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Bayonet: Pattern 1875 sword bayonet 2nd Type. Blade

22.75" which is longer than the standard issues. Vendor

states a New South Wales volunteer bayonet. This would

appear to be the Henry sword bayonet (Skennerton

P271). This was a German made bayonet for the Martini

Henry rifle in Australian use. Good condition.

£150 - £160


Bayonet: Pattern 1887 MKI sword bayonet. Blade

(18.25") marked 'VR' & dated 1886 & 'WD'. Good

chequered grips in its steel mounted leather scabbard

(some crazing to leather). Good blade and overall good


£85 - £90


Bayonet: Pattern 1888 MK I 2nd Type (oil hole in grip)

Pommel marked 1MM (1st Bn Monmouth Regt) 471 in

its steel mounted leather (MK I) scabbard. Worn but

sound condition.

£65 - £70


Bayonet: Pattern 1888 MK II bayonet in its MKI steel

mounted leather. Ricasso mark July 1890. WD mark.

With leather frog.

£90 - £100


Bayonet: Pattern 1888 MK III bayonet in its steel

mounted leather scabbard made by Mole in May 1902

with WD inspection marks. Good condition with minor

light rust. Leather frog.

£80 - £90


Bayonet: Siamese Mauser bayonet in its steel scabbard.

Sound condition.

£25 - £30


Bayonet: Spanish knife bayonet in its plastic (fractured).

Sound condition.

£20 - £25


Bayonet: Spanish Model 1893 Artillery bayonet in its

steel mounted leather scabbard. Sound condition.

£40 - £50


Bayonet: Swedish Model 1898 knife bayonet in its steel

scabbard with original leather frog. Sound condition.

£30 - £35


Bayonet: Unidentified European Yataghan blade sword

bayonet possibly for a cadet rifle? 'A.O.F.' stamped to

pommel. Blade 22.5". Leather chequered grip. This

bayonet is quite light and has a smaller than usual grip,

hence possible cadet usage. Based on the British P1856

design. Overall in good condition. (Possibly a Japanese

P1856 British pattern?)

£80 - £90


Bayonet: WW1 Turkish Model 1887 bayonet, no

scabbard. Turkish Toughera of Bin Hamid II. Clean


£35 - £40



1796 pattern light cavalry officers sword, blade engraved

with various trophy's and kings crest etc, in its metal

scabbard hilt and grip damaged

£140 - £150


17th century pattern rapiers and dagger possibly

Victorian copy's ? (2) a/f

£100 - £110


1842 pattern east India company musket with bayonet

nice original gun with lion to lock plate faint proof marks

to barrel Indian engravings to but plate

£550 - £600


1853 pattern presentation cavalry troupers sword with

scabbard engraved on the blade presented by the right

hon lord Leigh to Mr William Harvey 6 th troop of wyc

as second prize for sword exercise 1859

£300 - £350


1899 pattern cavalry troupers sword with scabbard

scarce example with owners details engraved on back

strap 21 l. h .i . ellis 21 lancers res sqdn

£300 - £350


18th century continental flint lock pistol possibly Spanish


£380 - £400


18th century continental military officers small sword

£120 - £130


18th century continental officers sword with brass lions

head hilt blade engraved with varies trophy's

£200 - £220


19th century 1840 pattern percussion constabulary

carbine lock with crown vr tower 1842 with varies

inspectors stock markings

£550 - £600


19th century 3 band continental military musket

£240 - £260


19th century 3 band Enfield smooth bore musket for

service in India complete with bayonet with tower dated

lock nice clean gun

£300 - £350


19th century brass hilted Russian infantry sword

£80 - £85


19th century percussion box lock pocket pistol by Briscoe

of London in fitted wood case with powder flask

percussion cap box etc

£280 - £300


19th century percussion box lock pocket pistol by smith

£165 - £175


A 12 bore cartridge reloading tool marked 'BREVETE

SGDG & MD' with a leather shot flask embossed with a

Pheasant motif.

£25 - £30


A 19th century Powder tester. Large wheel graduated

from 2 to 24 (yards?). Light rusting. Interesting lot.

£70 - £80


Air Pistol: A Webley & Scott Ltd (Birmingham) MK1 3rd

series. Safety catch. Walnut grips with winged bullet

inset. Calibre .177. Trigger adjustment screw. SN: 551.

Worn overall. Action a/f - spring good. Numerous patent

dates. Scarce pistol. Circa 1925-30

£30 - £35


Bayonet scarce no 4 mk 1 cruciform pig stick bayonet

£100 - £110


Bayonets - French Model 1874 Gras Epee bayonet made

at St Etienne in 1879 with scabbard, plus a Japanese

Arisaka Model 1897 bayonet with early hooked quillon,

good blade, painted black overall, scabbard dented at tip


£40 - £45


Bayonets for the M16, AK47 1st Ptn, V258, Yugo AK

bayonet (4)

£35 - £40


Bayonets: 1) a P'13 bayonet by Remington dated 12/15

in its steel mounted leather scabbard. Good condition.

2)Swedish Model 1896 knife bayonet. In its steel

scabbard in good condition (light rust to both). (2)

£40 - £45


Bayonets: 1) U.S Model 1942 Springfield bayonet.

Ricasso marked 'PAC' & U.S. 1943. Blued blade 9.75".

In its U.S marked plastic scabbard. 2) U.S. M1 Carbine

Bayonet Pattern U.S. M4. Crossguard stamped 'U.S. M4

and 'CAMILLUS' (maker). In its U.S.M8 A1 steel

mounted plastic scabbard with integral frog. In unissued

condition. 3) An unusual civilian all steel dagger, ricasso

marked 'Stainless Steel Taiwan' in a webbing scabbard

and lanyard loop to pommel - unusual. (3)

£80 - £85


Bayonets: British bayonets for the No4 .303 Enfield

Service Rifle: No9 MKI for the No4 rifle & Sten? in its

steel scabbard with frog. Good condition. No4 MKII 5

(Singer/Savage). In its steel scabbard. Light wear overall.

Plus a Naval Jack knife, plus a Belgian F.A.L. Bayonet

Model 1963 for the South African R2 & R3 Assault rifles.

In its steel scabbard with frog marked 'G. Tollman'. Very

good condition overall. (4)

£40 - £45


Bayonets: Swedish Patt 1896 Knife bayonet in scabbard

G.C. (light rusting blade. V.G) and Patt 1853 Socket

bayonet. No scabbard marked blade 17" "Lawrence'.

G.C. (2)

£25 - £30


Bayonet: A French Model 1842/59 Sabre bayonet made

at Chatellerault in 1842. In its steel scabbard. In good

overall condition.

£40 - £45


Bayonet: A good and scarce Imperial German Model

1898-05 Pioneers SAWBACK 'Butcher' bayonet. In its

steel mounted leather scabbard (crease to leather as

normal!) Unit marking to cross guard (Eisenbahn

Regiment -Railway Troops) High ears 'Cross guard NO

flash guard, maker W & K & Cie. This is a pre-war

production circa 1909. Overall in good condition.

£190 - £200


Bayonet: A privately modified P1903 SMLE bayonet.

Blade shortened from 12" to 8". Blade re ground and re

shaped. Scabbard shortened to 9" and painted black.

Sold with a Swedish skinning knife in sheath. Blade

marked 'Erik Frost' Mora, Sweden. Both items from the

family of William Molyneux Pte in the Queen's

Regiment, I.C.C and Corps of Hussars. Sold with details

of his military service. Good condition overall. (2)

£200 - £250


Bayonet: A scarce P.07 WW1 bayonet with hooked

quillon. Pommel regimentally marked to the Durham

Light Infantry 'DM'. Made by Wilkinson in March 1909.

Throat of scabbard marked '3Dm. 2779'. Minor pitting

to mounts. Clean blade, walnut grips. Good overall


£290 - £300


Bayonet: Egyptian F.N. Model 1949 short export Mauser

bayonet. Grip has been (well) replaced. Egyptian

hieroglyphics to pommel. Vendor states 'captured Suez'.

Good condition overall.

£35 - £40


Bayonet: Knife: a P13 bayonet converted to a fighting

knife with an unusual adapted leather frog. Blade 7.5

with clipped back point. Converted P17 scabbard with

leather retaining loop to frog. An official conversion,

muzzle ring removed.

£40 - £45