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German WW2 Naval dagger with scabbard, blade maker

marked 'E & F Horster Solingen'.

£250 - £300


German WW2 trench knife in black painted scabbard

£80 - £85


Good quality 19th century Officers Levee/Court Sword,

gilt hilt, silver wire bound grip, etched blade. No


£140 - £160


Gun: A fine single barrelled percussion shotgun by

'Fotherby.' Part octagonal, part round Damascus barrel

28". Good walnut half stock. German silver fore-end tip

& escutcheon. Iron mounts. Original brass tipped

rosewood ramrod. Plain acanthus scrolling to lock and

hammer. Crisp action on 1st & 2nd cock. 10 bore.

Metalwork with light pitting to a pleasing patina. Quality

walnut buttstock with sculpted check rest. This is a fine

sporting shotgun in shootable condition circa 1839-50.

£250 - £300


Japanese Katan with red lacquer scabbard, iron tsuba

with lead plugs. Tang unsigned

£340 - £360


Japanese sword 'Katana' blade 28.5". Blue tape to grip

with dragon menuki. Rayskin same in good condition

(handling wear). Metal scabbard with single asti. Some

losses to Khaki paint. Decorated Tsuba & Kashira.

Semigane to scabbard. Decoration on this Katana

appears to be on a tree theme. The style is a WW2 type

98 shin gunto. This is a good quality sword. The paint

flaking from the scabbard.

£300 - £350


Japanese sword 'Shin Gunto' type 98 in its wooden

scabbard in which is a silver plate engraved







tape (handling wear) with rayskin same & cherry blossom

Menuki, standard Kabutogane. Pierced tsuba with

cherry blossom and hearts decoration. Scabbard with

single asti and semigane. Blade 27" (VGC). A nice quality

sword with WW2 provenance in original untouched

condition. A collectors lot.

£450 - £500


Japanese sword Katana. Blade 29". Hilt with black Tsuka-ito over same with two

Menuki. Pierced Tsuba with attractive horse decoration. In its lacquered wooden saya.

Attractive Kuchi-gane and Fuchi. A good quality sword.

£300 - £350


Japanese Type 19 Warrant Officers sword. Wirebound

ebony type grip, brass guard. Backstrap with cherry

blossom device. Slim, fullered, slightly curved blade 31".

In a wooden scabbard with leather cover (looks more like

for storage of sword rather than wear?) The whole in

good condition overall.

£100 - £120


Japanese Type 95 sword for NCO's. Numbered blade

27" No131471. (Tokyo First Arsenal blade with 'to'

character after number). Brown painted aluminium hilt

with cherry blossom MENUKI. Good blade with a

couple of minor nicks. In its steel scabbard with matching

numbers. Single ASHI. Simple pierced TSUBA.

Scabbard part repainted black. Leather field service frog

(some losses). A good original WW2 Type 95 sword.

£220 - £240


Knife Pistol: A 19th Century combination arm

comprising: Barrel 7.5" with percussion nipple and spring

hammer. This is bolted to an Indian dagger 'KATAR'

blade 8.5". The whole in worn and rusted condition.

£50 - £55


Knife: A post war 3rd Pattern F.S. knife, crossguard


In its brass mounted leather scabbard with elastic

retaining loop. Good condition overall.

£50 - £55


Knife: A Victorian Bowie bladed knife by BOND of

Sheffield. Slim blade 10" with some etching. Stag horn

grip with silver (?) mounts. No scabbard.

£45 - £50


Knife: An interesting hunting knife. Broad fullered blade

14". Horn grip, unmarked but most likely Imperial

German. Contained in brass mounted Model 1871

German bayonet scabbard (marked to 53rd Reserve

Infantry Regt.) Chape missing. Interesting piece c1880-


£50 - £60


Machete: A Dutch Machete, possibly for use in the

Dutch East Indies around WW2. Made by the

Netherlands factory of P.Stevens at Maastricht. In its

steel scabbard (heavy rusting). Overall good condition

apart from scabbard!

£35 - £40


Machine Gun: A German WW2 light machine gun.

Model MG-42 with bi-pod. Working action. Makers

mark 'bpt' (Johannes Grossfus Dobeln Saxony) and 'ar'

(Mauser Werke Berlin) and Waffenampt marks. Good

working order and condition. With certificate of

deactivation (buyer collects)

£400 - £450


Masonic type shortsword. Wirebound metal hilt, Maltese

Cross type crossguard. Brass mounted leather scabbard.

Etched blade 30". Decent example (scabbard leather dry

but complete. (Pommel loose). a/f

£30 - £35


Militaria: A small pistol powder flask. Copper body,

some wear and repair. Plus a 19th century powder

measure. Ebony handle marked 'POWDER' &

'DRAMS'. With a French powder measure marked

'GRAMMES' & POUDRE'. Nice lot, all in good

condition. (3)

£40 - £45


Militaria: leather 19th century shot flasks. A bag shaped

leather flask by DIXON & Co. Sheffield hallmarks to

silver spout, leather worn. With an attractive leather shot

flask of rounded form. Unusual brass nozzle. A nice

untouched item. (2)

£30 - £35


Musket: A .76 (Musket) bore, Pattern 'F' EIC Musket. Worn lock with faint crown

and marked 'ENFIELD'. Walnut stock with armours repairs and repaired fracture

to wrist. Brass buttplate marked 'IV. G. 20 & 58'. Brass furniture, Hanoverian

bayonet cateli and ramrod. Circa 1845 to 1851. With old repairs to woodwork. In

working order (1st cock only). A large and impressive Victorian musket.

£240 - £260