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Sword: An 1821 Pattern Artillery Officers sword by

Palmer of Woolwich. Narrow blade 33", engraved with

V.R. Cypher. In its leather field service scabbard with

horseshoe holder frog. Wirebound fishskin hilt, steel 3 bar

guard. The whole in good condition.

£130 - £140


Sword: An 1821 Pattern Artillery Officers sword. Blade

marked 'MADE IN ENGLAND' G''R cypher to the blade

& 'Royal Artillery' Wirebound fishskin grip, triple bar hilt.

In its leather field service scabbard (wear & loss to chape).

A decent example in sound & better condition. (sword &

blade good).

£80 - £85


Sword: An 1821 Pattern Infantry Officers Light Cavalry

Officers Sword. Triple bar hilt, wirebound fishskin grip.

Slightly curved blade 33". Plain blade with much original

polish. In its steel scabbard. Darkly patinated overall.

With white sword knot.

£120 - £130


Sword: An 1822/45 Pattern Infantry Officers sword. Pipe

back blade 32". Brass Gothic hilt with folding sideguard

and V.R. cypher. In its steel scabbard (throat screws & lip

missing). Wirebound fishskin grip. Sound and better

condition overall. a/f

£90 - £100


Sword: An 1845 Infantry Officers Sword. Blade 32.5" by

Buckmaster & Co, New Burrington Street, London.

Nicely engraved blade with V.R. Crown & logo. In its

leather covered (some losses) steel scabbard (no rings).

Brass Gothic Guard with folding guard section. A nice old

sword in sound to good condition.

£80 - £85


Sword: An 1845 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword in its

steel scabbard (rusted). Brass Gothic hilt (bent),

Wirebound fishskin grip (worn with losses). Slim blade

30" by Jones, 6 Regent St. London. V.R. Cypher. A bit

worn & battered.

£50 - £60


Sword: An 1845/1854 Pattern Sword. Brass Gothic Hilt

with solid guard. V.R. Cypher. Wirebound fishskin grip.

Single edged blade with chipped point. Blade 31". Light

pitting to plain blade. Overall good condition. Lacks its


£30 - £40


Sword: An 1854 Pattern Foot Guards Officers sword to

the Coldstream Guards. Slim blade 32.5" made by Henry

Wilkinson & Co. Pall Mall, London. Number 45441

shows year of manufacture 1914 - 1917. Wirebound

fishskin grip. Polished steel guard & scabbard. The whole

in good condition.

£250 - £300


Sword: An 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers sword by

Wilkinson Sword. Unidentified Unit but made for the

Zambian Government with their National Crest to the

steel bowl. Engraved blade 32" with Wilknson Sword

logo. In its polished steel scabbard with 2x suspension

rings. Good condition overall.

£80 - £85


Sword: An 1897 Pattern with the Geo V Cypher to the

steel guard. Wirebound fishskin grip. Blade 31" tapered

to a spear point. Traces of etching. In its steel scabbard.

Bowl guard pitted. In worn but sound condition.

£80 - £85


Sword: An attractive miniature presentation sword by

Wilkinson Sword Company in its blue velvet Wilkinson

fitted case. Brass hilt, blade 6.5", overall length 8.5".

Possibly used as a letter opener or a presentation item.

£20 - £25


Sword: An Eastern sword of blacksmith manufacture

contained in a silver (coloured) sheet metal scabbard with

decorations (nicely done). Japanese influence to hilt.

Sword well worn, scabbard in good condition. With red

bullion sword knots.

£60 - £80