with plain, leather-bound grip (couple of worm holes). Double edged blade

with central fuller 31" (tip rounded). Blade with armourers mark (sceptre?) and the letters

'POR MYLEY' on one side and 'Y POR MYREY' to the other. Sword appears of some

age and is in worn but sound condition overall.

£150 - £200


US WW2 aircraft survival knife blade marked Camillus

complete with blade cover

£70 - £75


US WW2 M3 fighting knife

£100 - £110


WW1 1916 dated military marked and maker marked

spring bayonet practice rifle nice clean example

£200 - £210

Medals & Militaria


BWM & Victory medals to 265961 Pte J Reeder Royal

Scots fusiliers in box of issue with discharge documents

portrait photo Kings medal his comb and whistle

£80 - £85


17th Century Casbanet formed from one piece C. 1600

with turned over brims in good condition rivets around

side missing

£500 - £520


1914-15 star an original unnamed example and scarce,


£40 - £45


1914-15 star ribbons, 10x old silk sets for 10x trios, some

show age, VF

£90 - £95


1914 casualty trio with original Aug Nov bar to 6725

L/Cpl Sydney Roberts 1st Bn Lincolnshire Reg

remembered Sheffield (Burngreave ) cemetery born

Greenwich London

£350 - £360


1914 Star named 1996 Pte J Finnigan R.Lanc R. (tiny

correction to naming noted). MIC shows entitlement to

Mons clasp. Killed In Action 1st May 1915 with the 1st

Bn. Born Everton. On the Ypres Memorial. (CWGC &

Soldier Died list him as John Finegan). GVF (1)

£60 - £65


1914 Star Trio to Lieut G.E. Balfour 98th Infantry (Capt

G E Balfour on pair), Died on 5th Sept 1917 with 98th

Indian Infantry. On the Karachi War Memorial. Buried

Quetta Cantonment Cemetery - all in small frame GVF


£450 - £480


1914 Star Trio with original Mons bar (confirmed) to

32409 Gnr Ernest George Weston RFA. Killed In Action

1st July 1916 with 68th Bty RFA. Buried Mailly Wood

Cemetery. With addressed envelope of issue. EF (3)

£350 - £400


1914 Star (entitled to Mons Clasp, but this missing)

named 14760 Pte T W Hankinson 1/G.Gds. Killed In

Action 29/10/1914. On the Ypres Memorial. Born

Oldham. GVF (1)

£80 - £85


1914 trio to 165215 Pte L F Lloyd 1/1 North Somerset


£220 - £230


1914 Trio to 42701 Gnr. R. Goodchild 39th Battery

R.F.A. (served 14th Brigade) To France on 16.8.14.

Covered the retirement at Le Chateau 26.8.14. Made a

famous stand on 3.5.15 at 2nd Ypres. On original

ribbons, entitled to bar. (absent).

£75 - £80