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New Land Pattern Flintlock pistol c1810-1812 with the

raised pan and rammer. Ring neck cock. Stepped

unbolted lock. Marked crown over GR, and 'Tower' to

tail of lock. Barrel 9" with pre 1813 proofs. Lock viewers

mark circa 1810. Good walnut stock (circular drilled hole

has been plugged possibly used for a lanyard). Brass

furniture with 'skull crusher' heavy buttcap. Metalwork

smooth with a pleasing patina. (Crisp lock on 1st & 2nd

cock) Good working order, small repairs to woodwork

£600 - £650


Pistols: A pair of matching boxlock, single barrel

(hexagonal) percussion, pocket pistols. Barrels 3.5".

Simple acanthus type engraving. Belgian proof marks.

Bag shaped wooden grips. Locks in working order. Pistols

in clean condition and are of average quality. Pistol circa

1840s. (2)

£200 - £220


Pistols: A pair of percussion pocket pistols circa 1840.

Turn off barrels 2". Nickel silver actions, two piece wood

grips, sheath triggers. In working order and good

condition. (2)

£70 - £75


Pistol: A 7.65mm Walther. PPK semi automatic pistol. In

its original factory box complete with handbook and

original test target dated 7th Nov 1966. With certificate

of deactivation. Immaculate in unfired condition. In

good working order and collectors grade condition


£250 - £260


Pistol: A Belgian .22 cal blank firing single shot pistol.

Undervented barrel 2.5", plain 2 piece wooden grips,

sheath trigger. Circa WW1. Hammer fails to cock

properly. A favourite of school boys in the 1950s!! Nice

nostalgic piece. a/f

£20 - £25


Pistol: A combination knife pistol by Rogers of Sheffield.

Made by James Rogers circa 1845-50. Octagonal barrel,

English proofs, Percussion nipple (a/f) Folding trigger

and hammer (action a/f). Ham grip, butt trap, tweezers

present. Two blades, one marked 'James Rogers

Sheffield'. Some wear and tear.

£150 - £160


Pistol: A decent flintlock, boxlock, turn off, pocket pistol.

Barrel 3". Frame marked with makers name (hard to

read 'Matson'?) English proof and view marks. Ring neck

cock, frizzen (spring gone) safety catch. A nice pistol,

grips possibly replaced. Dates circa 1800.

£180 - £200


Pistol: A double barrelled pinfire rifled pistol. Barrels

7.5". Light and medium pitting. Crisp action, twin

hammers work well on 1st and 2nd cock. Continental

type fluted grip, simple engraving to frame.

£120 - £140


Pistol: A double barrelled, boxlock, pocket hammer pistol

circa 1840. Twin barrels 3" with polygroove rifling. Brass

frame with acanthus scrolling. Chequered walnut grip

with brass buttplate. Worn overall but complete and in

working order. No licence.

£120 - £140


Pistol: A fine Officers 16 bore flintlock pistol. Lock signed

'WILKINSON' circa 1790. Captive rammer. Ring neck

cock. Brass furniture. Round barrel 9" with proof and

view marks. Polished walnut stock with plain bag shaped

grips. Lock in crisp working order. The whole in

collectors grade condition. *Maker most likely James

Wilkinson (1759 - 1848) who worked with Henry Nock in


£600 - £650


Pistol: A flintlock belt pistol of Eastern origin (possibly

Turkish) circa 1800-1820. Barrel 8.5" with raised floral

decoration. Action cocks on 2nd cock. Simple engraving

decoration to brass buttcap and furniture. Ramrod

absent. A tidy little pistol, worn but sound condition and

in working order. (Some wear to butt on left hand side).

Approx 20 bore.

£100 - £120


Pistol: A good 9mm Browning Automatic service pistol.

Herstal address to left hand of frame. Retains much of its

original blued finish. In excellent working order. Good

black plastic grips sold with its standard magazine and an

extended combat magazine.

£400 - £450


Pistol: A Heckler & Koch German signal pistol S16, P2,

A1 - 26.5mm. Deactivated with certificate and contained

in its plastic holster with carrying strap. No licence


£40 - £45


Pistol: A large bore (approx 16 bore) boxlock percussion

pistol. Working order, nipple damaged, bag shaped grip.

Worn overall.

£40 - £45


Pistol: A large French Holster percussion pistol converted

from a flintlock. Barrel with various proofs and appears

dated '1802'. Polished walnut stock. Barrel 8.75", approx

10 bore. Large hammer with nipple set into barrel. No

ramrod. A massive pistol !

£80 - £90


Pistol: A large percussion holster pistol 'NEW SERIES

SIDELOCK' for Indian Cavalry circa 1843-52.

Octagonal barrel 9". Bore .66, normally 12 bore

(Carbine Bore). Brass furniture. Short swivel rammer, flat

buttcap with lanyard ring. Rack numbers '1089' &

R2395'. Pistol unmarked and worn overall. Action partly

a/f. Crack to woodwork but no losses.

£90 - £100


Pistol: A Lefaucheaux Brevette pinfire revolver circa

1860. Six shot 11mm, obsolete calibre, no licence

required. Barrel 5.5". Bag shaped walnut grip, side

mounted rammer. Action a/f, loading gate missing.

Worn and pitted overall.

£80 - £85


Pistol: A percussion boxlock, turn off barrel pocket pistol.

Hexagonal barrel 3.25". Belgian proof. Action a/f. Bag

shaped walnut grip. Worn overall.

£40 - £45


Pistol: A percussion boxlock, turn off, barrel pocket

pistol. Barrel 3", concealed trigger. Crisp action on 1st &

2nd cock. Nicely chequered walnut grip with silver

escutcheon. A nice example of this type of pistol- circa


£60 - £65


Pistol: A percussion boxlock, turn off, pocket pistol.

Barrel 3". Lock in working order, nipple broken,

chequered walnut grips. Worn but sound overall. Tang

screw missing.

£50 - £55


Pistol: A percussion duelling pistol by 'Blake' converted to

drum and ripple from flintlock. Octagonal barrel 10"

signed 'LONDON' (likely George Blake gunmaker 168

Fenchurch Street, 1784-91, later at Wapping 1793-1804)

London proofs to barrel. Quality walnut stock (minor loss

at muzzle l.handside) Brass furniture, trigger guard with

attractive acorn finial. Wooden ramrod with head absent.

Shield escutcheon to stock. Good working order and

generally GC. (foresight blade absent. T/guard tail lifted)


£250 - £300


Pistol: A percussion, boxlock, turn off barrel pocket muff

pistol (possibly for a lady). Barrel 2" with English proofs.

Plain walnut grip with silver escutcheon. Circa 1840.

Nice little pistol.

£50 - £55


Pistol: A pin fire pocket revolver of Belgian origin. 6 shot,

cal .31, barrel 3". Action a/f, mainspring ok. Plain wood

grips. Needs a clean. Worn overall. Barrel blocked with

clay. a/f

£35 - £40


Pistol: An Eastern flintlock pistol made for the tourist

market. Silver wire decoration. Nicely decorated with

silver coloured metal. Several pozidrive screws!!! Action

a/f. A wall hanger

£35 - £40


Pistol: The major parts of a 'COOPERS PATENT', six

shot, pepperbox revolver. Barrels & frame complete and

in good condition. Engraved and marked 'J.R.

COOPERS PATENT'. Trigger and underhammer

missing, R.H. Grip with loss to top. A good restoration

project, the whole in good condition with dark

patination. No licence required. Cal approx .38.

£80 - £90


Pistol: The major parts of a flintlock boxlock, turn off,

pocket pistol signed 'TWIGG' & 'London'. Cock & top of

frizzen missing, walnut grips loose with minor losses. Sold

with a powder flask made from a gourd. (2)

£20 - £25


Powder Flasks: 1) a good copper bodied powder flask by


working order and condition. 2) a bag shaped copper

powder flask with circle panel decoration (Riling 522)

Nozzle a/f, charger spring missing. Top marked 'patent'


£25 - £30


Powder Flask: A good quality plain copper bodied

powder flask by BARTRAM & Co. Bag shaped flask

similar to Riling No1347. Good condition and working


£30 - £35


Powder Flask: A good quality powder flask by J.W.

Hawksley. Flinted body (Riling 289). A large flask in

excellent working order and condition (and full of shot)

£30 - £35