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Revolver: A 6 shot pinfire pocket revolver cal 7.65mm.

Belgian proof marks to side of barrel. Plain bag shaped

wooden grips. Fluted cylinder. Crisp double action

folding trigger. Good working order and generally good

condition. Obsolete calibre, no licence required.

£150 - £200


Revolver: A five shot pinfire pocket revolver. Nickel

plated finish, double action. Cylinder marked 'The

GUARDIAN Model of 1878'. Cal: 7.6mm (obsolete).

Folding trigger. Ejector rod missing. Bay shaped wooden

grips. The whole in good condition. No licence required.

£90 - £100


Revolver: A nickel plated 6 shot 7.65mm pinfire pocket


1858' engraved to cylinder. Chequered walnut grips.

Barrel 3.5" (minor lifting of nickel finish). Double action

folding trigger. Interesting pistol from Old 'Wild West'.

Obsolete calibre, no licence required.

£250 - £300


Revolver: A six shot pinfire pocket revolver. Belgian

proofs. Octagonal barrel 3.5". Sidegate loading with

ejection rod. Calibre 7.65mm. Wood grips. Folding

trigger (return spring a/f). Action in working order. (You

need to pull trigger assembly forward to reset action).

Overall good condition. No licence required.

£120 - £140


Revolver: A Tranter's Patent .230 Cal pocket revolver.

Single action. Frame marked 'Tranter's Patent' & SN:

39049. Brass frame with acanthus scrolling. Barrel 2"

engraved 'H.W. EGG. No 1 Piccadilly London'. Brass

buttplate with cartridge ejector rod. One piece ivory grip

steel trigger guard. Deactivated with certificate.

Contained in its fitted polished mahogany? maker's case

with trade label for Henry Egg. Gun, Rifle and Pistol

manufacturer to the Royal Family. Oil brush and

cleaning bristle brush A note included from the vendor

stating the revolver was used on stage at the Stretford

Empire during his music hall act. Also a former Equerry

to King Edward VII. Pistol dates from end of 19th

century. A fine lot with an interesting provenance. (Box

no key & lacks keyhole escutcheon)

£500 - £600


Revolver: A very scarce No 4 Pattern Webley Pryse,

.450, hinge frame service revolver c1876, heavy

octagonal barrel with raised top rib. Unflinted cylinder.

Large chequered one piece walnut grips. Twin Pryse

patent barrel levers. Webley patent arrow to barrel and

cylinder retaining screw. The Pryse along with the

Adams were the standard handguns of the Zulu Wars.

The Pryse in service from 1876 to 1886. A large and

impressive 'man stopper' revolver from the Victorian

campaigns of the 1870s & 80s. Good working order,

shows normal service wear. Deactivated with certificate.

No licence required.

£550 - £600


Revolver: A .320 obsolete calibre (.320 rimfire) seven

shot revolver circa 1878. Barrel 3", sheath trigger, main

spring broken, action a/f. Chequered walnut grips, brass

panel in frame. Action a/f, screw absent from frame.

Attractive revolver. No licence required.

£90 - £100


Revolver: An attractive open frame, pinfire pocket

revolver, cal .32. Breech stamped 'MARIETTE'. Square

back trigger guard. Two piece chequered walnut grips.

Barrel 3.5". Crisp single action. Minor pitting to muzzle.

A nice tidy collectors pistol circa 1855. Obsolete calibre,

no licence required.

£250 - £300


Revolver: An interesting and unusual multi shot pinfire

revolver. Cal. 7.65mm. 10 shot cylinder, open frame. 'N'

proof mark. Bag shaped hard rubber grips. Double

action, spurless hammer. Makers initials 'F.D. or 'F.O'

within diamond to frame. With side mounted rammer.

GWO and condition.

£350 - £400


Revolver: An outstanding open frame pin fire revolver

cal 11 mm. Manufactured by JAVELLE at St Etienne

France circa 1860. Trigger guard with gold embellished

cypher 'R'. Decorated frame. Ingenious barrel/cylinder

release via a swinging lever. Excellent plain ebony one

piece grip. Lanyard ring. Hammer configured as a

dolphin (?). Octagonal barrel 5.5". In good working order

and condition (trigger return spring a/f).

£400 - £450


Rifle - B.S.A.Co Long Lee Rifle with deactivation

certificate. GC

£500 - £550


Rifle - No 4 Mk1 Longbranch 1942 Rifle with

deactivation certificate. GC

£200 - £250


Rifle - SMLE No1 MkII FR'42 Rifle with deactivation

certificate. GC

£220 - £230


Rifle: A good and original WW2 No4 service rifle made

by SAVAGE in 1942. With its original walnut stock

(minor bruising from service use). In good working order

and condition. Deactivated with certificate. A good

WW2 vintage rifle

£270 - £280