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Elizabeth I silver sixpence, 1578 over 1577, mm. Greek

Cross 1578-1579, Spink 2572, lightly crinkled and

scuffed, full and round, NF/F together with a ditto but a

silver threepence, mm. Coronet 1567-1570 and dated

1569, Spink 2566, full, round, well centred, very light

scuffs, obverse, F and a ditto but mm. Eglantine, 1573-

1578 and dated 1573, full, round, well centred, a very

small area of extreme edge loss, patchy black tone but

above average portrait with all bodice struck up, VF/F


£30 - £40


Elizabeth I silver sixpence, Fifth Issue [1578-1582] mm.

Latin Cross [1580-1581] and dated 1580, Spink 2572,

full, round, well centred, with hint of a crinkle and very

light graffiti across bust, GF

£80 - £100


Elizabeth I silver sixpence, Milled Issue 1561-1571, tall,

narrow bust, 1562, mm. Star, large rose, reverse:- Cross

fourchee, dress decorated, Spink 2595, crinkled hence flat

areas each side, F together with a silver groat, Spink 2601,

holed obverse top and looks to have been gilt at sometime,

light crease hence flat area reverse, both with old tickets,


£30 - £40


Elizabeth I silver sixpence, Sixth Issue [1582-1600], mm.

Crescent [1587-1589] and dated 1589, Spink 2578A, a

scarce date, AF

£40 - £50


Elizabeth I silver threefarthings, Third Issue, mm. Pheon

[1561-1565] and dated 1562, Spink 2571, smallish flan,

sharply struck with nice portrait, a rare denomination, VF

£150 - £170


Elizabeth I silver threepence Fourth Issue, mm. Eglantine

[1573-1578] and dated 1573, Spink 2566, well centred,

GF with a James I silver penny, Third coinage 1619-

1625, mm. Two pellets, with inner circles, Spink 2672,

both with old tickets, well centred, VF [2]

£25 - £30


Elizabeth I silver threepence, 1575, Fair/NF with a

Charles I Aberystwyth silver threepence, mm. Book,

Spink 2894, holed, GF and a ditto but a halfgroat, mm.

Book, with inner circles, Spink 2902, scuffs, GF [3]

£40 - £50


Elizabeth I silver threepence, Third and Fourth Issue

[1561-1577] mm. Eglantine [1573-1578] and dated

1575, bust exhibits ear, Spink 2566, full, round, well

centred, portrait quite well struck up, NVF

£70 - £80


English hammered silver 3 x pennies of the York Mint, all

with quatrefoils at reverse centre, one with pellets by

crown, a Short Cross cut halfpenny, a Long Cross cut-

farthing and lastly an Edwardian silver penny of Berwick-

on-Tweed, average F [6]

£30 - £40


English hammered silver cut-farthings, Short and Long

Cross Types, NF to VF [16]

£25 - £30


English hammered silver cut-halfpennies, Short and Long

Cross Types a Rhuddlan Mint noted, NF to VF [16]

£25 - £35


English hammered silver cut pennies, Short and Long

Cross, 34 x halfpennies, 19 x farthings, couple cracked,

Fair to GF, [53]

£60 - £70


English hammered silver Short Cross pennies, Osber /

London, F, Terri / London, part flat, NF and Beneit /

London, reverse off centre,



£30 - £40


English Medieval, Tudor and Stuart hammered coins (18)

a collection from farthings to groats, with tickets of


£100 - £120


Geta as Caesar under Septimius Severus, silver denarius,

Laodicea Mint 200 A.D., reverse reads:- VICT

AETERN, Victory hovering left, holding open wreath

with both hands, over shield set on base, Sear 7205var.,

superb boyish bust of neat style, reverse slightly off centre,

with original finish, GEF/EF

£80 - £90


Gordian III colonial bronze of 30mm. of Viminacium,

Moesia Superior, reverse:- Provincia Moesia standing

left, between Bull and Lion, of year 2 = 240-241 A.D.,

Sear GIC 3642, signs of tooling, but quite a good bust,


£50 - £60


Gordian III silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 239 A.D.

reverse reads:- P M TR P II COS P P , Providentia

standing left, holding globe and transverse sceptre, Sear

8634, large oval flan, nice boyish portrait, EF/GVF

£30 - £40


Gordian III silver antoninianus, Rome Mint 241-242

A.D., reverse reads:- P M TR P I I I I COS I I P P,

Gordian in military attire, standing right, holding spear

and globe, Sear 8646, with much original finish, about

mint state

£40 - £50


Gratian silver siliqua, mint not clear but the Rome

signature was devided by a star, which is visible in the

exergue 378-383 A.D., reverse reads:- VRBS ROMA,

Roma seated on throne left, holding Victory on globe and

holding downturned spear, Sear 19964, probably lightly

clipped, VF/GVF

£70 - £80


Group of interesting English Mediaeval hammered silver

minors, couple chipped, two with old tickets, NF to NVF


£25 - £30


Hadrian silver denarius, Rome Mint 118 A.D., reverse

reads:- P M TR P COS I I, in exergue PAX, Pax standing

left, holding olive-branch and corucopiae, Sear 3511,

good metal, VF

£45 - £55


Hadrian silver denarius, Rome Mint 120 A.D., reverse

reads:- P M TR P COS I I I, Salus seated left, feeding

snake arising from altar, Sear 3525, VF

£40 - £50