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Henry VI silver groat, Annulet Issue, Calais Mint, with

annulets reverse, Spink 1836, with old tickets, a nice

evenly struck coin, GVF

£75 - £95


Henry VII silver groat of London, Facing Bust Issue,

Class IVa, Spink 2200, single, double barred arch to wide

crown with 4 crockets, mm. Greyhound's Head [1502-

1504], with two old tickets, full, round, well centred, dull

even tone, NVF

£150 - £200


Henry VIII silver groat, Second Coinage, 1526-1544,

Laker Bust D, Roman nose, fluffy hair, mm. rose, Spink

2337E, Ex. Seaby's Bulletin September 1969, H2357,

with two old tickets, full, round, well centred, nice

portrait, VF

£150 - £200


Henry VIII silver groat, Third Coinage 1544-1547,

Tower Mint, mm. Lis, Bust 1, Spink 2369, with an old

ticket, a nice coin of the period, GF

£90 - £130


Henry VIII Silver Halfgroat, second coinage 1526-1544

Canterbury Mint, Archbishop Thomas Cranmor T-C

beside reverse shield, mm. Catherine Wheel (obverse

only) Spink 2345. Small edge flaw, nicely toned. VF. With

old descriptive envelope.

£130 - £150


Henry VIII Silver Penny. Second coinage. DurhamMint.

MM. Star (obverse only) C-D at sides of reverse shield,

Bishop Tunstall (from 1530). Spink 2354. Full & well

centered. GVF. Seldom as good.

£130 - £150


Herennius Etruscus Silver Antoninianus. Rome Mint

250-251 AD. Reverse reads: Principi Ivventvtis.

Herennius in military attire standing left holding baton &

transverse sceptre. Sear 9523. EF with original lustre.

£40 - £50


Honorius gold solidus, Ravenna Mint 408-423 A.D.,

reverse reads:- VICTORIA AVGGG, in exergue

COMOB, in field R - V, with heavy bust as Sear 20920,

with ticket by Alan Cherry, has been in mount, edges

somewhat square and piece a little 'finger polished', lightly

crinkled, GF

£80 - £120


Iceni silver unit, Bury type, S.432 with modern chips, with

a denarius of Septimius Severus, small irregular shape,

NVF, with a silver looking antoninianus of Salonina,

NVF, with a ditto but of Postumus VF and lastly a billon

antoninianus of Carausius, small and chipped, F [5]

£60 - £80


Ireland. Edward I Silver Penny. Second Coinage (1279 -

1302) Dublin Mint. Class 1b. Spink 6247. Well struck

(evidenced by light obverse cross ghosting), old cabinet

tone. GVF.

£80 - £90


Ireland. Henry VIII Silver Sixpence. Posthumous issue.

(1547 - c.1550) Dublin Mint. Type IV. MM. Harp.

Obverse: small bust facing half right. Spink 6488.

Unusually good for this late issue, good metal, good bust.


£240 - £260


Ireland. James I Silver Sixpence, Second Coinage. MM.

Rose (1605 - 1606). spink 6517. NVF

£160 - £180


James I silver shilling, First Coinage 1603-1604, Second

Bust, mm. Lis, Spink 2646, light graffiti obverse, Fair/NF

together with a ditto but Charles I, Tower Mint under the

King 1625-1642, mm. crown 1635-1636, Spink 2791,

both with old tickets, Fair/GF [2]

£45 - £50


James I Silver Shilling. Third coinage, sixth bust. MM.

Trefoil (1624) Spink 2668. Light Obverse creasemark,

good portrait. VF. Old envelope.

£160 - £180