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Japanese Wakisashi. Blade 20" stained with light rust. Later wood grip. In its

leather covered wooden scabbard with single ASHI. Plain brass

KABUTOGANE. The handle is signed "Harima Daijo, Fujiware Tadakuni".

The Tadakuni part is the smiths name and the rest is an official and honorific title:

Harima Daijo (assistant to the lord of Harima province) Fujiwara (one of the

ancient noble families of Japan) circa 17th century. Worn overall.

£900 - £1000


Japanese WW2 period type 98 'Shin Gunto' sword. Blade

26" (some minor nicks) Khaki tape bound hilt with

Menuki & parts of same remaining. In its field service

scabbard Kabuto - Gane. Brass Tsuba. Worn but sound

to good condition overall.

£200 - £250


Knife: A large Bowie Knife of 20th century construction.

Unmarked blade 11". Plain wood grips secured by a brass

rivet. Brass crossguard. In its leather scabbard.

£20 - £25


Knife: A post WW2 3rd Pattern F.S. Knife by William

Rogers, Sheffield. Blade 6.5". (Tip reground). In its

leather scabbard with brass chape. Good condition


£20 - £25


Knife: A slim Indo-Persian (?) dagger in its tooled leather

scabbard along with a No4 MKII spike bayonet in its steel

scabbard. (light rust). Both in good condition. (2)

£20 - £25


Knife: An attractive small Malayan Kris. Wavy watered

blade 9.5". In its polished hardwood scabbard (small loss

to throat section). A good example of these Eastern


£40 - £45


Knife: An interesting Eastern knife of Indian (?) origin.

Slim curved decorated blade 12". Sheath & grip

decorated with Cowrie (Seasnail shells of the family

CYPRAEIDAE) shells. These marine gastropod molluscs

are found all over the world. however these smaller shells

are typical of European Cowries. Interesting lot!!

£30 - £40


Kukris: A lot tourist quality 20th century Kukris. Two in

their leather scabbards, one without. Sound to good

condition. (3)

£20 - £30


Kukri: A good quality working (not tourist) Kukri.

Polished wood grip, blade 12". With armourers mark

'THAUDSHS' ? Ricasso marked with Nepalese symbol

of the Sun Face. Contained in its leather scabbard with

steel chape. Two small KARDA knives (used to hone the

master blade & cut the baby's umbilical cord when

required). Overall good condition, scabbard leather a/f at

belt loop.

£30 - £35


Kukri: A Nepalese Kukri, of traditional form in its wood

and leather scabbard with small KARDA knife. Possibly

19th century. A working (not tourist) knife. Sound

condition overall, good blade.

£25 - £30


Kukri: A tourist Nepalese Kukri with small KARDA

knife. Blade with dragon decoration & religions (?)

symbols. In its wooden scabbard with simple brass

decoration AND A small tourist Kukri stamped

'GORKHA ARMY' & 3032 in its decorated scabbard. (2)

£20 - £25


Militaria: AMoroccan snaphaunce lock for a Kabyle gun.

Nicely decorated. Lock appears seized & needs a good oil

soak., and A flintlock for an unknown gun in as tin box

containing various lock plates, hammers & parts. Lot (qty)

£20 - £25


Militaria: A pair of original stocks for lancer percussion

pistols, one with lock and T/Guard. (minus hammer)

Good condition. (2)

£20 - £25


Militaria: Gunslips: Four good quality vintage canvas

gunslips including one 'Leg of Mutton case'. Good

condition overall. (4)

£20 - £22


Militaria: Percussion Rifle locks:- British Musket lock &

hammer. Lock marked 'Crown V.R & 1855 over Tower.

Crimean War period. British Musket lock marked 'Tower

& G.R' & Crown percussion hammer but flintlock

lockplate. Good condition overall with component parts.


£20 - £25