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Moroccan snaphaunce Kabyle gun from North Africa. 18 bore. Barrel 50". Well made &

attractively decorated with mother of pearl & fine filigree type brass work. A quality gun

lock in w/order. Circa 19th century. Viewing recommended.

£30 - £35


Moroccan snaphaunce Kabyle gun from North Africa. 18 bore. Barrel 53". Well made &

attractively decorated with silver (coloured) sheet metal. A quality gun of some age lock in

w/order. Circa 18th/19th century. Viewing recommended.

£30 - £35


Pistols: A pair of Flintlock boxlock pocket pistols by

Ketland & Co. London, so engraved on side panels.

Sliding top thumb safety, ring necked cocks, concealed

triggers, slab walnut grips. G.W.O & condition. English

proofs. Turn off barrel 2". A good original pair circa 1815

in working order & good condition. Recommended. (2)

£220 - £240


Pistol: A 19th Century percussion belt pistol circa 1840.

Barrel 9", 28 bore (approx). Wooden stock with captive

rammer. Iron furniture. Worn overall.

£25 - £30


Pistol: A flintlock pistol in the Light Dragoon type pattern.

Walnut stock with brass furniture. Badly fitting lock. Ring

neck cock. Traces of EIC logo to lock face. Ramrod

missing. Working lock. Barrel 9". With British proof &

view marks. Sound condition overall. Will improve with

t.l.c. A/F

£120 - £140


Pistol: A short percussion Indian 'Lancer' type pistol. Lock

marked 'Tower' 'VR' and '1843'. Worn overall (ramrod

missing). Barrel 6". Brass furniture. Lock a/f. Screw

missing from lock. Sound condition overall. Lanyard ring


£25 - £30


Pistol: An Eastern Flintlock belt pistol of good quality.

Approx 16 bore. Barrel 8". Silver (?) coloured furniture

with simple decoration. Turkish letters to barrel. Seat

does not engage the cock, mainspring strong. Stock in

good condition, (ramrod channel filled?). This is a nice

pistol which will improve with a little tlc.

£80 - £85


Pistol: An Eastern Flintlock pistol (Turkish?) circa 1800.

Worn overall. Action in working order. Woodwork

covered by sheet brass (?). Some mother of pearl inlay.

Barrel 10".

£60 - £65


Powder Flasks: A brass bag shaped copper powder flask

by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield (Riling No 207) Some

dents to body, plus a leather shot flask embossed with

hunter (sporting a Sporran!) with his dogs. Worn overall

(Tab & ring missing) circa 1800. (2)

£20 - £25


Revolver: A Colt Model 1849 percussion revolver serial

number 273733 (matching numbers) which dates it to

1865. Barrel 6". Top flat marked 'Address Col. Saml Colt.

New York. U.S.A..' Brass T/G & Backstrap. One piece

walnut grips (minor chip to r.h rear toe). Calibre .31.

Smooth overall patina. No cylinder scene. Good crisp

action. No licence required. A decent late U.S. Civil War

pocket revolver.

£600 - £650


Spears A short Zulu Assegai long leaf shaped blade (tip

off) 16". Raffia bound wooden grip. Overall length 38".

Plus two longer more detailed types (3) (Buyer collects)

£80 - £85


Spears: A pair of African (?) hunting spear heads with

reverse barbs (mind your fingers when viewing). Of some

age, possibly 19h century. Good condition for age. (2)

£20 - £25


Stick: A silver (coloured) top to a Royal Scots, swagger

stick. Cane body brass ferrule. Overall length 28". In

excellent condition. With an ebony walking stick (a/f) (2)

£20 - £25


Sword Victorian 1895 pattern Infantry Officers sword

blade engraver to the 2nd BN South Stafford Shire Regt

made by Hobson London in its brown leather case

£220 - £230


Sword 1896 pattern ERII infantry NCO dress sword nice

clean example

£120 - £130


Sword 1897 pattern GRV Infantry Officers sword blade

named to R Ridding 12th Royal Sussex Reg in its metal

dress scabbard

£180 - £190


Sword continental infantry sword with brass hilt fish skin

grip in its brown leather scabbard

£80 - £85


Sword German WW1 cavalry sword

£120 - £130


Sword scarce 1796 pattern Officers Heavy Cavalry dress

sword made by Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London the

scabbard and hilt have been chrome plated

£280 - £290


Sword scarce 1899 pattern cavalry troopers sword

engraved on the back of the grip 21L E L ELLISS 21


£280 - £290


Swords: A pair of ceremonial swords possibly of German

origin. Slim engraved blades 34" marked 'F.H'. (F. Hoster

& Co?) In their steel mounted leather scabbard with single

hanging rings. Both in good condition. (2)

£80 - £85


Swords: . A Native sword. Round cylindrical grip. Flat

blade with broad spear tip tapering to narrow ricasso. In

a plain wooden scabbard. Rusted overall. Plus A Tourist

sword/dagger from India with its wooden grip and

scabbard. Fairly basic construction. (2)

£20 - £25