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Septimius Severus, silver denarius, Rome Mint 210 A.D.,

reverse reads:- VICTORIAE BRIT, Victory advancing

right holding wreath and palm, Sear 6382, exhausted by

his northern campaign, Severus fell ill and died at York,

early in 211 A.D., bust EF rest of coin GVF

£70 - £90


Severina Billon Antoninianus. Ticinum Mint. 274-275

AD. Reverse reads: Providen Deor, V XXT in Exergue.

Fides Militum standing right, holding standard in each

hand facing Sol standing left. Sear 11707. Full well-

centred, much original finish EF

£50 - £60


Sextus Pompey As, 43-36 B.C., GF/F

£85 - £95


Shilling 1554 Philip and Mary busts face to face with

mark of value S2500. uneven wear in parts but portraits

good probably nearer VF than Fine

£700 - £750


Shilling Charles I York Mint bust type 5 in lions skin

garniture S.2874 mintmark Lion GF/VF with a flan

crack on AVSPICE

£350 - £400


Shilling Edward VI 1549 Southwark Mint, Bust 4,

S.2466B, mintmark Y, 5.01 grammes, NVF/GF for wear,

unevenly toned, as often, with some weaker areas

£400 - £450


Shilling Philip and Mary 1554 English titles only, with

mark of value S.2501 VG or better the portraits very clear

£275 - £325


Shilling Philip and Mary 1555 English titles only, with

mark of value, S.2501 Fine/VG, portraits with good

profile, the shield with some weakness, plugged at the top

of the reverse

£275 - £325


Stater Gallo-Belgic c.150-c.50BC Obverse: Laureate

Head left, Reverse: horse left S.2 VG Rare

£700 - £750


Stephen silver penny, Cross Moline or 'Watford' Type,

Spink 1278, reverse reads:- [ ]VND:ON:LVN, London

Mint, moneyer Estmund, Ex. Glendining 13.11.1974, lot

109, Ex Prestwich Hoard, 1971, with two old tickets,

angular flan, half flat, probably near as struck, Fair

£100 - £150


Tacitus Billon Antoninianus, Lugdunum Mint 276 AD.

Reverse reads: Temporam Felicitas, A & star in field,

Felicitas standing left holding Caduceus & Cornucopia.

Sear 11817. EF.

£30 - £35


Testoon Henry VIII Southwark Mint S.2367 mintmark

E on reverse, the obverse mintmark not visible, 7.64

grammes, About Fine with a flan crack on the edge at 1

o'clock, good portrait for the grade with most of the facial

features visible

£1100 - £1300